Special Guest: Eli!

Today, we have the super sweet Eli guesting with us! If you visit Ali’s blog ever, you might have seen some posts from Eli. They’re cousins – I got to meet Eli (through Ali) at RomCon in 2010. She’s here talking … what else – books! And she’s offering up a gift card to one lucky commenter, so please, make her feel welcome!

First off, I’d like to thank Limecello for inviting me to be a guest on her blog!  It’s been a while since I’ve even blogged or wrote anything, so bear with me, lol.  I’ll try my best not to ramble on and on and get to out of subject.
 So recently, I’ve been in a big reading slump.  I haven’t been able to read much of anything because when I have tried, I usually end up falling asleep or I just cannot concentrate.  Sure I get some reading done, but nowhere what I’d like to (it’s usually just a couple pages at a time).   Even though I have tried and tried, I still continue to read the same way, even if I know I’m still in my slump.
Whenever I get ready to read I always make sure of two things.  One is that I’m comfortable, which usually is either in my bed or on the sofa, and two I make sure that there is no noise.  To me, noise is only a distraction and I’m easily distracted.  It’s almost impossible for me to pay attention to what I’m reading even if it’s just music that is in the background.  Also it helps if I’m alone…  although it’s not a requirement.    Unless it’s in a library, I find it very hard to read in public places.  One exception would be actually being able to read at Starbucks.  I know that Starbucks can be loud with all the people in there and all the music and can be super distracting but I don’t know what it is. Maybe is the smell of coffee in there that soothes and drowns out all the activity that happens in there,  lol.    Recently I’ve thought about changing it up.  Instead of reading in the confines of my room in my very comfortable bed or in my very comfy sofa, I want to read in a less comfortable place.  Ohhh…  and I have notice though, that in the restroom I am able to read bit more.  Too bad I can’t just stay in the restroom for hours at a time, lol.  Well I probably could…. Hehe.
So do how do you read?  I know some people that just have to have a glass of wine while they read or they c an only read right before going to bed.  It’s interesting to think that people have their preferences; meanwhile you have others that just don’t care.  They can read wherever and whenever, lol.  I really wish I was one of those people! 🙂
If you comment below by answering the question “How do you read,” you will be entered for a chance to win a book from the Book Depository of your choice (up to a $10 value).   And yes, this is open to our International friends.  🙂

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  1. TrishJ

    I love to sit in my porch with a glass of tea. Paradise. When I am thoroughly enthralled in a good book nothing can distract me. 😉

  2. Peggy D

    I read anywhere and everywhere. In the car, in a waiting room or on a plane, train or bus. In bed or out of bed. At any meal my kindle stand is in front of me. I have been a “cant put it down” reader since early childhood when Nancy Drew/Bobbsey Twins/Cherry Ames first drew me in. I remember at 12 years old finishing GONE WITH THE WIND at 5am in my bed and sobbing myself to sleep over it. I am slightly less obsessive at 59, but just slightly.

  3. Laurie G

    I prefer a quiet place to read. I have a couch upstairs in a room away from family noises. I like to relax and read outside too. I’m like Peggy. I take a book everywhere. I read in the car, in the office waiting for an appointment. I walk outside and read while I wait for my husband or children. I have books stashed everywhere, so I’m never without a book to read.

  4. rissatoo

    I read anywhere. My mom says I’m like my grandfather, who always had a book in his back pocket; if he had to stand in line, out came the book!
    I never knew my grandpa, he died when I was 13 days old. But I live that in this, I am like him.
    Of course, these days, I have more than a paperback in my pocket — I’ve got an iPhone and Kundle with me 99% of the time — lots of choices to read! And, actually, I do usually have a paperback in my purse, too. The worst thing is to have nothing to read with me!
    My very favorite spot for reading is my back porch. I have a comfy old pleather lounge with a table beside it to hold my drink & snacks. I can be found out here (yep, I’m here now!) at any time of day, any type of weather. Add a lap blanket in winter. Turn the fan in in summer.
    But yes, I’ll read anywhere — including standing in line… 😉

  5. cheryl c.

    Anytime and anywhere I get a chance. I read in bed, in the bathroom, at the table, on the couch, in the car at traffic lights, at the doctor’s office, on the plane, and on the exercise bike at the gym. My very favorite place to read, but it happens only a few days a year, is at the beach!

  6. rissatoo

    Nothing like hitting ‘submit’ and THEN spotting your typos. *sigh*
    “love”, not live.
    And Kundle?? Really? WTH, autocorrect?? Why’d you fail me?
    Obviously, both my iPhone and I need more coffee — stat! :p

  7. Maureen

    When I am enjoying a story I can read anywhere and any time. I started reading a lot when my kids were little so noise has never been an issue. My problem comes when a book is dragging for me. I always have so many things that need to be done that it is very easy to put down a book that I’m not really into and then I’m usually not in any hurry to get back to it.

  8. booklover1335

    Eli, I’m afraid I can’t help you out at all 🙁 We have very similar reading requirements because my favorite place to read is in bed. I MUST be comfortable otherwise it feels forced, and more like work than a pleasurable hobby. I like to wear comfy clothes, in my comfy bed, with very little sound so I can lose myself in the fictional world I am reading.

    I understand where you are coming from though, because I haven’t been able to read as much as I used to because I’ve been falling asleep too, then again I’ve been super busy so I guess I need the sleep more. I hope you find the suggestions you are looking for, but my suggestion is to take a nap…so that when you do find time to read you are less likely to fall asleep 🙂

  9. Linda Henderson

    I can read any time normally. I’ve got some allergies bothering my eyes right now so I haven’t been able to read much this last week. I hope they clear up soon. I do like sitting in a comfortable chair with a hot cup of tea or a latte and reading to my heart’s content.

    [email protected]

  10. Mary Kirkalnd

    I don’t like to read in public because things can distract me. But at home I put on my headphones and listen to music when I read. My family knows to pretty much leave me alone if I have my headphones on because I don’t want to be bothered. lol

    [email protected]

  11. myrandaroyann

    I can read anywhere, anytime. I can read in bed, on the couch, in the car (I get more headaches now than when I was a kid), on the plane, in the bathroom ;), etc… Unfortuneately this means that sometimes I read when I should be doing something else. Oh well! 😀

  12. Cathy P

    Hi, Eli! Really enjoyed your blog.

    I can read anywhere. I read in my comfy recliner with a drink of some kind, outside in a chair, in bed, in the bathroom, in the car/bus/taxi if I’m not driving, whenever I take a trip in a plane, or when I have to wait somewhere. It doesn’t matter to me if there is noise or not since I can block it out. I guess I just love to read. Lol!

  13. June M.

    I am one of those people who are easily distracted too. People talking, movement, music, etc all ruin my concentration generally. I definitely can not stand anyone behind me when I am reading. I prefer my bed, comfortable & quiet. I used to be able to read a novel length book a day but now I am lucky if I can read 100 pages or so. I have found that I sometimes do a little better with novellas on my ereader.
    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  14. Jane

    I like to read on the couch with the TV on. I have to have background noise. I sometimes have a drink and snacks laid out.

  15. cheryl c.

    You could try turning on a sound machine to drown out unpleasant distractions. You might like to read to the sound of ocean waves or rain falling. There are also CD’s of nature music that can be soothing while you read. For example, soft harp or piano music with quiet nature sounds.

  16. Karen C

    I’m an anywhere, anytime reader. I can even read with the TV on while my husband is watching some hunting show – real easy to block out! I don’t go anyplace without my Nook or a print book in my purse.

  17. Limecello Post author

    Thank you so much for agreeing to write a guest post, Eli! 😀 Hopefully we can both attend a conference again some time in the near future!
    As for how/where I read… I like comfort too. In bed, or sprawled across a couch. If I have to though, while I’m waiting in public in the sitting areas, etc. Not so much in line – I’m too paranoid to lose myself then.

    Loving all the answers too!

  18. Chelsea B.

    The only thing I need to read is silence, or else I get destracted, too, haha 🙂 Even if I have no interest in the noise, and I’m totally loving the book, racket can pull me out of another world like nothing else. And I usually read at home, in my comfy reading/computer time chair 🙂

  19. Jen B.

    I read whenever a few minutes presents itself. I wish I could read all the time but darn life keeps getting in the way! My favorite is when I can have a quiet lunch by myself!

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  21. Pat L.

    I love just snuggling on my couch in the den with a good book. If the winter time – under a blankey. LOL.

    Congrats to the winners.

  22. rinib

    In my perfect world, I would be in bed under the blanket. Sadly, most of the time I’m at the dining table in between chores. Ah well, one day … 🙂

  23. Tricia

    I used to be able to read anywhere, but I can’t read in cars anymore (headaches). Otherwise, I can read indoors or outdoors, but my favorite place is in my recliner late at night when the rest of my house is asleep!

  24. LSUReader

    I’ll read anywhere I can. My favorite place to read is in my den recliner, with a glass of water ready at my side table and a quiet house. My reading spot is surrounded by natural light—I really like that. I’ll read books in paperback, hardback or on my Kindle. It’s all good! Thanks for an interesting column.

  25. Raonaid Luckwell

    How do I read? I like to settle on the couch with my three dachies cuddled around me. Their little bodies are warm!. They see a blanket and think “Gotta get beneath it” So I’m generally surrounded by my pooches and they really make getting comfortable to read.

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