National Make a Difference Day!

That’s today! So… I guess I started my “making a difference” thing a bit early. 😉 Otherwise? Today? I puttered around with my dad. Does keeping family peace etc count as doing good/making a difference? 😉 Maybe not doing that would’ve made a bad difference…

I can’t promise I’ll stop harping on issues… but do let me know if it ever gets annoying or I should slow it down a bit. Apparently I’ve already offended some people… so… whatever. Can’t win ’em all, of course, but I never want to be a nuisance, you know?

My Sadeyes don’t have a game today – it’s our bye week so I’m not glued to the tv. Did a lot of cooking – maybe I’ll share the recipe for one or two. Do you guys like sweet/savory food? I actually don’t, which made today interesting…

How’s everyone doing? Did you know it was Make a Difference Day here in the States? Did you do anything to help make a difference?

And! What books are all of you looking forward to? I want to know – would any of you ever be interested in writing a review for me if you got an ARC of a book? Of course it’d have to be reviewed in a timely manner… but hey – you’d get an ARC! I’d love to know if this is something I should consider pursuing. Thanks!

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  1. Pomma

    I enjoy coming to read your post, and you have great questions for authors and your sense humor I enjoy a lot…..*S*
    Yes I did know it is “Make a Difference Day”. We donated a couple of turkeys, and other foods to the local food bank as the long winter is already upon us. We get 7 lovely months of winter up here, and our summer was way too short.
    I would love to writing reviews. It all depends on the books though. I love all the erotic romance & their sub genres.
    Hope your day gets even better!


  2. Liz

    I didn’t know it was today, but my daughter and I were already in the spirit, buying hats and gloves to send to the reservation kids along with books. 🙂

    I can’t see how bringing these sorts of things to people’s attentions would be offensive. Don’t let ’em slow you down at all. You’re doing a good thing. Keeping family peace is definitely making the world a better place, even if it’s only your own little world. We’re having withdrawals here at home – no Buckeyes or Giants.

    I’ve always been jealous of the reviewers who get ARCs! I’d love to do reviews of ARCs, I think it would be a real treat! Pursue away!!!

    I WAS waiting for Evangeline Anderson’s latest Kindred book, which I’m happily devouring and Lexxie Couper’s Ty the Sexy Dragon – hello! My fingers are nicely scorched, just the way I like it.

  3. Karen C

    I’m sorry that people have been offended by you discussing issues but I hope that you continue to raise our awareness. It is your blog and your opinions that are being expressed. If I’m offended, I don’t have to comment or return.

    I enjoy both sweet and savory foods and love collecting recipes, so please share. I didn’t know that it was Make a Difference Day, so didn’t do anything special today. I have started to send books and care packages to our troops.

    I’m sure you’ll get lots of takers for doing a review if an ARC is provided – me included! Books I’m looking forward to? Too many to name~~~


  4. Pomma

    Needless to say..I wanted to tell you that this point in time I need new does anybody else get tired of the same dishes? I know that I do, and it’s just the two of now, and I would love new recipes and dishes….*S*

  5. Jen B.

    I missed Make A Difference Day this year! Oh well, I will be starting my in school tutoring again soon so I do make a difference throughout the year.
    I would love to review an ARC for you. I read 3 to 5 books a week and I post at least 2 reviews a week to Goodreads. I am trying to work my way up to a review at day for 5 reviews a week. Boy, it takes a lot of planning and scheduling! If you still have a book available, just let me know.

  6. Tricia

    I didn’t know it was Make a Difference Day, but I sort of made a difference. I gave Thank You cards w/ gift cards to my grandfather’s nurses. It was just my little way trying to tell them how much our family appreciates their help.

    I’m waiting for Susan Mallery’s Only His, Kristan Higgins’ Until There Was You, & the next book in Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series. The first 2, I believe are already out, but I’m waiting for my library to get them. I haven’t graduated to an e-reader/kindle yet & still love “real” books, so I try to get them from the library first. If they don’t get them soon enough for me, then I buy them! As a library lover & former librarian asst, I try to help library circulation!

    As I mentioned on another post, if you need more reviewers, I can give it a try.

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