Teaser Tuesday: Bed of Lies by Paula Roe

What a title, right?! Today we have Paula Roe sharing an exclusive excerpt with us! I first “discovered” Ms. Paula when I visited the Diamonds Down Under Blog – like, constantly. It’s a big part of why the Down Under Desire authors are such favorites of mine. I loved their books, and their personalities. I really should try to look them up … But I found Paula on Twitter – or she found me – whatever. And, here she is, visiting with all of you! Yay!

And before you say “but Lime – you forgot to add a cover!” Well, the book doesn’t come out until February 7 – so the cover isn’t even up yet! I’ll add it if I remember when it’s available. Instead, I’m sharing an adorable author photo that I found of Paula Roe.

Her Darkest Secret… Revealed
Banker Luke De Rossi must sell the Australian beach house he inherited from his mobster uncle, fast. But then he runs up against Beth Jones. Is she the rightful tenant? A reporter out for a scoop? His uncle’s lover? Luke wants answers – almost as much as he wants Beth.
The last thing Beth needs is this hunky magnet for media attention breathing down her neck. She has a lot to hide. And falling hard for Luke as he gets closer – and tries to evict her! – isn’t helping things. Separately, they have each made their bed. Now they’ll lie in it… together.


Beth glanced at him, intending only to linger a moment but instead ended up staring. A faint sheen of sweat hugged the shirt to his chest, a chest sprinkled with dark hair that tapered down until the buttons hindered her view.

The breath she swallowed dried her throat.

He was a very large, very muscular man in a pair of crisply cut pants and a creased shirt that probably cost more than a week’s wages.

A dark, dangerous-looking man now focused right in on her as if she was some kind of last meal, the musky smell of his sweat and a faint, woodsy aftershave mingling with her oils.


“Yes?” Her voice came out as an unfamiliar croak.

“If you’re going to stop me, do it now because I’m about to break rule number two.”

She swallowed as he took those few steps towards her, reached out and slowly tugged her to him, giving her time to protest. But she didn’t. She couldn’t. She could pull away if she wanted, but resistance felt as appealing as wading through a pool of honey. It was as if he had her hypnotized and all she could do was let him drag his fingers through her hair. Sweep his thumbs over her jaw.

His eyes held hers, unwavering, hypnotic. His thumb pad deliberately caressed her bottom lip, rubbing against the soft contours.

The heat from his body curled into her like a flame. His mouth—so close, so kissable—feathered a warm breath over her bottom lip. Teasing. Testing. Beth felt the full blast of hot, urgent desire and wanted to groan aloud because it felt so good.

She felt like melting right there on the floor when he flicked his tongue out and touched the tip to her slightly parted lips. Every muscle in her body started to sing with anticipation. Her lungs couldn’t get enough air and her mind shorted out as pleasure-induced confusion flooded in. His mouth focused on her jawline, placing gentle nips along the length then sliding down into the hollow of her throat.

  Oh, sweet heaven.

He nipped at her jaw, following the trail left by his fingers. She let her eyes close in pleasure.

“Is this so bad?” His rough voice against her neck was doing a serious number on her nerves.

“No.” Not bad… so very good.

“So you have no objections to this?” He reached the base of her throat and gently nuzzled her flesh. She groaned. “Or this?”

His hand slid up her body, past her waist, over her ribs. When he reached the swell of her breast, she released a hiss.

Every tingling pulse rushed through her veins, making it impossible to fight the feeling. She realized she didn’t want to fight it. Maybe it was because she’d been alone for so long and had missed the physical side of passion. Maybe she needed to be touched after an eternity of nothing. Maybe she was secretly wishing he would make love to her.

Maybe it was his hot breath whispering in her ear, the urgent press of his groin against hers.

Beth could taste him in every pore. Like a fire that had started in the pit of her belly, her body was hot and molten—and then she was wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him flush against her heat. She could see him behind her eyelids, could smell, feel, taste him.

It had been so long since she had been kissed.

Been wanted.

No one had touched her like this, in a way that she forgot all reason.

He was caressing the length of her back now and her skin itched for his fingers to touch her all over. Her breath came in short and irregular gasps, barely an inch away from his teasing lips. Was she whimpering like a love-starved virgin? She must be because Luke skimmed his bottom lip lightly over hers and whispered, “You want me to kiss you?”


Slowly, inch by aching inch, he covered her mouth with his.

Luke De Rossi not only looked like a kissing master, he was hands down one of the best. Her breath merged with his, stirring a long-forgotten ache deep inside, flaring up to lick her body in need. It attacked the part of her mind that controlled rational thought, eating away at her reservations.

He stroked his hands down her arms, creating shivering goose bumps in his wake.

“You want me to stop?” he muttered against her mouth. “I will if you want me to.”

She wanted to give in to him, so much that it made her chest ache. “I…”

She wanted him. For the first time in her life she wanted to leap on in and damn the consequences, grab everything he offered—every no-strings-attached kiss, every blood-boiling caress.

But that would mean giving something in return. Something she’d worked ten years to protect.

One lucky commenter will win a copy of one of Paula Roe’s back list books. Winner’s choice. So what’d you think? Do you have any questions about the book? Any questions for Paula? I’m sure you can think of something! (Said winner will be drawn on Saturday.)

Oh and did I forget to mention – the inspiration for the characters – in looks at least, are Katherine Heigl and Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry. And… I mean, I know who Olivier Martinez is. But I’d never seen this picture of him. (Which I actually didn’t even recognize?) And yes he’s that hot that I have to share it.

See? I totally wasn’t lying to you. Hello, Mr. Martinez. I think this might be the best I’ve seen him look. I also think I’m going to have to hunt down the movie where he looks like this… but anyway – back to the book. Excerpt. Does it change your perception or opinion to know the hero looks like this?

ETA: I said I’d share it when it became available, and here it is! The cover! Isn’t it fantastic? Oh my gosh – and I just realized I didn’t mention the title in the post. Bed of Lies! Whee!

0 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Bed of Lies by Paula Roe

  1. Liz

    It IS an adorable picture! I’m not familiar with Ms. Roe’s works, but after perusing her offerings, I’m excited to read one.

    I’m always interested to see who authors paint their characters as, whether they are personal acquiantances, stranger they’ve seen on the street, or celebrities. Olivier is dangerously hot in the picture. Yummy! He had longish hair in Blood and Chocolate, but not quite so deliciously messy. 🙂

    But no, it doesn’t change my interest in the book because the blurb was enough to pique it all on its own. I will, however, file the picture away for when the book comes out! I don’t have any questions, just hearty congratulations for the forthcoming book.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Jane – Hmmm I say you’re right – I actually google imaged Olivier Martinez when Paula sent me that picture because I was like “what?! That’s not Olivier! He doesn’t look like that”
      Then again my “knowledge” of Hollywood and stars is almost negative. Thanks! I’m gonna change it 🙂 Gabriel Aubry is gorgeous, no?

  2. TrishJ

    I haven’t read any of Ms. Roe’s books yet. I always have my own hunky hero in my head when I read a book, so it really doesn’t matter who is on the cover.

  3. Diane Sallans

    I like to get a mental picture of the hero, and really like the cover pic to correspond with the description in the book.

  4. Paula

    Well, piddle my pots! If you can’t trust Google, who can you trust?? I’ll have to go and rejig my website, then :-B Tsk, tsk So some poor blogger doesn’t know her Gabriel from her Olivier (now I can see the difference, I much prefer Mr Aubrey!)

    Awww, thanks for the ‘adorable’ mention of my pikky, Lime 😀 ’twas a few years ago but I still like it! And for the record, I stalked you first on Twitter

    @ Liz, @Jane – and I can’t wait for you guys to read it 😉

    @Diane – I can’t write a character unless I have that mental picture, and the Art Department try really hard to match up the description to the cover. Believe me, the Bed of Lies cover is smokin’ hot!

  5. Serena Tatti

    Well I am a HUGE fan of Paula’s – both her writing and her gorgeous self 🙂 Actually she also delivers a mean workshop!
    Hey it doesn’t matter who he is – he’s YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paula

    Oh, hi Serena! (have I told you that’s the name of one of my upcoming heroines? 😉 ) I :blush: under your praise!

    BTW I love the new direction of the Desire titles. Funny thing is, I’m friends with a former editor (who first rejected this story years ago) who came up with the smokin’ title 🙂

  7. Tricia

    Oh, this book sounds really good! I haven’t read anything of Paula’s, but this book & probably some others of hers will be going on my to-read list. I love finding new authors (new to me anyway)!

    Hmmm….about pics of characters or the author’s perception of characters, I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I like pics and sometimes I like to visualize my own versions of the characters. It just depends, but on what I don’t know! For instance, when books are made into movies, sometimes when I see the movie after reading the book, the actors are spot on with the characters in my head & other times they aren’t. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve read all of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. When I found out they were finally making the first one (One for the Money) into a movie & had picked Katherine Heigl for the Stephanie Plum character, I was very skeptical. However, after seeing the previews, I think she did do the character justice (so far anyway, can’t wait til the movie comes out!).

  8. Paula

    Hi Tricia and thanks for dropping by! Mixed feelings, yeah. I used to be in two minds about using actual famous faces to characters but then I figured most of them are actors, so it would make sense to have them play the ‘role’ of my h/h 🙂 Hope you enjoy the book!

    BTW I used to picture J-Lo as Stephanie Plum 😉

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