Last Call and a Winner!

“I hope you find something that just changes the entire notion of what it means to be human.”

-That’s actually a quote from Bones (the tv show) – Angela says it to Temperance before she goes to Indonesia. But I think it’s kinda great, and really fitting. Remember when I talked about the need at Pine Ridge Reservation? Also since it was National Make a Difference Day not so long ago.

So a quick update – a number of you said that you’d donate, or have been donating, which is incredibly heartwarming and amazing and generous. Thank you!!!

As for my little post… I know for sure we raised at least $675 for the organizations that help. (Some people didn’t leave or let me know numbers, which is of course, totally fine.) I’ve also got more Box Tops to send in – thing I’ll do that at the end of the year to mail a large pack of them.

Clothes, books, baby items – diapers, etc, are all needed and you can check the various pages listed for things needed.

This mini-drive ends on Thursday. So, hopefully we can get a little bit more by November 3rd. 🙂

And now… remember when Paula Roe shared an excerpt with us? :X Sorry I’m a bit tardy with this. The winner is Diane Sallans! Please email Paula ([email protected]) to claim your prize! Enjoy!

And of course, just a little update, Vivian Arend is guesting today, on Thursday we’ve got Sarah Mayberry *squee* and on Saturday, debut author Joanna Chambers!

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