I Just Stepped On a Book

and bent the cover. >.< Nope, not a euphemism. In fact other than coming to my computer that was basically the last thing I did and that’s how my day has gone. Sick and headachy, I finally feel human, glue myself to the TV after eating something, and watch Bones and Burn Notice. So a good day other than the majority of it. 😛 My first few hours were spent tweeting and being horrified at world news and all.

Recipes will have to wait for Saturday.

But poor battered book. You see why I don’t do print books anymore? No space, no room, and I become a book abuser. 🙁 What about you? I think most of you read print and e? Do I have that wrong? In fact – tell me please, I’d like to know. Also, anyone else willing to share shameful secrets/confessions of book accidents? One of my friends freely admits to breaking the spines of books. I call her a book murderer. But don’t worry – I won’t judge any of you. I just like messing with her.

And why you’re all here 😉 the winner of Joanna Chamber’s book is Jeanne Miro! Jeanne, please email me and let me know what format you’d like the book in by this Sunday please! (The 13th.) Just use the contact form at the top.

And my last question – do you care if recipes match up? Like if I share more than one should they be able to go together and make a meal? Also, how good are we all with cooking/recipes and precise measurements?

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  1. kiwi1124

    Hi my name is Kiwi and I am a book abuser. I dog ear, forget my bookmark, break the spine *gasp* To give back to the lovely books, I made my husband build me new shelves for them. That should count for something…right?

    As for those recipes, anything outside of my limited menu capabilities is fantastic in my opinion. I also very rarely do the precise measurement thing, prob why I’m not all that great at the whole cooking thing 🙂

    1. Limecello Post author

      *gasp!* Hmmm I GUESS a shiny new home counts for something. 😉

      As for measurements… you know, I don’t really do them either. Which is a problem though because you never exactly recreate something, but worse, with sharing recipes? I’m like “uuuuhhhh well you just… add enough of this. And that. And what feels right of this other ingredient.” At which point the other person has already walked away in disgust. So I guess this’ll be good practice for me!

      Although one recipe is actually a recipe I used/followed – just slightly tweaked, so there is that.

    1. Limecello Post author

      I hope you enjoy it, Jeanne! I need to get a copy of that – the premise sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? And I’m glad you won a book – what a wonderful way to end the day, right? ;D

    1. Limecello Post author

      Bella, I’m ashamed to say while I try to baby signed books, sometimes the best of intentions still aren’t enough, and I’m pretty sure I’ve creased/dropped/stepped on signed copies before. >.< I just need… I don't even know what. To collect book marks! And have authors sign those! Or the RTC.

  2. Peggy D

    I read only e books, I was a terrible abuser of books in print format. I’m not even very kind to my ereader, although I love it. I toss it into my bag whenever I am going out or away and I fall asleep with it by my side (or under me) often. The kindle is much more tolerant of this than a book ever was. Splashed coffee wipes right off as do greasy finger prints and chocolate smudges.
    Recipes are never an exact science, we all have a different view of what golden brown is, so I’m happy to have your ideas for new dishes in any combination at all.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Peggy, heheh, well your books, and e-reader are well loved! What’s the point of having something if you don’t use it, right? 😉 Actually though, other than being horribly abusive and negligent to my books when they’re lying around… when I read the books I don’t even “open” them all the way because I don’t want any creases in the spine. Most of my books on on my shelves look like they just came from the bookstore, or even better.
      It’s when they’re moved off the bookshelf that all bets are off.

      I’m typing up tomorrow’s post right after this! Or more procrastination… cuz why quit something you’re good at, right? 😛

  3. Liz

    I haven’t picked up a print book since I started reading them digitally. My biggest abuse was dog earing the pages. Or using a bookmark that wasn’t one at all, like a pen or something thick that would screw up the spine.

    The first time I do a recipe I always follow it exactly unless it contains something my family doesn’t like (such as my husband’s aversion to mushrooms) and if it passes first muster then the next time around I’ll play with the ingredients some until it becomes something that is well liked by all. It doesn’t matter to me if the recipes match up to make a whole meal, either.

  4. JoAnne

    I read both print and ebooks – I have a Nook. I much prefer the feel of a book in my hands though. No book mishaps that I can recall.
    I like recipes that stand alone or go together for a meal. But unless it’s a dessert I very rarely follow a recipe. I use it for guidance and try to make the dish my own.
    Happy Reading!

  5. Mary Kirkland

    I’m a traditionalist and I make no excuses for it. I don’t own an ereader and have no plans on buying one. While I know my position on ebooks isn’t a popular one right now, I think in the long run ebooks will go the way of Count Chocula Cereal and only be available in limited quantities after readers start getting fed up with not having the choice of sharing, trading and selling the ebooks they’ve paid money for like they could have with traditional books.

    I like my bookshelves and the feel of real books in my hands too much to buy ebooks and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ve won a few ebooks and read them on my computer. In just the few that I’ve won and read I’ve seen that not all of them are written as well as traditional book would have been. I don’t know who to blame for that. The publisher, the author or the beta readers for not saying..Hey wait a minute this really isn’t ready to be published.

    I don’t dog ear my pages and always use a bookmark. Most times I don’t even break the spine of the book I’m reading, because I’m weird like that.

    I don’t think recipes posted need to match up. We all Ok, maybe just me…put together some weird meals anyway. lol

  6. Cathy P

    Congrats, Jeanne!

    I prefer an old fashioned book rather than an ebook, but I have won or downloaded lots of ebooks. I just don’t like to sit and read at a computer for that long normally. I used to dog earmark, but I have gotten so many bookmarks that I use them now. Have never stepped on or broken a book’s spine, but have spilled or dropped things on the pages over the years. I have books all over the house: in my bedroom, the sewing machine room, and the living room. My husband has promised that he will build me more bookcases after I have the sewing room cleaned out which has my books all over, including the floor, in boxes.

    As far as recipes go, I don’t care whether they put a complete meal together or not. I usually play around with recipes and don’t always follow them to the letter.

  7. Pat L.

    Nope, only read print books! And get sad when I see I book I would like to read and it is only in print, not to even mention e books being given away more and more. I know I am prob in the minority, but that the way it is. Worse things could happen, right?

  8. Tricia P

    Congrats to Jeanne!

    Currently, I only read print books. Since I love to read so much, my hubs thinks I need an e-reader of some sort. I just don’t know if I can do it. I love having an actual book. Also, I get a lot of my books from the library (so I only spend a small fortune instead of a large fortune). Our library does offer some books as available for download/check out (& most e-readers are compatible), but there isn’t a big selection, mostly the new books.

    Hehe, as a library & book lover (& former library asst), I try my best to not abuse books, (mine or the library’s)! It’s just a quirk of mine, I like them to be in good condition & if they aren’t then I try to fix them! Mostly I just have to fix my kids’ books. A friend made a little purse using the shell of a hardback book (you can probably do a google search to find some examples) & it is really cute. So it’s cute, but I can’t bring myself to tear up a book to make one! Also, I love the wreaths people make using book pages, they are so pretty, but again I just can’t tear up a book yet to make one!

    About the recipes, I just like getting new recipes & it doesn’t matter to me if they all go together or not! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  9. Jen B.

    I usually leave my books in nearly new condition even after they are read and sometimes reread. If I bend a cover, I want to cry. I am starting to get rid of any books that aren’t my absolute favs (space, I have no space!) but I want to give people like new books.

    As far as recipes, no they don’t have to go together. I just love finding new favorites to cook!

  10. Caffey

    I may sound selfish but I don’t load out my books no more. I used to not get them back or got them back in the worse way I’ve ever seen! With all the book-markers that are around (and I also included in the book they borrowed) they folded back the pages! I confess I read my print carefully so I don’t break the spine on my keepers, but understand basic wear but did you ever get a ‘bathtub’ book returned to you? She did say she dried it on top of the furnace so its no longer wet, sigh… I love ebooks, I can read as many times as I want and it don’t fall apart 🙂 I mentioned in my other post that I won’t get ebooks without covers, just like I won’t take them from others who offer them me without covers!

    I love to try recipes from others. I don’t do good with a cookbook and decide to cook, I do better with recommendations from others, that I know work and are simple! So anything goes for me. Thanks for all you doing!


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