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Remember when I talked about the Children of Pine Ridge Reservation a few weeks ago? Well we gave at least $725.00 to various charitable organizations that help there! Fantastic! (I’m saying at least because I don’t know all the amounts and I’m pretty sure others gave as well.) And, just as fantastic, I know a number of you donated books, clothes, and other items as well.

I was really touched to see how many of you already knew about the situation there. I’m totally behind the curve! It’s insane how things like that are happening in the United States, isn’t it? And yet so common. I remember one of my extremely privileged friends was shocked when he started volunteering in college. I was part of this program called Healthy Asian Youth – where we tutored/mentored at-risk underprivileged Cambodian children, grades K-12. I never went inside their homes, but I know there was one family that couldn’t afford … well basically anything. They only had one light bulb, and moved it from room to room as needed.

Sadly it’s only gotten worse in the past few years with our economic turmoil.

Anyway, my point though, isn’t to drag us all down – it’s to say that every little thing makes a difference. And it matters, and that you’re all lovely, awesome, and wonderful for caring. So much so, that… well I’m going to ask you to do something else.

Author Melissa Schroeder has a charity post up at her blog. It’s a “Veteran’s Day Fundraiser” for Fisher Hope. All you have to do, is leave a comment, and Melissa will donate to Fisher Hope. Simple as that – she’s giving up to $250, and this is only going until Monday at 8 AM Central time, so please take a minute to go there now! I’ll wait.

Veteran’s Day was yesterday (and I only post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday “technically” – have you noticed that?) but I hope you all had a nice holiday, whether you were off work or school or not. All my uncles served, and my mom’s side of the family all the guys have been in the military as well. Hats off to all of them, as well as the men and women who serve, and have served their country. <3

Oh and bookwise? Yesterday I bought SEAL of my Dreams an anthology that eighteen authors contributed to, for a great cause.  All proceeds from sales of SEAL of My Dreams go to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit fundraiser for veterans’ medical research. You can, and should get it too. 😉 The book is available in both print, and electronic format.

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  1. Liz

    $725 is awesome!

    I left a comment this morning on Melissa’s blog. Thanks for the suggestion. My step-son is an Air Force reservist and my husband was in the Navy. I’m glad for those that have served and those that continue to serve.

    Seal of My Dreams sounds great, I’m going to check it out now.

  2. Kim in Hawaii

    Aloha, Limecello! I want to emphasize the importance of Fisher House – it is the military equivalent of the Ronald McDonald House where families of critically ill patients can stay (for free) to be near their loved one. This is particularly important for wounded warriors coming home from the desert. We have a Fisher House here on Oahu to support this historic Tripler Army Medical Center – it supports families from Korea and Japan as well.

  3. Diane Sallans

    I want to call your attention to something you & your readers might be interested in.

    Chase is giving 100 small charities over $3MM in grants, and your 10 votes will help them decide which ones. So search for your favorite charities, spread the word to friends and family, and help make a difference in your community.

    You have until Nov 22nd.
    So Vote, Share on FB, and pass this message on.

    Just go to FB, ‘Like’ Chase Community Giving & then vote for 10 charities. You can search by category (the green buttons), zip code, key word (like you state, or town, or a particular interest like Water, Dog, or a disease).

    This was brought to my attention by a letter to the Editor in my local paper from a young woman who founded ‘More than Me in Liberia’ to ‘help young girls get off the street & into school’.

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