Steampunk Winner!

So, the winner of Leslie Dicken’s post is Kathleen Long – please email her at [email protected] to claim your prize.

Now the rest of us – how was your weekend? Started Thanksgiving preparations yet?

I’ve basically got nothing – and am totally worn out. And note though, this is your last chance to win a signed book of your choice from Olivia Gates’s back list! Just find the posts I talk about categories – mainly the one where I announce Megan Hart’s winner from a post she did.


0 thoughts on “Steampunk Winner!

  1. Jeanne Miro

    I must admit that I usually don’t read category books but when one of my older son’s friends had a mother that wrote for Harliquin decided he was a perfect “role model” for one of her characters that I not only read every book of hers but gave them to everyone in my family at Christmas.

    I had a great time hearing from them all and them asking if “his” character was based on him! The stories were all set in our state so it was a lot of fun knowing exactly where everything was taking place.

    I’ve also picked them up when I’m taking trips. I appreciate their smaller size and light weight for carrying with my planes, trains and automobiles. Granted I have a Kindle now but “real” books don’t need batteries or to be recharged! Besides that they are a lot of fun to read and sometimes you just have to “take a break” and read just for the fun of it!


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