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Oops this one’s on me – Sandi is supposed to have the last Saturday of each month as her day… :X But I didn’t see it when I was scheduling posts/didn’t think she had it written yet, so pretend she wrote the months as “November turns into December” okay? Pretty please?

As October makes it’s turn into November and the holiday season people are starting to think about their Christmas gift giving.  I am among them.  Not only am I thinking about what I’d like to give to certain members of my family I’m also thinking about what I might like to receive.

With the variety of e-readers now offered by Amazon I’m considering getting one for my daughter in law.  That way she could share my books, and I could easily add some more to hers when an occasion arises, or the mood strikes.  For my youngest son and my husband I’m considering IPODS because neither has one, and especially if my husband had one we could perhaps dejunk the many CD’s we’ve collected over the years .  Still pondering what to do for my oldest, and of course until I whip out some form of payment nothing is cut in stone.

As for me I’m always wanting the latest greatest gadget.  Currently I’m in IPAD lust, but that’s just not really feasible for me for this holiday season.  I’ll settle for some good books and or gift cards to buy said books with.  What books should I ask for?

What’s on your holiday wish list?  What are you considering giving to others? Hope everyone has a great stress free holiday season!

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  1. Mary Kirkland

    I like to give and get gift cards because that way everyone can get what they want. My sister in law asked if we had Amazon wish lists and wouldn’t you know that I was the only one in my family that had one. Hubby and daughter didn’t even want to make one. lol

  2. beguilethysorrow

    for the first time in a long time I havent got a clue what I’m getting anyone for Christmas!lol I’m thinking there might be some nice sales this Dec, so I’m probably going to give people gifts I find along the way and if I don’t run into anything then giftcards it is:P
    as for my personal wishlist, man I’d love an ipad but it’s just not in the budget. I’ll be happy with some yummy baked goods though:)


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