Winners Out the Wazoo

So, horrid Limecello is horrid. End of that. Here are winners to the past who knows however long. Everyone has until January 10, 2012 to get back to me to claim their prize. Except for the Olivia Gates winners, you only have three days, but I’m emailing you all. (Using the email address you used to comment) – because it’s a sensitive situation.

Let’s work backwards, shall we?

When Theresa Romain guested about holiday movies, she gave away a book. Her winner is LSUReader. You are to email her at theresa @ theresaromain . com to claim your prize.

We were lucky enough to have Delilah Marvelle visit with a fabulous (and traumatizing!) post on her book release day! And her winner was Bella@BeguileThySorrow.

Kim in Hawaii won the signed book from Sarah M. Anderson who shared with us about her book release party and awesome book cake. (So! Want!)

… Holy shit. I haven’t done this since November? *insert much shame and writing in agonies of shame*

Courtney Milan decided on a quirky Author Interview that I only do for the GA&AG spots – and her winner was Lynne Silver. (I believe you have your pick of print or electronic book.)

For the Jill Shalvis Blog Tour we have three winners. They are Mary G, chey, and Karen C. Remember to include your mailing addresses please!

HelenKay Dimon had a new novella come out with Carina Press for the holidays – well Christmas is over, but you know. Keep the spirit alive in your reading! ClaudiaGC and Angie M will definitely be able to do that. ;D

Lovely Nikki Duncan shared a “thankful for” list, and her winner is JoAnne. :X Sorry – I’m not sure it’s even an ARC now but… hey, free book, right?

And the lovely, fantastic, awesome Olivia Gates and her thirteen winners? Diane Sallans, Liz, Tricia, Laurie G, Aemelia, booklover1335, kim h, Linda Henderson, Marika Weber, myrandaroyann, Jen B, Mary Kirkland, and Pomma! Please email me with which book from Olivia’s back list that you’d like to receive.

Winners – when claiming your prize, please write what you’ve won, and that you won it here. (And all pertinent information please, such as, you know, an address if necessary.) It’ll help everyone out. For those who aren’t contacting the author directly, please email me to claim your prize. Limecello dot contest at gmail dot com. You know how to make that work.

Thanks to everyone for your patience! Xoxo!

0 thoughts on “Winners Out the Wazoo

  1. Tricia P

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks so much Olivia Gates & Lime! I responded to your email. Christmas is packed up, the hubs is back to work, the kiddos are back in school, what a great way to start my “by myself” day than to find out I won a book!!

  2. Mary G

    Happy New Year Lime! Thanks so much for the win but I have my wonderful copy of Jill’s Head Over Heals so please pick another winner.


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