Winners + “Administrative Stuff”

Doesn’t that sound all serious? And… high brow? I was going to say “Winner and Admin Shiz” but that seems a bit too lowbrow even for me. Is it weird it feels “wrong” to say “shit” here? O_o in fact? Who here swears? Do you mind swearing? My “potty mouth” varies. On my mood, my company… and who am I kidding. My mood.

OH! I also totally lost my train of thought. So – my thing is… this blog gets away from me. (Why do you think I have so many guests? Well, also because I know you kids love giveaways. Who doesn’t? And… I can’t handle all that. I wish I could give away stuff constantly, but me, myself, and I aren’t equipped for it, so I find other awesome people willing and able to step up. :D)

OKAY. The point is – if I ever forget to announce a winner? (Or do anything else.) Gimme a nudge. Leave a comment asking if a winner has been chosen. Email. Tweet. Whatever. I won’t be offended. Promise. (Well, unless you’re a dick about it. Nobody likes a douche-canoe, so just don’t be one! … And not so much an issue here since we’ve already established all of you are super nice and awesome and I’m kinda wondering why you even hang out with me…)

And now that you’ve stuck with me so long – here is the winner! (No images – I’ve basically given up on that. But just you wait for the day I have like… a stylus or something and draw. Or don’t wait for that. Nobody wants to see it. Really.)

The winner of a print back list book from Portia Da Costa is Regina Ross! Regina please email Portia ([email protected]) with your book choice and address – as well as a mention somewhere of this blog so she knows what this is about. 😉 Thanks and enjoy!

ETA:  Also – if you didn’t win this time – no worries, Abigail Barnette’s giveaway is still open. And… JS Wayne announced his winner in the comments of his post.

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