Special Guest: Kelly!

You guys!!! Today we have yet another incredibly special guest with us! My friend Kelly, who is a romance reader, and this is her very first ever blog post! I kinda had to nudge her into sending me this because she was all nervous. Personally I think she did fabulously, and I hope she’ll blog here again! So everyone please give Kelly a warm welcome and show her some love!

I have been debating with myself as to what I should write about.  Seeing that we just kicked off a brand new year, one would think I should take a trip down memory lane.  But to be honest, I have no idea what the first romance I ever read is.  Must have made quite the impression.   And I know it’s also already been done.
And because I am not a fortune-teller, predicting the future isn’t a good idea either.  Therefore, I prefer to focus on the here and now.  So, with that in mind, I am going to do my take, so to speak, on getting to know you, with a twist.  🙂
         At present I am about 2/3 of the way through Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase.  Someone please tell me why I haven’t read more Loretta Chase.  She writes smart, strong heroines.  No namby-pamby, simpering ladies here.
      Obviously at the moment, I am typing a blog post  😉     What I want to do, is give props to some of my fave new shows this year.
Two Broke Girls (CBS – Monday  8:30)  Caroline’s dad is basically a Bernie Madoff type and now Caroline has had to resort to working as a waitress in a greasy spoon and ends up rooming with her cranky co-worker, Max.  Max is an aspiring cupcake baker and since Caroline has a finance background, the two are doing their best to save enough money to open their own shop. This show can be a bit crass and may even border on vulgar, but, it always makes me laugh.
Revenge (ABC – Wednesday  10:00)   Who hasn’t dreamed of destroying anyone/everyone who has ruined their life?  This show proves that while revenge may be sweet, it doesn’t always go as easily nor as smoothly as planned.
Person of Interest (CBS – Thursday 9:00)   This show is hard to describe.  A machine spits out the name/number of someone who is about to be involved in a crime.  Only problem is, you don’t know if said name/number is the victim or the perp?
      This one is harder for me than the others.  I listen to a little bit of everything.  Top 40, Oldies, Country, Classic Rock.    From Adele to Elvis to George Strait to ZZ Top.  🙂
     Ummmmm …  I nuked a chicken chimichanga for lunch.  Does that count as cooking?  😉
     Thankful that it is yet again another weekend!   🙂
So now it’s your turn!   Who/what are you reading, watching and/or listening to.  Any good eats?  Either at home or out?  What are you thankful for?   I am always looking for new ideas and inspirations.   Inquiring minds or maybe just I, want to know.    <G>

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  1. Limecello Post author

    Hi Kelly!!! I love this post – thank you! I can’t believe you were so worried about it. This is great. 😀 (Sorry about the formatting : what you sent me was so pretty then my blog chewed it up and ate it.)
    Reading… currently a Jasmine Haynes [short?] story I just bought last night. I really should be reading one of two books for review though. Shhh.
    Watching… ARCHER! <3 Heh. And Empress Feng. Revenge and Top Chef as well, if I can catch it later.
    Listening to… the radio, really. Otherwise a few weeks ago I popped in the BarBri lectures on con law. O_o I'm obviously losing my mind.
    Baking or cooking… erm, my tons and tons of cheddar dill buttermilk biscuits exhausted my cookery for a while. ;P
    Thankful for today? Hmmm… I'm sick as a dog, but I guess that I have my bed, my computer, a heater, and humidifier. Oh – and drugs. Thank you, Advil Cold & Sinus.

    I hope you're willing to come back and guest again! ;D

  2. Sasha Devlin

    Nice first post!

    I just finished reading Vivi Andrew’s “Reawakening Eden” which is a post apoc romance & though I was a bit freaked out — fair warning I’m a wuss — it was a great read. I’ll be finishing L.A. Witt’s Nine Tenths of the Law this weekend as well.

    I tend not to watch new shows because I am the kiss of death. But tv shows that rock my socks are Psych, Supernatural and Castle. Some mancandy, some humor, some thrills.

    I listen to anything, but Robin Thicke just went off, and the Glee Cast just came on. Before that it was Jamie Foxx. A song I’m currently pushing is “Girl with One Eye” by Florence + the Machine. Eerie but awesome.

    I’m super thankful that Im warm inside — we got hit by a bunch of snow in Chicago last night — and that I’m off frm the evil day job and can write today.

  3. Natasha Moore

    Looks like you’ve got this blog posting thing down 🙂 I enjoyed reading it and learning a little about you.

    I don’t read a lot of historical romance, but once in a while I get on a kick and I’ll read nothing but for weeks. I’ll have to check out Loretta Chase.

    Right now I’m listening to my iPod while I write. I’ve heard anything from Nickelback to Adele to Kenny Chesney to Barry Manilow 🙂

  4. Liz

    I agree with Lime, very excellent post. I wouldn’t know you were a newbie if it hadn’t been mentioned.

    Reading: I just picked up Jess Dee’s newly self-published Visiting Paradise and am loving it. Of course, she’s a go-to author for me, so I pretty much just love her no matter how she publishes stuff.
    Watching: Just caught the pre-showing of Spartacus: Vengeance on Starz and love it. One of my fav original series and also very much into The Good Wife and Mentalist.
    Listening to: 90s on 9 on Sirius. Makes me feel old, especially when my toddler sings “hip hop hooray, hey, ho, hey”
    Baking: Brownies for dessert tonight
    Very thankful for: my family, our health, a relatively brown winter so far, and my kindle. Oh yeah, and this blog!

    Please do come back again, Kelly. I haven’t read any Loretta Chase, but your statement of powerful heroines makes me want to check her out.

  5. sarah mayberry

    Hi Kelly. Welcome to blogland! I loved Silk is For Seduction, too. In fact, I love Loretta Chase. I have all her backlist books, even the really old ones, and I have re-read them at least once each. Sigh. Okay, my list:
    Who/what are you reading: Heart of Steel by Meljean Brooks
    Who are you watching and/or listening to? Lots of UK crime series, Silent Witness and US comedian Louis CK. Listening to Swedish singer Robin and Nouvelle Vague, mostly because that’s what’s in the CD player in my car.
    Any good eats? Last night we had a barbeque with my sister’s family and the neighbours. Yum.
    What are you thankful for? That both my parents are alive and in good health, and that today we are going to pick up our new puppy, Max, an adorable black and tan Cavoodle. Can’t wait!

  6. Jennifer Wilckj

    Hi Kelly, love your blog post. And I’m enjoying following Limecello on Twitter, which is how I found this. I’ll have to come back often. What I’m reading–well, I’m taking a break right now so that I can edit my manuscript. But I just got off a Laura Kinsale kick–love her! Watching? Downton Abbey rocks! Listening to? I’m like you, a little bit of everything. Baking? Brownies for my kids. Thankful for today? Not too much snow. Nice to meet you!

  7. Mary Kirkland

    Great first post!
    I just finished reading Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill and am working on 2 other Vampire Romance books on my TRB pile. I know I have at least 5 more Vampire romance novels sitting up there just waiting for me. I’m on a paranormal romance trend here at the moment. lol

    I actually have a youtube playlist of about 100 songs that I listen to whenever I am online. I listen to a lot of different music, right now I’m listening to Hollywood Undead, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Slipknot and Nickelback.

    There are shows each week that I just have to watch and thankfully I have a DVR or I might go insane since some of my favorite shows are on at the same time. I love Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Grimm, Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds, Sanctuary, and Secret Circle and the newest one is Lost Girl, which I thought was pretty good.

    I love to cook, and that’s a good thing since I’m the only one that does any cooking in my home. Oh hubby will throw together a bologna and cheese sandwich every once in a while, but I could have made it better…LOL I make a spanish rice and chicken dish at least once a month that my family loves and my 20 year old daughter asked me to teach her how to make it because her boyfriends parents wanted her to make dinner for them. I guess that was the “Let’s see if you can cook for my son” sort of thing…lol It’s an easy dish and she made it and they loved it..so she was happy.

    I am thankful that with all these high winds today my power hasn’t gone out….yet. It’s been howling here today, the sustained winds being 40mph with gusts 60mph and I think we are having those gusts every few seconds..it’s been crazy seeing branches flying off the pine tree’s and across the courtyard…

  8. smalltwnfashion

    Hi Kelly! First of all, you should definitely keep posting – LOVE your writing voice!

    Loretta Chase is one of my absolute fave romance writers, but I have not read S is for Seduction – you’ve convinced me to go download it immediately! Now you need to go buy Lord of Scoundrels – probably my favorite romance novel ever!

  9. Kelly C.

    Wow, thank you ladies (not that Lime isn’t a lady too) for the warm welcome and the very nice compliments. I am very flattered and touched.

    Lime – Thanks again. If you’d like to have me back, I am open to it. Isn’t Revenge great? And I do enjoy Top Chef if/when I can catch it.

    Sasha Devlin – I totally feel you on the “kiss of death” for tv shows. And I love, Love, LOVE Castle. My absolute fave show.

    Natasha Moore – I used to read 80% historicals 10+ years ago. Now it is the reverse. I read 80% contemps. And I too am a “Fanilow” 😉

    Liz – Mmmmmmmm….brownies!!!

    Sarah Mayberry – The new puppy sounds adorable. Huge dog lover but haven’t had one since we had to put the last dog down about 5 years ago. Too devastating at the time and it does get harder each and every time. Also, may I add that if you are the Harlequin author…. I am a big fan of your books. I have highly enjoyed the ones I have read. And I am usually hesitant to gush because I don’t want it to come across as insincere.

    Jennifer Wilckj – I have heard nothing but great things about Downton Abbey. I am going to have to look into it because I think the WWI era is one that is under-used.

    Mary Kirkland – I am LOL about your daughter and her boyfriend’s parents. My mom had a similar initiation with my dad’s parents. 🙂

    smalltwnfashion – Thank you so much. I am not a writer, at all. Unless checks count. 😉 The only other Loretta Chase I have/had read was Lord of Scoundrels. I was recently implored to read The Last Hellion. So I am going to have to try and find me a copy.


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