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Today we have the lovely author Jennifer Haymore visiting with us! She is one of the nicest and sweetest people you’ll ever come across. She’s so sweet in fact, I’m going to let this eensy über short post go by without a comment. :X I mean… (hey, I never said that I’m the nice person…) 😉 Anyway, without further ado, Jennifer is going to talk about her newest series and upcoming books! Yay!

Hey, everyone! Much thanks to Limecello for having me here!

I’m going to talk about my Donovan series today, because I have two books releasing from that series on February 1–so exciting! The Donovans are five sisters that have been a big part of my life for the past two years. Their stories are covered in three novels (available in print and digital formats) and one short story (available in ebook only).

Here are the sisters:

Serena–the oldest and the biggest troublemaker, who learned the error of her ways when she was caught in a VERY compromising position when she was eighteen years old and has spent the past several years paying for that mistake.

Meg–Serena’s twin, lost at sea (miles off the coast of Antigua) when she was eighteen.

Olivia–The sweetest Donovan sister–suffers from reoccurring bouts of malaria.

Phoebe–The most independent Donovan–makes up her mind quickly and goes after what she wants with no regrets!

Jessica–the youngest and most beautiful Donovan sister. At 18 years old, she is loyal to a fault and takes great risks for those she loves.

And here are the Donovan sisters’ books:

BOOK 1: Confessions of an Improper Bride – Novel – already out! – Serena’s and Phoebe’s story.

BOOK 1.5: Once Upon a Wicked Night – Short Story – releases February 1 – Bridges the gap between books 1 & 2.

BOOK 2: Secrets of an Accidental Duchess – Novel – releases February 1 – Olivia’s story.

BOOK 3: Pleasures of a Tempted Lady – Novel – releases August, 2012 – Meg and Jessica’s story.

I love writing about sisters. I always wanted a sister growing up, and finally got my wish–but I was already fourteen years old! So in a way, the Donovan sisters were my way of learning about what being a sister really means.

What about you? Do you have a sister? Do you recall a time in your life when she was your best friend or your worst enemy?

For more information on the Donovan Series including book blurbs and excerpts: go here.

You can also find Jennifer on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Aren’t all those covers gorgeous?! Anyway, I’m very curious about all the sister responses too. Or brothers. Siblings. You know. And! Jennifer has agreed to come by and answer questions – so ask her anything! Really! Book related or not. *angelface* (Seriously though – please come up with something!) To sweeten the deal, Ms. Haymore is giving away three prizes to lucky commenters! Up for grabs are one copy of Confessions of an Improper Bride, and two copies of Secrets of an Accidental Duchess. Because three is a pretty amazing number, yes? 

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  1. Mary Preston

    The covers are gorgeous.

    I have FIVE sisters & one brother. We all get along well. It’s fun when we all get together. It’s like the circus has come to town.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Mary! Thanks for commenting. Oh my goodness, five sisters! I think if I had that many siblings, I’d be a completely different person, and probably not a loner at all! I like the sounds of a circus! It sounds wonderful to have a big family like that.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Aloha, Kim, and mahalo! I’ve been so lucky with my covers! (By the way, I am getting so homesick! Sent my son to Hawaii over the winter holidays, but I think *I* need a trip home soon!)

  2. Liz

    I have only one older brother and we’re very close now. My husband and I lived in CA for a few years and I made friends with a neighbor and she became like a sister to me and my daughter even called her Aunt Jill. When we moved away, it was like leaving family and I miss her all the time. Thanks for the great post and contest, the covers are fantastic. Of the five sisters, who was your favorite to write about?

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Liz!
      It’s so nice that you’re close to your brother. I really want to be closer to my little sister, but she’s 14 years younger and lives in New Hampshire (I’m in California)…that makes it so hard.
      I honestly think Olivia was my favorite to write about. There was something about her physical vulnerabilities mixed with a core of steel I really loved about her. 🙂

  3. librarypat

    I do love her covers. As for siblings, I am the oldest of 6. Hard when there was barely a year between some of us. As oldest I was often left “in Charge” when I was old enough. That created resentment, especially from the boys. Unfortunately, that lasted until we were adults. The boys still aren’t over it, except for the youngest who is 10 years younger. My two sisters and I are now good frien ds. I think women are much better at maturing and seeing things as they were/are. Even at 64, the oldest of the boys still complains I was being bossy because I was in charge. His wife has said “It isn’t her fault, your parents put her in charge.” but he says it doesn’t matter. Never let the facts get in the way of whart you think.

    I have CONFESSIONS OF AN IMPROPER BRIDE and look forward to reading the whole series. I hope the releases of Books 2 and 3 go well.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Pat. Thanks! I’m sorry to hear there is still some dissension between you and your siblings–that doesn’t sound fair! My husband has some of that, too–he’s the oldest in his family and some of the younger ones still hold grudges about how he behaved toward them when they were kids. Sigh. I wish it didn’t have to be that way…

  4. Mary Kirkland

    I have 1 younger brother who I grew up with and I have 1 older half sister, and two older half brothers from my dad’s first marriage. Then I also have another older brother from my mom who I just met 8 years ago because she gave him up for adoption after he was born.

    I fought with my younger brother all the time, we had fist fights when we were younger but are best friends now. My sister and other twin older brothers were raised a couple of states apart and they are 10 years older than me so we really never got to know each other all that well.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Mary,
      I’m glad you and your brother are close now–it gives me hope for my children, who are CONSTANTLY fighting & driving me crazy! My sister (14 years younger) is a half sister–the age and distance things make it so hard.

  5. Jan Terry

    What great covers for your books! Reading about siblings is always fun; I like seeing how they come from the same family growing up and how their lives may take some twists and turns, but at their core, they are still so similar! Thanks for this contest!

  6. CrystalGB

    Hi Jennifer. Awesome covers for your books. I am a big fan of your writing. I would love a copy of Confessions of An Improper Bride.

  7. Jen B.

    I do have a sister. And we used to fight like crazy. Around the time I became an adult we started talking, really talking, and discovered that we have a lot in common. Now we are genuine friends. My question to you is, why did you choose 5 sisters for the series? Did you have their 5 stories mapped out or did the first book create the sisters? I love series about siblings.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Jen,
      I’m not sure why I chose 5 sisters, specifically. I think at first it might have been six. 😀 You know, I love the idea of sisters back in that time, when boys were the “preferred” sex and couples would just keep having children hoping for a son. I’ve always thought that sisters born into that situation would maybe bond more than the average siblings.

  8. Pam

    I had 4 sisters. I’m the youngest by one minute. Yep, I’m a twin. LOL The oldest is 19 years older. The next, 13 years older and the last one was 12 years older but she died some years back of cancer.

    Growing up my twin was really the only one around. The others, being so much older, were doing their own things. So, I can’t say we were particularly close. And, although my mother did give birth to a boy, a little over a year after my oldest sister was born, he died a month later so I never knew him.

    You mentioned you had always wanted “a sister” but your story is about five sisters. Did you wish that you would have had more than one sister? And if not, what made you choose to have five sisters in your stories?

    Thanks for stopping by here and for the giveaway!

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Pam, I have kind of always felt like I missed out (I especially felt that way as a child) not having siblings to fight with & talk to as I grew up. I think if I believed it was in the realm of possibility (I knew it wasn’t!) that I would have loved to have more than one sibling!

  9. Diane Sallans

    I have one older brother, but we aren’t close. I’m actually very close to his ex-wife (& their kids). I wish I had had more siblings, because my cousins are all 8-20 years older than me too. Maybe that’s why I enjoy sibling stories so much – I missed the close sibling relationship.

  10. Limecello Post author

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the run down on your newest series – love all those covers! I’m interested in seeing how you pair/combine Meg and Jessica’s stories… and I REALLY want to read Olivia’s – it just struck that cord.
    As for sisters… well I have one. We’re best friends and enemies equally. There’s a reason she’s often called “ES” unfortunately.

    She also says it’s the God given right of all older siblings to try to kill their younger siblings at least once. And she means it, and has done it. (Tried, of course, I mean.) What’re your thoughts on that? Agree or disagree? Have/did you ever try?

    I’m curious as to everyone else’s responses too!

    p.s. – Ms. Haymore, I think you need to come back as I’ve decided you owe me a “Wonderfully Witty” post some time in the future – of course when it fits into your schedule! 🙂

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Limey, Hehe! Too funny. I know my oldest son has tried to “murder” his siblings–and more than once. And he’s failed, thank goodness. I never tried with my sister–I think we’re too far apart in age for that. I always thought she was the cutest thing ever, lol. Probably wouldn’t have been so positive if we were only a couple of years apart.

      Wonderfully witty? Me?????

  11. Cathy P

    I don’t have a sister, but have friends that are like sisters. I have a younger brother that is 7 years younger than me. There were lots of times I wanted to kill him — like the time I had some friends over, he kept trying to get into my room, and I finally got the door shut in his face. What did he do? He started screaming and crying that I shut his finger in the door (a lie) and I ended up getting my bedroom door taken off for a week because of it. We are friends as adults, but there were times before he became an adult that I did want to commit murder. Lol!

  12. Jennifer Wilck

    Your books sound great! I’m an only child and always wanted siblings (of course, I wanted an older brother and that would have been quite the trick!). Family lore says that my mom wanted six kids until I was born. I think she changed her mind because I was perfect 😉 My parents have been suspiciously silent about this.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Jennifer, I’m sure you’re right–you’re too perfect to need siblings!
      I kind of wished for an older brother too–I always fantasized that he’d protect me from mean people. 🙂

  13. Jane

    Congrats on the upcoming releases, Jennifer. I loved the first book in the Donovan Sisters series. I have an older brother, but no sisters. My older cousin is the closest thing I have to a sister. I looked to her for advice on boys and fashion.

  14. Shannon-Nicole

    Hi Jennifer!
    This is amazing that you’re on Limecello because I just found your books on Amazon like two days ago! I read the blurbs and the reviews and am looking forward to reading them myself.
    I also have five sisters and one brother. We all get along really well and are each others best friends with healthy doses of snark and a few passive agressive comments mixed in.
    Thanks for your post and thanks Lime for your work bringing us these authors.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Shannon-Nicole,
      How cool that you recently found my books. 🙂
      LOL–snark and passive aggression–so THAT’S what I’ve been missing out on! But I can’t help but still love the idea of all those big, noisy family gatherings…

  15. Monikarw

    Well, Lime.. Not that u mention 3 being a pretty amazing number.. Let me tell you: not when it comes to sisters! LOL

  16. Monikarw

    I happen to have 3 sisters!:)
    1 older than me, Malala: tall, blonde, green eyes, beautiful skin, a fashionista! In one word: gorgeous! (or bitch, or diva, like the rest of us, her siblings, like to call her sometimes! LOL)
    then, Claudia: a year younger than me! She’s a nerd who loves sports & hates make up and dresses! In one word: contradictory! (or complicated for the rest of us)

  17. Monikarw

    And last but not least, Lore: she’s only 5! Came in our lives as a surprise.. I’m 17 years older than her! (you do the math! LOL) but we adore her! She’s spoiled by everyone but in a good way! And she’s all rainbows & butterflies and unicorns & glitter and sunshine.. You get the point!;P
    aaaaand if u thought that was all.. Think again! There’s also a brother: Peter or Pete 🙂 ..he’s 18! So his one of those annoying teenagers that think they’re adults now so they’re invinceable! But he’s also funny and charming and endearing!:)

  18. Monikarw

    So, yes, there’s 5 of us!:) mom likes to say: “it’s never boring around here” LOL
    In one word we are: unique! And thank God for that! LOL
    we are also a half mexican, half italian family so, big, loud & dramatic comes with the territory 🙂

    I love your books Jennifer! I can’t wait to know more about the Donovan sisters, I like that they are each very different from the others but still a family, like us 🙂

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Aw, how cute a baby sister. I did enjoy mine! (I’m 14 years older than her and even though she’s all grown up now, I still think she’s cute as a button. Thanks for your sweet comments about my books, Monika. They make my day. 😀

  19. Monikarw

    Sorry about all those comments Lime, this thing kept posting comment without me being finished! O.o
    Oh, wait! It wanted me to shut up already!!! O_O LOL
    ..Okay, I will now, bye :*

  20. gamistress66

    both my sisters are quite a bit older than me so we’ve never had that bff thing going though we do get along well & enjoy visiting & talking now that we’re older. Both sisters gave me something wonderful though as I was growing up – my oldest sister gave me my first real romance novel (Shanna by Woodiwiss) to read when I was in my early teens & visiting her for a few days to read thus starting a long love affair with the genre 😉 & the other took me out bar hopping in my early 20’s to show me how to enjoy a good dive bar 😉 & have fun without being stupid (which I much appreciated when going out later w/ friends who weren’t quite as wise) 🙂 big sisters (even if quite older) can be pretty cool & I know I’m glad I’ve got mine 🙂

  21. Monikarw

    And Lime, to answer your question: I’ve never tried to kill my siblings.. I have, however, threatened my sister, who’s also my roommate, with cutting off all her hair while she’s sleeping if she pisses me off! LOL
    I cut a little once just so she realized I meant it! LOL ..but that was years ago! Tho, I still tell her that! ;D

  22. Robin Bielman

    Hi, Lime! Hi, Jen! I *love* your covers and *love* your books!!

    I have a younger brother and when we were little he always tortured me. He’d throw his matchbox cars at me, swing golf clubs too close for comfort when he was mad, and get in my stuff. And who would always get in trouble? Me! Because I was older. Today, though, we’re good pals.

    Here’s my question… What are you working on next?

    p.s. You are both wonderful and witty!!

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi Robin! Glad to hear you & your brother are getting along a little better now. 😉

      What’s next? Well, after the last Donovan book, I’m hoping to write another series about siblings–for this one, I’m planning 5 brothers and a sister. Totally different circumstances from the Donovans, but lots and lots of scandal and fun!

  23. June M.

    Hi! I have 1 brother and 1 sister. Growing up, we would fight, but now, we are very close friends. I am glad that I don’t come from the family my dad did. There are 11 of them! 8 girls and 3 boys. I don’t see how my grandparents raised all of the them without going crazy, especially knowing some of the trouble they got into (and some still do).
    I do love series based on families.
    My question would be: Is there any genre of books that you have not written but that you would like to?

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi June, 11 kids would definitely kill me! Although I have a friend who has 12…and she’s doing well, although sometimes she does seem…um…frazzled.

      I’d love to write YA novels. That’s been a dream of mine for a long time–I just need to find the time to write one and see if my agent likes it!

  24. JoAnne

    Hi June,
    Love the sounds of the series – can’t wait to get book 1 to start meeting all the Donovan sisters.
    I have one sister who is 8 years younger than me plus 2 brothers. My sister and I share a close bond now that we are older. When we were younger the age difference seemed much bigger although she was the maid of honor at my wedding – when she was 17 and in HS – and I was her matron of honor 7 years later. Our kids are close in age – I have one boy, she has a boy and a girl – that are within 3 years of each other. My son has always had a special bond with them (the siblings he never had?) so it just solidified our relationship. It helps that we live less than 1 1/2 hours away from each other so it’s an easy ride to get together! They are still going strong with my son in his 3rd year of college out of state, my niece in her 2nd year close to home and my nephew a senior in HS and weighing his choices for the next 4 years.

    1. Jennifer Haymore

      Hi JoAnne, Your relationship with your sister sounds great, despite the fact that there are 8 years between you! And how awesome that your kids are close. My three kids adore their cousins, too (twin girls), but they live 2500 miles away, so I’m afraid they’ll hardly know them. Sigh!

      1. JoAnne

        Thanks Jen – yes, I am lucky and so is my son. It’s nice to have cousins he’s close to especially since he’s an only child. I still have good relationships (and facebook with) many of my own first cousins.
        Great interview today.

  25. Raonaid Luckwell

    I have two brothers – who are younger than be; however they are taller than me (Damn them!). The one brother we were estranged for a while. It was all due to our father’s divorce and the woman he was with. Now that he’s away from the woman we’ve started getting closer again. We always visit in the summer so we can go to Folly Beach.

    I do have some peeps that I have adopted as my siblings. There is a young man in Alabama who I see as my brother. Spooky thing is… he and I could eerily pass as siblings. People actually believe we’re brother and sister; especially when he calls me “Sis”

    Then I have three gals who are younger that I see as sisters.

  26. Kelly C.

    I have 2 sisters (one who is 5 days less than a year younger than me) (the other is 6.5 years younger than me) I also have a brother who is 5 years younger than me. Plus I have 2 half-sisters and a half-brother (one half-sister and tne half-brother are now deceased) who are WAY older than my (full) siblings and I. The sister who is a year younger and I are very close. And as odd as it may sound, we never wore the same size clothes or shoes and in alot of respects are polar opposites and still, we never fought.

  27. Renee Brown

    I have a brother and a sister but have not been as close to either as I would like. My sister and I have always fought. I love the idea that sisters can be close. My mom and her sister was always that way.

  28. eli yanti

    Hi Jennifer

    i have two sisters and we are best friend although sometime we can argument for something, that’s what sister doing right 😉

  29. Aretha zhen

    Hi Jennifer love your book cover:). I have only one sister and we get along really well. Jennifer I have one question what is your most favourite book that features sibling story?Cheers Aretha

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