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January 2012

We are almost to the end of the first month of 2012.  It’s been a fairly good month for me both professionally and personally.

After several weeks of being unhappy professionally I finally see a light.  I spent a good part of one day barely able to refrain from doing a snoopy dance in my seat when that light finally started shining!  I realize that no job is perfect, but with the change that I had been asking for and finally received my job got closer to perfection, and that’s good enough for me!

I decided that I really enjoy reading and that without a doubt I was going to make time to read each and every day!  I also decided that I was going to do a much better job in tracking what I read or listen to than I did in 2011.  So far I believe that there have been few days where I didn’t read at least a page, and I’m confident that every book I’ve read has been recorded at least once, and hopefully even two or three times! Obsessive I know, but this way I can be sure I’m tracking because if my different lists don’t match I know right away I forgot to add something somewhere.

Without a doubt the best book I read in January 2012 was Home Front by Kristin Hannah which is her latest title.  I got to read an advance copy because I review for Fresh Fiction.   It’s an amazing story of one family’s journey through deployment, active duty, injury, recovery, and eventual fitting back into the family during the Iraq war.  Have the tissues handy because you will need them.

Is 2012 shaping up to be the type of year you had hoped?  Did you resolve to change something about yourself or your job and been able to make it happen?  Did you set a reading goal?  Tell me something happy to keep my good mood going as the year progresses!

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  1. Barbs Ferris

    I’m in love with both Kindle and too. I’ve been listening to many books as I’m quilting and get dh’s business records together for the CPA. My reading will be about the same this year, maybe 100 books between audio & reading. In fact I have been listening to more than reading and I’m sure it will be the same this year.

  2. Kathleen O

    I have a kindle and I have been keep track of my ebooks this way and I have for the last 4 years been keeping track of my print books on an excel spread sheet.. I do a list for each month and then keep a running total for the year. Of course now I combine the two and I am sure there will be a lot more reading done.. I hope…

    I have not yet got into audio books. But maybe that will happen one day..

  3. Mary Kirkland

    Things have to be better than last year and so far they are. The website I write articles for was bought by Yahoo and changed some of the guidelines submitting articles and so I was extremely happy when after I submitted my second article (Yeah the first one after the change was rejected );) and it was accepted and all the of the subsequent ones have also been accepted. So I must be doing something right. lol

  4. Limecello

    Hi Sandi!

    Well… 2012 has been… normal? For me? Regular? I’m still hoping for good things, I guess. Also am determined to do more and all that. Only I must. MUST! Reading wise… I haven’t been doing much of that but not only do I hope to pick up more, I have to. But it’s a good/want to have to, if that makes any sense.
    I am happy you’re more satisfied with your job, and I hope you get that shiny new ipad soon! It’s gotta be a 2nd gen at this point, right? 😉 Or just tell them they should sock away whatever for the 3rd gen. Retina display! Your eyes might explode from the awesome!

    … Also I think you should come here as a reviewer too. >.> You know. For love and posterity and all that. <– doesn't matter if she's making sense.

  5. sandi

    Mary where do you write? That is so cool! Sometimes I wonder about my writing skills, and sometimes I think wow how awesome is what I wrote! LOL!!!

    Barbs, I wish I knew how to quilt. I also wish I could listen to audio books in the house. I would love that! However I find I get distracted, so my listening is limited to the car, and walking about the grocery store!

    Kathleen, I think combining your lists is going to be awesome! Do you set any type of goal for yourself?

    Lime…I’d love to review for you but I’m so awful about deadlines I doubt you’d like that!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  6. Pam

    I’m glad to hear things are better for you professionally. As for me, I am hoping to make a change in my job situation and for the first time I set a reading goal (through Goodreads) of 150 books this year. I don’t know if I will be able to achieve that but I’m gonna try. 🙂


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