Winners!!! And – Your Call

So – I’ve noticed :X recently for some posts it’s ~2 weeks until the winner is announced. Do you guys care about that? Would you prefer the winners be announced weekly? If you want them weekly, I guess it’d be every … Saturday? So if there are giveaways for each post – Tuesday and Thursday’s winners would be chosen, and Saturday would be carried over to the next week/announcement.

Or… if there’s no preference we’ll carry on as we have. Which is me doing my best and muddling through.

NB: I don’t email winners. It’s everyone’s responsibility to check back to see if s/he has won. [Which might impact answers? Only extenuating circumstances would cause me to email people. Like the winners for the SMSG giveaway.]

First of all … this post. She Whose Name Must Not Be Written. Can y’all believe there are still people who don’t get the point? *shakes head* I just… well. Demerits and all to that bunch. I loved everyone’s comments – on that post and the previous one. (Yeah, it annoys me so much I blogged about it twice.) However, even though I thought everyone’s thoughts were fabulous, there were two stand outs for me. So instead of one, I chose two winners! Avery Flynn’s comment and Pam‘s comment. If you missed them you’ve simply got to read them. Avery and Pam, please contact me and we’ll discuss prizes.

Alexandra Hawkins is our “guest author of the month” as it were – and she very generously offered two winners their choice of her books. These lucky readers are Mary Preston and Maureen.

Leslie Dicken also shared a lovely post with us, complete with giveaway. Her winner is Renee Brown! Renee I believe this is [only] available in electronic format at the moment, so all we need is your email address.

Mari Freeman is one of the “official authors” at AAD (which *sniffs* I’m not going to be at…) and she shared a crazy first date and New Orleans story! Her winner is June M. And if you didn’t see June’s comment… it’s worth a look see, simply for the O_o factor.

Jill Sorenson shared an awesome exclusive excerpt of her upcoming novel with us, and chose a winner for one of her books. Lisa B, if you didn’t see, you’re to contact Jill ([email protected].) to claim your prize.

And! Last but not least! Myke Cole came and shared his thoughts on the romance genre with us. He chose the first three commenters, so Raonaid Luckwelljayceedelorenzo, and Sasha Devlin, congratulations!

Everyone who won something – email me your address and prize please and we’ll get those out to you. [You see how I very kindly linked to each relevant post so you can check what you won if you don’t remember?] If you get a choice of a book, please let me know which one you want. Of course if you won an ebook your address is unnecessary.

And – in case navigation isn’t your strong suit 😉 here’s how to contact me. You have until Saturday, February 25, at 11:59 PM EST to contact me and claim your winnings. Otherwise they’re forfeit. Because I’m mean like that.

:X Sorry – we ended on something of a snarky note, didn’t we? It’s 2 AM here… and just – lots of stupidity has been frustrating me. Real life, world situations, and then just… apparently people. You know how it is!

0 thoughts on “Winners!!! And – Your Call

  1. librarypat

    Someone else who doesn’t have enough sense to go to bed at night. I start falling asleep at the computer about midnight and fight it until 2 or 3. Stupid since half the time I am erasing comments and have to redo them. I am going to see if popping in on and off during the day and getting to be earlier helps.

    As for posting winners, weekly would be nice, but not everyone can get back to posts they like as often as they like, so it probably doesn’t matter. (sheesh, it is 12:30 in the afternoon and I’m still not that coherent).

    I just read Avery Flynn’s post. Very creative. Nice to know you have good followers who are also creative.

    Congratulations to all your winners.

  2. Pam

    First off, thank you! I certainly wasn’t even thinking about the giveaway attached to your name issue posts. I just love a graphics challenge! 🙂

    Personally I don’t have a preference whether you announce winners once a week or every other week. I’m not going to be impatient about it! Do whatever is easiest for you.

    Speaking of being up late … I didn’t go to bed until 4:45 in the morning. LOL I was finishing off a book that I’m reading for review. Now I’m going to re-read it before Friday when I’m posting the review (and giveaway, my first ever). I’m a little nervous about that.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  3. Cathy P

    Congrats to the winners!

    Lime, weekly winner posting would be nice, but the main thing is for you to do as you feel most comfortable doing. Either way, we love you anyway.

  4. Kristi

    It is your blog so it’s your rules. 🙂 I personally feel like if someone won something, they should be notified but not everyone ever feels the same! I’ve had the fun experience of checking out a site every single day when the posted day to announce winners was ‘Sunday” and it wasn’t posted for another week after that. (The reason why I remember is that I won – haha – so I remember thinking – JEEZ, good thing!)

    If it were me, if I expect them to check back – then I would announce it next day. Otherwise, I would contact them.

    Again, your site and your rules. 🙂

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kristi – thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      I don’t post winners the next day, because to me, that’s not really fair. Not everyone has time to blog hop during the day, or even every day, so they’d be missing out on a LOT of giveaways. I try to give everyone about a week or so to comment and win. (Also, closing giveaways early really kills comments, and then it’s frankly not fun for me at all to run a blog. I like seeing what everyone has to say.)

      As for announcing the winners… Sorry – that’s one thing I definitely put my foot down on. I don’t have the time to do that. I don’t even have time to necessarily schedule posts, and hunt down authors who agreed to guest here months ago. I wish I had the time and availability to contact everyone, but it’s not going to happen. And I’m selfish enough that I’m not going to kill myself over trying it.

      But then – I’ve always been clear I’m a bitch like that. :X

      1. Kristi

        You don’t have to be sorry for anything :)You did ask… and I answered. Terrible fault of mine… ha.

        It is a PITA to do that but I do it in my job and I sent out one email and if no one answers, then I don’t send out the prize. Tough luck.

        Some big contesty site emails me constantly with 20-30 contests each week/month. FictionWise? WRiters…something? I don’t know. They say check on their site monthly for who won! Just drives me batty so I don’t enter. 🙂 To each his own right?

        Hopefully the point of contests is you want someone who REALLY WANTS to win “whatever” and will check back. I personally try to just enter contests on sites that I always follow anyway, or that I get in my RSS reader.

      2. Limecello Post author


        Noooooo ack. : I *did* and do want you [and others!] to answer and share their opinions! 🙁 I suck.

        Ok – to the rest of the comment. Aha! Job! Big difference there. At least, to me. I’m not getting paid to do this. If I were, I’d happily email people. (I might cuss them out to my computer, and to my friends, but I’d put on a happy public face.) This blog though? I actually “operate at a loss” to me. And it’s not even hosted! >.< (Yeah – I'm that poor.)

        I think the thing is – here, a lot of people just follow links and… O_o well I have no idea. I personally am an information hoor so I look around. I've got my "policies" for giveaways etc in my FAQs – but I don't know how many people actually check that.

        I didn't know fictionwise did contests! For Writerspace – is that the one? I think they used to also contact winners directly – and also put them on the page. I think there though it’s each author runs his/her own contest, and writerspace just compiles them. Also most of those authors have PAs that do the contest running for them. Which – again is paid.

        … Apparently I’m a money grubbing hoor too. I’m discovering so many bad things about myself today. :

        1. Kristi

          I’ve given away stuff personally too on my blog. I operate on a loss there too. Love of the blog… I haven’t blogged very reliably in ages though, so dudde I suck too.

          As for money well… I play an SEO and Internet Marketer in real life so I highly suggest you start using Amazon affiliate links, SkimLinks, and then adding on Google Adsense blocks (a week after you post – so regular readers don’t see them but search engine readers that come later get them) and hey! You might pay for a book or two! haha 🙂

      3. Limecello Post author

        >.> is it sad I already use amazon affiliate links? … yeah it kinda hurt to admit that. Alas.

        :X I’m not sure what “SkimLinks, and Google Adsense blocks” are? I know Google Adsense is… something you have to [eventually] pay for, isn’t it?
        I actually am not certain if people see ads on my blog or not. I have ABP installed in every browser I can – so I’ve realized/noticed that changes how I see blogs as opposed to many other people.

        I’ll google though – once I take the crazydog out. Thanks!

  5. Limecello Post author

    Quick note – originally I posted every week => well, Saturday, for winners. I noticed I’ve been *cringe* slipping, recently, so sorry about that.

    I guess this was me checking to see if anyone even noticed – and if so hopefully the guilt would spur me into being more on top of things.

    Which… I guess is the direction we’re going to go. :X

    Wish me luck, y’all!


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