Luck O’ The Irish Hop/Giveaway + Winners

So I got this email from Sue Grimshaw of Random House. I’m not huge on blog hops, but I thought “well what the heck – I like St. Patrick’s Day well enough, and green and… stuffs…” So I signed up at the last minute. I’ve never done one with Random House before/like this – so… who knows. I might be doing it wrong. As far as I can tell there’s no schedule. So go with this rafflecopter thing, and Random House will choose three people to win $20 giftcards to Barnes and Noble. Whoo.

My blog is also NOTORIOUS for stripping code, so we’ll hope it works. – “Update” – I spent about half an hour on this and nothing. Rafflecopter’s thing mocked me. And WordPress is a dumb b*tch. So whatever. Just go here and scroll down a bit and you can enter the giveaway. Some of the other blogs may or may not be doing additional giveaways.

No worries though – we’ve got a lot of giveaways coming up here. In fact on Tuesday, Joey W. Hill is guesting, and on Thursday, Vivian Arend!

Stacey Kennedy’s winner is Ali! And Tiffany Clare also offered a prize with her teaser and her winner is eli yanti! Winners you have through Saturday, March 24 to contact me to claim your prize. Please refer to the original post to let me know what you’ve won, then include it with your information. (If you have a choice, please indicate what book you want.) Thanks!

Oh – and honest disclosure, you know how I always use to pick winners? Well when I used it to pick Tiffany Clare’s winner, it chose Ali three times. I figured we should at least have different people the same week, so there you go.

0 thoughts on “Luck O’ The Irish Hop/Giveaway + Winners

  1. Liz

    I’m not a big fan of blog hops either, but I checked out the rafflecopter and it worked just fine for me. Your tags are hilarious, btw. 😉

  2. eli yabnti

    hi limecello,

    i saw i won tiffany clare’s book, thank you so much, so how i send my mailing address?


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