Updates, Changes, Reviewers Needed

You know, the usual.

First of all, I broke up the About and FAQs pages. Well, the FAQs weren’t so much questions people were asking, as an ideally preventative measure. (Still doesn’t particularly work, but hope springs eternal!) You’ll notice in “About” I put a whole “Hi, my name is Limecello” so maybe people will stop writing “Hi there” or “Hi” or “Blank Space” – or… this one amused me (and Liz)… “Hi Liz!”

I mean, I know not everyone will read or see it. But damn am I tempted to just ignore emails where people refuse to address me. I’ve ranted about it a bit on twitter etc- but I mean the people who after I’ve emailed and responded, with signature and all. When it’s obvious the person is just refusing to say “Limecello” – and it’s not some sort of informal no signatures thing. I mean, yeah, I know I can be unreasonable, but even in those circumstances I’m never 100% straight out there.

Erm, anyway.

We’re working on a review “grade” scale too – do you guys have any sort of preference/better connection with units of measure? Letter grades? Number ratings? Stars? I do want to have some sort of scale, because at times you can’t quite articulate how you feel about the book, even with the review, so the grade rounds it out.

And as always… still looking for reviewers. Cuz you know – there are a lot of new books coming out, always!

p.s. Did you guys know I have a calendar up as well, that loosely details who will be visiting the blog? The features, anyway…

0 thoughts on “Updates, Changes, Reviewers Needed

    1. Limecello Post author

      lol Ellie – the flowers… I use them because a) I had no idea what to have as my background but I wanted it personalized… and b) I took all those pictures! Each and every one of them are flowers at my parent’s house!

      I’ve also been thinking of changing it, but… not sure to what. I actually started out with a picture I took in Denver, but it didn’t look good. :

      For the ratings… hah. Yes, I’m actually going to write up a parady using random stuff – limes etc, as a scale…
      But I don’t want to do something hokey, you know? Since I’m “doing this review thing” – it’s actually not my personality… but I’d feel weird sending to a publisher like “look! I wrote this review! The book from your line got 12 and a half kittens!” – I will say keep your eye out for the random parody thing though. 😉

  1. Mary Kirkland (@scarymary66)

    Cookies, I mean everyone likes cookies and you could have different cookies for different genres. Dark chocolate for erotica, pink sprinkled for YA, cookies with faces for Paranormals…ect…lol

    But then I read the last comment and laughed out loud at the “Look at my review, I got 12 and a half kittens” substitute cookies for kittens and I see your point there too.

    Or, or Limes! Give the reviews 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Limes! How cool would that be. You could ever put little bows on them different colors for different genres, Black for darker stories, pink for sweet, sweet love, and baby blue for YA.

    *Or just ignore me all together, I’ve had too much coffee today* LOL

    1. Limecello Post author

      LOL Mary, I think we need to get you coffee’d up and have you write a guest post some time! ;D

      I can definitely see the rating system you suggested as something people can have fun with in the comments of reviews… 😉

  2. Limecello Post author

    Ellie!!! Dude! That is so cool also so glad I was around and got to see both versions of the background! (Or, two – not sure if you did more.)
    Heh I’m also realizing I’m more girly that I think – and I’d go with purple or pink [but only specific shades] instead of the orange. (Also it’s because I can’t wear orange or yellow so I tend to shy away from them in general.)

    That’s awesome though – I’m super impressed. Don’t know that I have anything worthy to offer as a prize if I held such a contest though!


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