Shelli’s First Ever Quarterly Post!

Hi everyone! If you checked out the updated “About” page – this is what I mentioned with Shelli’s post. So we have best selling author Shelli Stevens with us, just chatting about whatever! So… this will pretty much be my first and last “intro” for her. ;P She’s also been a guest here previously, and you can read her author interview questions and answers. So without further ado… Ms. Shelli! 

So here’s a confession: I’m not a big television watcher.  I’m just not. When I do watch, it tends to be the local and national news (honestly it’s pretty much always on in the background). Don’t get me wrong, I love a juicy series or sitcom, and maybe that’s part of the problem. I could get too addicted to watching. I’d have to watch each and every episode. My evenings are already crowded with helping the kid with homework, getting her bathed all that fun stuff, and I have yet to figure out Tivo or…what’s that other word? Where you record it? Yes, this really IS how cable challenged I am.

But some shows are just too fabulous to avoid. And really, I think watching TV can up often spark creativity if you’re a writer. So I allow myself a handful of shows a week, if I so desire. The show I absolutely love and rarely miss: Modern Family.  My second would be Pan Am, which will likely be canceled, because EVERY show I fall in love with is canceled (Ex: Pushing Daisies, which, whoever was in charge of axing that show can suck it). Shows I may or may not pay attention to if it’s on in the background: Suburgatory, Happy Endings, Once Upon a Time, The View, True Blood (the whole blood/puncture wounds squicks me out though), Dancing with the Stars (my daughter has the DWTS watching bond with grandma), and probably a handful more.

So are you a big TV watcher? What shows are on your favorite? Am I missing something awesome? Leave a comment and I’ll draw a name for one winner to receive a copy of Savage Hunger, or another e-book off my backlist.

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  1. maw25

    Our house never misses Modern Family. Hubs & I are rolling with laughter. Here are my suggestions:

    White Collar, Castle, The Closer, and if you have Netflix…Friday Night Lights. Forgive the last one…I live in Texas and football reigns supreme. Plus, its got Kyle Chandler and Taylor Kitsch. *sigh*

    [email protected]

  2. Jane

    Congrats on the new release, Shelli. I do watch a lot of TV shows like Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, 30 Rock and The Mentalist.

  3. jmr115

    I really do watch too much TV! Castle, Criminal Minds, Once Upon A Time, The Circle, Sons of Anarchy, The Killing, Rizzoli & Isles, Supernatural, Grimm, The Voice and DWTS.

  4. juliabroadbooks

    I’ve gotten wrapped up in Lost Girl on SyFy. Other than that I don’t watch that much TV, although the rest of my family discovered The Big Bang Theory this year and are obsessed so that is often on in the background.

  5. Ellie Heller

    Not a big TV watcher, although I’ve been known to get caught up in DWTS and SYTYCD as well as AI. My teen boys are nuts for Big Bang theory and How I Met Your Mother. Oldest of the two is also into the Daily Show and The Colbert Report and I’ll get sucked into watching those.

  6. Renee Brown

    I too avoid tv for the same reason. I get too addicted; although I will admit that I love NCIS in all its forms. I tend to read instead of watch tv, especially since I get overruled, and the rest of the family likes things like the Grossest Jobs.

  7. flchen1

    Hi, Shelli! Not much of a TV watcher–I’ve even stopped following DWTS and Amazing Race, which our family used to watch together 🙂 Mainly it cuts in to my reading time too much 🙂 My TBR is huge and even without TV, I’m not sure I could get through it all in the next few YEARS 😉 Sadly, I know that if the TV were on, I would get sucked in to watching whatever happened to be on–I’m just that pathetic ;p Congrats on Savage Hunger–it looks awesome!

  8. Liz

    I watch more TV than I probably should, but it’s a fun escape. I really loved Pushing Up Daisies, too! I was majorly bummed when it tanked out. Such a clever premise.

    I never, never miss Game of Thrones which is on HBO and in its second season, or Spartacus on Starz which just ended the 3rd season. For fun I watch Tosh.0 and Mike & Molly and Family Guy, and when there’s nothing else on, I’ll put on an old episode of Law & Order. Because of my kids, I watch a lot of Spongebob and Good Luck Charlie, but I only really want to shoot myself once a day at most, and normally only when it’s a spongebob episode with singing. 🙂

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  10. Mary Kirkland (@scarymary66)

    There are some really good shows on. My favorites are supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Being Human, Lost Girl, *are you seeing a horror theme here? lol* and Grimm, Eureka, Once Upon A Time, Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU.

  11. librarypat

    I probably watch more TV than I should, but the computer is in the family room with the TV, so I multitask. Of course I spend too much time on the computer, too.
    The news comes on first thing in the morning , then I switch to the weather channel which is my background during the day until the evening news. Monday is Bones. Tuesday is NCIS, both of them, and Unforgettable. Wednesday evening is primarily PBS night. Thursday is Person of Interest. On Friday we watch Who do You Think You Are, Grimm, and Blue Bloods. Weekends vary. I like the Amazing Race and Masterpiece Theater. They are switching schedules around on a few other shows we follow, so we’ll see.

    Other than PBS which is always good, NCIS (both), Bones, and Blue Bloods are best.

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