A $50 Kindle and $24 Prescription Glasses

Y’all, your friend Lime is a bargain shopper.

I love c|net – I always go there to check every tech thing, and it makes me sad when they don’t have stuff. But! This they did have – and it’s pretty awesome. A refurbished kindle with special offers for $49 – shipped. Pretty sure Amazon covers all guarantees and that – and their customer service is rocking. So if you’ve been wavering on the edge of e-reader-dom… take the plunge. You can find the information here.

Now the glasses, for those of us blind as a bat… this is legitimate. I’m wearing a pair of glasses  I got from 39dollarglasses.com right now. In fact I usually wear this pear. All you do is enter the code “MEMORIAL15” – of course you need to know your prescription and some other information – it’s not hard. I promise. If your eyes are especially bad, or you have other needs, they cover it too. My pair when I bought them (I think I only had a $5 discount?) came out to ~$40 which… yeah. I recommend.

So there you go! My shares for the day. Any other eagle eyes out there spot great deals?

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  1. Mary Kirkland (@scarymary66)

    I bought a pair of reading glasses for the first time this year. I will not agree that I am getting older and can’t see as well as my 20 year old daughter with the perfect eyes I once had. No I will not say that. I will say that the writing has gotten smaller and it’s not my fault. lol

    Thanks for sharing those.


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