This is Why I Need My Schedules…

You’ll note I didn’t do anything to Keishon’s post. And I’m crossing m fingers it’s all correct. I’m also typing this while my arm is experiencing what feels like never ending muscle spasms. It’s quite odd – it doesn’t exactly hurt but… I can literally see my muscle/arm twitching.

Anyway, I hope to go back and do my usual spiehl and add the book links to Keishon’s post. It’s really interesting, isn’t it? (Speaking of – did you guys know I include book links in almost every post? And that every book cover I post is a buy link as well?)

Today is going to be another super-loaded post day. Which I guess fits with all this other birthday stuff? See Keishon was supposed to have June 2nd, but then she emailed me and said she couldn’t do it. And then everyone else in June who was scheduled couldn’t take that date- when I thought someone could. And so I asked Twitter, and Heidi and Violet were awesome and stepped in. But then everyone else filed in and now I’m all what the heck do I do?!

Solution? Multiple posts. You’re, um, welcome? I’m apologizing for the chaos though – posts are coming in the night before (which omg not something I can handle.) and it’s just chaos up in here. Thanks for your patience. Which I wrote as “patients” because clearly I need to go to the loony bin.

Also, there’s this quick Swagbucks “update” -something to keep an eye out for:

Swagbucks has two more fun ways for you to get your reward points – through Sunday you can win five collectible Swag Buck bills exclusively through search – get them all before 11:59pm PT on Father’s Day and get an automatic 10 Swag Buck bonus. Also, on June 20th they’re having a Swag Code Extravanga, which is an opportunity to get Swag Bucks for nothing. They’re giving away 60 Swag Bucks in codes throughout the day, so get there early and stay throughout the day for more chances to win!

Let me know if you want to join – I’ll give you a code that starts you out with 70 extra swagbucks.

Really though – did you guys know about the buy links? Have you ever clicked them? Any other questions about the inner workings of the blog/things I should explain/”disclose”?

NB – this is posted unedited. Life I’ve mentioned, is crazy.

0 thoughts on “This is Why I Need My Schedules…

  1. Mary Kirkland (@scarymary66)

    I only need 2 more of the collector bills to have the whole set..woohoo, hope I get them. I’ll be searching all day, but I usually only get three search wins a day. I love the code day extravaganza’s. If I’m online I can usually get all the codes.

    I did know there were buy links, I can usually tell they are links because they are highlighted or underlined in some way. I have clicked on a few when I wanted to buy a book or put a particular book in my wish list. Oh and let me tell you, my wish list is getting so totally out of hand, it’s now 5 pages long and I have almost nothing but books on it. it’s crazy..But I said almost nothing but books, my wishlist looks something like this…book, book, book, corn nuts, books books, chocolate truffles, book, book, book, cookies…lol


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