Upcoming x2!!!

First of all… next week? Massive Birthday Bash Blog Blowout Giveaway. At the last count, there are nearly 40 prizes up for grabs. Books, gift cards, and so on. (Well, okay, books and gift cards. Maybe some authors will include swag. I don’t know.)

I do know, however, that they’re freaking awesome.

So awesome they deserve to be mentioned by name. In alphabetical order, they are… Bobbie (aka @mamaboo7907), Kira Brady, Portia Da Costa, Alyssa Day, Keri Ford, Angie Fox, Roberta J. Gordon, Lynn Raye Harris, Kate Hewitt, Kelly Jamieson, Carolyn Jewel. Beth Kery, Farrah Rochon, Jennifer Wilck, and Beth Williamson. (Mary Kirkland should go in there too, but I convinced her to save her prize for her future guest post. Bad me!)  And… not a person, SAMHAIN!!! Samhain Publishing has offered fourteen prizes. Seven print books, and seven e-books, of any of their current titles. Anything available, just no ARCs. I’m…. blown away by their generosity. All these people (and one publisher) are the best. EVER! <3

So you know… keep an eye out for that. I hope to have it scheduled for noon, next Thursday. Or noonish. You know me. >.>

NOW though – something else. Author Jeaniene Frost is going to be guesting here soon, and her assistant tells me Jeaniene is very busy, so she plans on answering questions. You know I only do the author interviews for my Guest Author & A Giveaway features… so I’m putting it to you! Do any of you read Jeaniene Frost, and/or have any questions for her?

Here’s your chance to get them answered! (And to help me out. See how everyone wins here?)

Um… otherwise, that’s about it! How has your day been going? [I’m trying to refresh myself on stuff I don’t particularly want to… with the Michael Fassbender version of Jane Eyre keeping me company. :D]

p.s. – If all the future giveaways aren’t enough… Carolyn Jewel has shared an entire chapter of her wonderful upcoming book Not Proper Enough and is giving away three copies. Really. You need to read that post. And the book. The post will tide you over for now though.

0 thoughts on “Upcoming x2!!!

  1. jeannemiro

    Limecello –

    The Birthday Bash blog sounds like a lot of fun. Hum, I think I may be feeling sick on Thursday and have to take the day off of work.

    By the way, how can you even think that 3 chapters of Carolyn Jewel,s Not Proper Enough is a good idea? You know perfectly well when you sit down to read one of her books that you stay up all night if necessary to finish it! I think this is all just a plot to drive us all crazy! My husband thinks I’m cranky now – just imagine I how I’d be if I could only read 3 chapters and then to WAIT to read the rest!

  2. Cathy P

    Thanks Limecello! It sounds like a lot of fun with a lot of great authors. Besides that, you can celebrate your birthday all month. Yay!

    I have never read any Jeaniene Frost’s books before. Probably don’t know what I am missing.

  3. Mary Kirkland (@scarymary66)

    Sounds like we’ll be having a great time. I can’t wait. It was nice of you to mention me, not necessary, but you’re too sweet. 🙂

    Jeaniene Frost? She’s one of my favorite authors, I love her books. I’ve read all the Night Huntress Series books to date.

    I already have a question…How did she decided to sit down and write her first book? Had she been thinking about it for a while or did she just wake up one day with an idea for a book and decide to start writing?

  4. eli yanti

    Happy earlier Birthday, Limecello 🙂

    I love reading jeaniene frost’s book, her book has been translated in my country. love bone and cat =D

    that’s a great Massive Birthday Bash Blog Blowout Giveaway, woho 😉


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