So… today we were actually supposed to have an author spotlight from Jeaniene Frost. I’m not quite sure what happened, because I’ve been emailing her assistant for a while, and we scheduled the guest date months ago – we’d even been in contact recently… but … then radio silence.

Of course, that’s kind of how things have been going.

You’ll notice I didn’t post winners last Saturday. I didn’t get to touch my computer for ~2+ days. Which is why the review actually went up later than normal yesterday, if anyone noticed.

I wanted to apologize for things not going up according to the normal schedule. (Did anyone notice?)

Also… I don’t know. I don’t think I talk about the “back end” of things much… and anyone please let me know if I’m wrong or misjudging that… but they just haven’t been going so smoothly lately. Frankly, I’ve been having more and more thoughts about just shutting down.

There’s drama and bad behavior and stress and it’s just… it’s been disappointing and discouraging lately/for a while now. I don’t need … well best to stop while ahead.

Then again, every so often there are awesome people. And awesomely generous people. [Although none of that benefits me. Ahem ;)] But you know how bad experiences always seem to outweigh the good… like studies have shown. A bad experience with a person/store/company takes multiples longer to get over or forget than a good experience.

Anyway… I hope to have things more settled down and more regularity soon. I also hope to win the lottery and to sweat diamonds. (I don’t know – I had to come up with something ridiculous. It would be pretty awesome though. And would make sweating worth it. I’d also be worth billions, considering the heat of this summer…)

And, if/when I get the post from Jinger/Jeaniene Frost, of course I’ll post it. To this date. Just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on. And specifically today. In a vague, slightly whiny way.

Additional note – a lot of you talk about how I rant all the time. Frankly… I haven’t ranted in a really long time. If/when I post a rant, I hope you’ll see the difference. [Read: Am getting annoyed at stuff. It’s freaking me out – and not exactly pleasant – for things that aren’t rants to be called rants. As in – haha, “Lime! You’re such a bitch!!!” – Not so great. And… why do some people call EVERYTHING an interview?  That’s my other blog pet peeve. I’m about to issue demerits to future comments of “enter me! Loved this interview!” when it’s obviously not one.]

… See? That last part? That was a rant. In case you were unclear. [And in case it wasn’t clear until now – I’m stressed out. Which is making me especially short tempered.]

To balance it out I might make an honor roll of excellent guest bloggers and authors. Don’t worry though – I won’t call out the diva/ABB ones.

… So that’s all.

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  1. Jeanne Miro

    Limecello –

    I do so love you! Thanks for telling it like it is. After all you are “A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet” and how can we appreciate the Sweet if there’s no Tart to go along with it!

    I love that I don’t have to read your post two or three times to find out what your thinking! You just spell it out like you see it!

    Thanks for just putting yourself out there and letting us know YOU! After all if we didn’t love you we wouldn’t keep coming back for more!

    1. Limecello Post author


      Thank you so very much for your message! I think I was just not seeing any of the positives – it’s been all guest posts and giveaways with “enter me!” And you know how people do the “good natured ribbing” but can take it (easily) too far – or you’re just not in the mood for it?
      Hearing too much negative in general, and especially about oneself just messed with you.

      And I’m also glad to know i haven’t taken it too far. Sometimes I really just want to let go but… so far I’ve been restrained. ;D

      I think I needed the reminder/note that people actually do think I’m nice. (I joke about otherwise but… really – I don’t think I’m one of the mean ones.)

      I’ll stop now before I talk your ear off. [More.] Oops.

      Anyway, *loves*

  2. Monikarw

    Aww! Lime. I’m SO sorry things have been so crazy for you! =/ *hugs*

    Don’t worry, sweetie. It’s your blog you’re aloud to rant all you want! 😉
    And please, don’t shut down just ’cause of this! We LOVE you *mwah*
    I’m no good at the blogging thing and I’ve mentioned it to u before.. I’m amazed at all the things u guys do! Don’t even have time to read sometimes that’s how crazy my life is!:/

    1. Limecello Post author


      I still think we need to exchange sisters. As in – ours can be sisters. And then at least one of our problems will be resolved. ;D

      1. Monikarw

        Count yourself lucky. At least u only have one.
        I have 2 & the teenage brother from hell!

        Also, OMG! Can u imagine their fights if they were sisters? O_o

  3. Monikarw

    Oops! Wasn’t done but, maybe your blog is trying to tell me you’re the only one aloud to rant here? 😉 LOL

    What I mean is.. Hang in there, honey! It will get better. You’ll see *hugs*
    I hate that u feel like this..
    Also, I’ve told u before & offer still stands if u ever need me for a giveaway just let me know, ok? You know the email (also, if u need to rant, just email)
    LOVE YOU!!!! *mwah*

  4. candymorton

    Limecello, sorry things aren’t going well. Try not to stress too much…I know, easier said than done. Hope things get better soon! 🙂

    1. Limecello Post author

      Thanks Candy.

      So far so good with most authors – so let’s hope there isn’t more dramallama. Otherwise I might have to post a shit list! ;X
      No seriously though – 2012 has been nutters with the drama, and I’m just sick of it being brought to my door.
      … And it’s not even public so I don’t get to rant about it or get the trolls! So unfair! 😛

  5. VanillaOrchids

    To be honest, Lime, I do NOT know how you manage all that you do here anyway! I can just imagine how stressful it is. With my blog, I primarily just post reviews, but I do like to participate in other things from time to time, like book tours, blog hops or whatever!
    I finally got up the nerve to ask an author if she would be interested in doing a guest post about something specific and kind of personal and got no response. Not even an email back saying no. I don’t mind if she doesn’t want to; I’d have just liked to have a reply back at least. (Considering she says she replies back to every email she gets.) Oh well! I tried at least. That’s something!
    Sounds like you need a break, time to breath! We’ll still be here whatever you decide.


    1. Limecello Post author

      VanillaOrchids – Oh nooooooooooo >:( That sucks, I’m sorry. I’ve had some occurrences like that – there’s one that stands out in particular for me. Grr.

      Did you try the author a second time? And more importantly, do you even want to?

      … Nothing ventured nothing gained – you know you could join the ALBTALBS crew… 😉

      1. VanillaOrchids

        Well, as I said, it was kind of a personal thing. I’m just not sure whether she’s told many people about it or not. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t seem interested in doing a post about it, but I find it very interesting.

        No, I haven’t tried emailing a second time. It took me long enough to pluck up the courage to email the first time. I don’t think I will bother her with it again. LOL

        Interesting. 🙂 In what way?

  6. Ellie Heller

    Well, that sucks for you. Hope those ******s stop trolling and making your life miserable. Alas, this being the digital age once they start stalking it’s easy to keep track of you so they can keep at it.
    Do what is best *for you*. This is your _personal_ blog, if you’re finding it a burden, much as there are *adoring* fans (me!) out here, you need to do what is best for your _personal_ life.
    Of course I’d much, much rather you stick around, but you need to do what you need to do.
    And yes, I did notice you hadn’t posted, I tweeted about it this afternoon. 🙂 You were missed.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Ellie you are a total sweetheart! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
      I think it was just a slew of negativity for a prolonged period and it was just… a lot to take on. Of course – now that I see there’s fresh WTFery … heh it could always be worse. (Not that I’m actually a big proponent for that school of thought.) But… yeah. Geez.

      Life lesson learned!

  7. Mary Kirkland (@scarymary66)

    Lime, I’m so sorry you seem to be having a bad day/stressful time of it lately. I love your blog, I come here everyday just to see if you have something new posted because I always find something interesting here. I hope for my own selfish reason that you don’t close up shop here, but if you did we would understand. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, I just hope you hang in there. Even if you cut back on posts for a while, that would be better than closing up all together.

    I don’t have a scheduled blog, I post whateverthehell I want. I rant sometimes and sometimes and i think our followers like to see a little insight into our minds at times. There’s nothing wrong with a rant, rant away.

    But if you ever want to talk, you have my email. Feel free, I’ll rant right along side you maybe even louder. lol

    1. Limecello Post author

      LOL thanks Mary – and the same to you! Feel free to randomly email me any time!

      I’ve been wanting to do a “real” post for a while… it’s just I need to be arsed to do it, you know? And beyond that with all the scheduled posts. [And OMG there once was an author or authors >.> that kinda went to crazytown on me because I dared double post/not give them their own speshul dai. … :X Oops. Am spilling secrets! Heh.

  8. Christine Ashworth

    Aw hon. I’m sorry there’s drama backstage – that’s never any fun and can become quite draining.

    I, too hope you don’t close up – I finally found you here so I don’t want to lose you so fast.

    Here’s hoping for some smooth sailing for you!

  9. booklover1335

    Running a blog is a lot of work…and a lot of mundane time consuming tasks. Sometimes it can be fun…other times not so much 🙂 I completely understand where you are coming fun, especially if you have a lot going on in your life outside of blogging, that just adds to the stress.

    I think you have a very unique voice and a perspective that many of your blog followers really enjoy, including myself. I would hate to see you quit blogging altogether, but I think we would all understand if you felt the need to step back and reassess how it fits into your life, and what you want it to be. That’s the great thing about having your own blog. It can be, or not be, exactly what you want!

    Every year, and frankly every couple of months, I have to take a look at what I’m doing because it’s really easy to commit to things that just suck all of your free time and it becomes more work, than the fun diversion I had in mind when first starting. I find that I’m constantly losing my “voice” and what makes the blog more of a reflection of me by all of the guests and reviews, and decided to maybe only schedule one or two things/per week so that way if things get busy, or I want to talk about something else, when I have the time I can.

    And as far as your rant, I completely agree with you! I hate it when commenters say “Loved the interview, please enter me”. It makes it so obvious that they didn’t read it at all. After all the time it took to arrange the post, then to format it, and all of the other stuff that goes into it…very frustrating. Which is why I’ve taken to asking questions about an excerpt, and usually require them to say something more than “please enter me”. It’s disheartening and makes it feel like all of the hard work that you put into something isn’t appreciated.

    My suggestion, take a break. If you’ve got things scheduled…reschedule them for later. I would be surprised if people didn’t understand.

  10. Limecello Post author


    I think it’s just when too much one thing piles on it messes with your perspective, you know? (Negative OR positive.) It’s just generally it’s negative.

    And… contest whores. Sigh. I think every single one of my posts has some sort of question or way to engage people – but you know when that’s ignored.

    I totally get some people aren’t as loquacious but there’s an obvious difference between that and someone who just wants to get their name in there.

  11. Tina B

    I give you bloggers a lot of credit! Especially the ones who add some of themselves into it. There are so many who just do guest posts, reviews and giveaways. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of those, but every once in a while, I like to read about the bloggers life/issues/frustrations/happiness/etc. I just like to know that it is a human posting and not some robot. Lol. I don’t know that I could do it. I don’t think that I have the patience, time or personality for it. Good luck, Limecello! I hope things start to get better with it soon. 🙂

    1. Limecello Post author

      Thanks Tina!

      I need to find balance – with June it’s always glutted, and July will have a lot of AAD spotlights because I thought I’d be going and wanted to be an “official blogger.”

      Just formatting and scheduling takes a lot so then I don’t write my own posts. Also, I don’t know how active you are in blog world – but even I, who doesn’t blog hop AT ALL know it’s treacherous out there, what with the new OMG drama. Haha, so maybe that’s why I haven’t done anything either. ;P

  12. Cathy P

    Limecello, please don’t shut your blog down. You are very much loved whether you are being sweet or a bit tart. It’s your blog and we love you!


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