Guest: Katie Porter (The Lorelie Brown Half)

Today, we have half of writing duo Katie Porter with us! Liz reviewed their first book here, and loved it. Katie Porter is made up of Lorelie Brown, and Carrie Lofty. Fun right? Without further ado, Katie Porter/Lorelie Brown!

Up until now in my career, I’ve only had one release a year. There’s obvious downsides to that, but the upside? A nice, long break between having to do blog posts.

I won’t get that luxury this summer.

With Carrie Lofty, I’ve co-written three books that all come out this summer. The “Vegas Top Guns” series about kinky fighter pilots let loose in Las Vegas starts with Double Down, which came out on July 31st. Next is Inside Bet on August 28th and the last of the trio (though not even the last Katie Porter romance of the year) is Hold ‘Em on September 25th. That’s a lot of blog visits!

But you know what? I’m actually thrilled to be starting with a blog post for little, green Limecello. This isn’t the first stop on our blog tour, but it’s the first I’m sitting down to write. I like it that way. Because I like Lime.

And I like her because, first and foremost, she’s a reader. Occasionally cranky, often snarky, and well-versed in foodie stuffs I can’t even come close to appreciating, her most infectious character is her love of books. It’s not just loving books, it’s loving anything and getting to spread around plenty of enthusiasm. The world needs more enthusiasm.

Cassandra Whitman, heroine of Double Down, is a heroine treading water when the book starts. She knows what she’d like in life, but she’s gotten a little distracted. She needs some enthusiasm. (Hah! See what I did there? That’s called a transition. A clunky, awful awkward transition. I promise: I write better fiction.)

Cass gets plenty of infusions of enthusiasm from Major Ryan Haverty. (Heh. Infusions. *dirty snicker*) He’s a fighter pilot for goodness’s sake, and more than that, he thinks being bold looks good on our Cass. He thinks lots of things look good on her, including a French maid costume. But then, that’s Ryan. He can’t help it, much to his chagrin.

They run around Las Vegas having a grand old time and kicking off the “Vegas Top Guns” series in a fabulous fashion. (Ha! Fashion! Such as…the fashions Ryan likes to see Cass wear.) But more than the gorgeously kinky roleplaying, there’s gambling and champagne and a family barbeque. Wait. That last doesn’t sound fancy or fabulous. But I swear Cass and Ryan have a blast. It only makes sense. After all, Carrie and I had a wicked fun time writing these books.

Our only hope is that readers love them as much as we have, and that they spread the enthusiasm. Widely. Like Lime does.

Bio: Katie Porter is the co-writing team of Lorelie Brown and Carrie Lofty, who have been friends and critique partners for six years.

Both are multi-published in several romance genres. Carrie has an MA in history, while Lorelie is a US Army veteran. Generally a high-strung masochist, Carrie loves running and weight training, but she has no fear of gross things like dissecting formaldehyde sharks. Her two girls are not appreciative. Lorelie, a laid-back sadist, would rather grin maniacally when Carrie works out. Her three boys love how she screams like a little girl around spiders.

To learn more about the authors who make up Katie, visit the website, or follow them on Twitter at @carrielofty @LorelieBrown

What Lorelie doesn’t tell you is I’m a major sucker too. Flattery gets you everywhere [with me]. Accordingly, I’m giving away an e-copy of Double Down to someone who comments. I don’t know if Lorelie and/or Carrie are giving anything away [as well?] – but hey. You get the chance to win something!

So tell me – what are you enthusiastic about in general? And which books are your favorite that you think everyone should read? What do you think of books set in Vegas, and military heroes? 

ETA: Did you see the comments? Katie Porter is giving away a copy of Double Down as well – which I now have the urget to call DD … so whee! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! 😉

0 thoughts on “Guest: Katie Porter (The Lorelie Brown Half)

  1. Liz

    Love the post. I’m all about dirty snickers. 🙂 I love reading, but I also love sharing what I’ve read. Chatting with someone that’s read what I’ve read – it is just so much fun. I love author discussion groups and connecting with others that are as passionate about reading as I am.

    Don’t enter me into the contest, but I urge anyone that hasn’t read Double Down to go get it right now!

  2. Rebe

    I’m very enthusiastic about anything that leads to dirty snickers, LOL! I haven’t read too many books set in Vegas, but I’ll clearly have to change that!

  3. Lorelie

    Whee! I love hearing good stuff about books–and my books in particular. 😀

    Why yes, we WILL give away an extra copy of Double Down. That means two up for grabs.

  4. Jane

    Congrats to Carrie and Lorelie on the new release. I love books set in Vegas and one of my favorites is VK Sykes’ “CaddyGirls.”

  5. bn100

    Congratulations on the books! I like series books. This sounds like a good series. I like books set in Vegas and about military heroes.

  6. Cathy M

    The two of you together make me laugh, and who can say no to a sexy alpha hero? Definitely not me, lol. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Ryan’s story.

  7. sharonchalk

    you asked about favorites and I have a lot starting with the best ,cynthia eden and Lora leigh and shelly laurintess and linda howard and I could go on and on I have so many but I am glad that I found your blog somehow because I have checked out some of the authors you have recommened and 80% of them I loved and then went back and got the previous books the authors had written,I think I will try the first one in this series because I love Lora Leighs military men(I like her breeders better but the military ones are excellent also) and so this sounds like a similar theme so I will give it a try and let you know what I think when Im done, thanks


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