A Huge Thank you to ALBTALBS Spectacular September Sponsors

Hi friends! Thank you so much for not abandoning me! And the same to Barbara Monajem, Vanessa Kelly, and Kaily Hart too.

As you know, I’ve had a lot going on. There’s this term – maximum benefit – that basically means all the resources are used up. I equate that to my life recently. And also that I’m maxed out (in a not good way) on other things. Like… doctors and hospitals. But I don’t really want to talk about that now. I want to point out the beautiful book covers/ads that are in the sidebar this month, and to assure you all that I’m trying. I hope to get things posted, and back to running some what regularly.

And as usual, there are still open spots – especially as I’m looking to 2013, so if you or anyone is interested, please let me know!

Thank you all!

0 thoughts on “A Huge Thank you to ALBTALBS Spectacular September Sponsors

  1. Sharon Chalk

    the cover of Kaily Harts book “rise of hope” makes me want to run right out and buy it,guess Ill check amazom.com and see if its already out, and Lime I know very well about drs and hospitals so you take care of that first,those of us who really enjoy your blog will stick around even if you have to take leaves here and there,I know I will, specially since I have found new authors and seen some of my very favorites like Cynthia Eden here so if you have to take a break we will be here waiting till you can return!!!!! Get better soon


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