Guest(s): Jess Dee! (And Jayne Rylon + Lorelei James)

Hi Lovelies! Today we’ve got Jess Dee visiting with us! And also, Jayne Rylon, and Lorelei James should be stopping by to answer any questions you have. I expect you’ll have something to say, yes? 😉

Two To Tango

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (okay, maybe 4 or 5 years ago), a call went out around the kingdom. Samhain had decided to publish a trilogy of books—all three of them ménage romances—and were looking for authors to write those stories.

Authors far and wide scurried to heed the call. Books were written and submitted, and the breathless wait for further announcements began. Weeks passed in nervous anticipation, until finally a statement was issued by Samhain. Three books had been selected for the anthology. Three very different books which all had a common theme: Red-hot, erotic threesome romance.

And so the Menage And More/Three’s Company anthology was born, with authors Lorelei James, Jayne Rylon and Jess Dee at the helm.


The anthology released, and the authors had a wonderful time with readers buying and reading their books. Years passed, with the authors moving on to other, different projects. But a restlessness seemed to be growing. A yearning to revisit the times of old. A longing to reopen the pages of the anthology.

And then came the day a message went out. Not around the kingdom. This time, straight to our inboxes. And this is what the message said:

Jess/Lorelei ah, my menage and more buddies.  I remember the days when I was a super newbie and I got thrown into an antho with two big names.  Luckiest day ever for me.  I think Three’s Company has been a smashing success and every time I sign one at a conference I think of you two and smile.  So, why not get the gang together for another run at it?  I know I’ve talked to both of you about the possibility at some point in the past year.

Here’s the deal… Lorelei pitched the idea to Lindsey. Her spin was doing something mainstream, straight m/f and playing off TWO instead of THREE.  She would do a non-cowboy story, I would try to remember how to write straight non-super erotic m/f and Jess… well, this seems right up your alley.  I brainstormed some titles/ideas today in a meeting (don’t judge!) and here are a few concepts I came up with:

Two to Tango
Two of a Kind
Make it Two
Two Strikes (this could be people who have broken up before and are getting back together)
Two Shakes (could be people who fall in love/lust fast)
Two Can Play
Two to Two-Step… ha ha lame.
Two Timers (again could would for a second chance kind of thing)
Two in the Bush (HAHAHAHAHAHA  This could be another menage book!!!)
Two Peas in a Pod
Two’s Company

How about it?  Are we in?


Jess laughed at the message. Luckiest day ever for Jayne? Er, hell no. Luckiest day ever for Jess. As for Lorelei, she wasted no time laughing. Quicker than the other two could blink, she’d organized for the trilogy to be published. And thus Two To Tango was born.

Which is why, on the 2nd of October, these three books, which form the Two To Tango anthology, release in e-format at Samhain Publishing.


We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.


Lorelei, Jayne & Jess

So have you read books from Samhain before? What do you think about menage romances? Or any of these great authors? Come on – I’m curious as to what you have to say. (And I challenge you to throw out some eyebrow raising questions too!) 😉

*ETA: There are books as prizes up for grabs, in case you needed the incentive! 😀

0 thoughts on “Guest(s): Jess Dee! (And Jayne Rylon + Lorelei James)

  1. June M.

    I love Samhain books and menages. The way I see it is if one sexy hero is good, two or more are great!!! I am a fan of each of the authors also, but I still have a lot of catching up to do to read all the back listed books. I can’ really think of any eyebrow raising questions….too tired 🙁

  2. JoAnne

    I have read Samhain books but menages aren’t my thing.
    I have read books by Lorelei James before but not the others.
    Questions for any or all-
    Where do you come up with your ideas for plots?
    Is your own romantic life as hot and sexy as you write?
    What’s up next for each of you?
    If you could travel anywhere in the world where you go and why?
    What’s your ultimate unfulfilled fantasy?

    1. Jess Dee

      Hey JoAnne
      Loads of questions there.
      1) Ideas for my plots seem to form when I least expect them. They just pop into my head. (Which makes it darn difficult to write a book when the ideas aren’t in a popping mood.)
      2) I suspect my hubby would get a little upset if I had a hot and sexy threesome with two guys. 😉
      (Fortunately hubby is incredibly romantic.)
      3) I’m working on the next Speed book.
      4) I’d travel to a game reserve in South Africa, because the Kruger National Park is my favorite place in the entire world.
      5) Ultimate fantasy: To wear a bikini to the beach – and looked damned gorgeous in it!

      1. Jayne Rylon

        Hi JoAnne, I’m going to stick with the travel question… I just got back from the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. i visited Rarotonga and Aitutaki, which were AMAZING. I went SCUBA diving and snorkeling every day and saw new and wonderful things. I think it was probably a once in a lifetime trip but if I could, I’d go back.

  3. Moran

    I read lots of Samhain books for years now and I keep discovering new and great authors that write for them.
    I do love reading menages books and some of my fav erotic books are menages books.
    Yesterday I pre ordered all 3 books in the Two To Tango anthology and I can’t wait to read them.

  4. Michelle

    I have read some Samhain Pub. books. Love the 18 Lorelei James books I’ve already read, and will be adding the ones listed about to my read list, as well as Jess Dee and Jayne Rylon. As for the menage yep, so long as it is well written. I’ve read a few that did nothing for me, but then I’ve read more that were down right smokin!

    Can’t wait for these to come out :o)

  5. Annette

    Just finished Three’s Company. Been a Lorelei and Jess fan for a while and this introduced me to Jayne. Can’t wait to read their next one.

  6. Tia

    Yes, I’m familiar with Samhain Publishing, menage stories and these three authors. One of the best things about menage romances is how the author gets my attention and makes me want to know exactly how these characters are going to react to each other and how their trust in themselves and each other is going to play out.
    What are some of the best things about writing menage romances and some of the problems?

    1. Jess Dee

      Tia, I think the best and worst things about writing a menage are the same: The dynamics in the relationships between the characters. I love having an extra character shaking things up, both emotionally and physically, but sometimes the dynamics get so complicated or so difficult to deal with, I can go a little nuts.

    2. Jayne Rylon

      Hi Tia! I personally love the variety a menage allows. There can be so many ups and downs and different combinations (naughty or not). Hard part is making it even remotely believable, I think! I try my best anyway.

  7. lisoo

    I love menage stories. Ones I like are 2M 1F. I do like them all when well written. Which isnt as often as one would think. Often they are too predictable or no good story. Often, the story is the background to the sex. And it seems as though they always have to make the guys bi. I have nothing against it. Often makes a good story. But a good story that has her the focus of both of them. The guys arent into each other. Only her. Love those stories best. So that would be my question. Is that an easier story line? Easier to write well? More popular maybe? Why do they almost always seem to wind up with the guys digging each other as well as her?

    1. Jess Dee

      Lisoo, I love writing both MFM menages and MMF ones. It’s not that one is easier than another, it’s more a matter of what works for the characters. Because I don’t plot my books out before hand (I just get an idea and work with it) my characters tend to dictate which way the book will go as I’m writing it.

    2. Jayne Rylon

      Hi Lisoo. I like both kinds (my Three’s Company book doesn’t have the guys into each other… they’re twins). For me though, except for the case of the twin heroes in that book, I find it unbelievable that a guy would be so intimate with another man there if he wasn’t at least open minded enough to the possibility of touching another guy. 🙂

  8. Tammy

    I am familiar with Samhain because of Lorelei. I haven’t really read much else besides her work but they have me for life because of Lorelei. I can’t express how wonderful her writing is. She has truly changed my personal and married lives. Oh, and the sex in her books is out of this world also!

  9. Lisa

    I am pretty familiar with Samhain. I’m also pretty sure that Three’s Company was my first encounter with Jess and Jayne (I bought it for Lorelei!). I do enjoy the menages. I love that that many people can find happiness together.

    What’s the kinkiest thing that you’ll admit to doing?

  10. Lorelei James

    I’ll admit I don’t write many menages because it has to work for the characters and it doesn’t in every book. I do like a mix in the menage stories I read, where the guys are together as well as with the girl, or the guys are there only to please the girl.

  11. Larri S,

    I am familiar with Samhain and I have read all three authors, like menage stories, as long as it fits the characters. I can go either way (ha!) m/m/f or m/f/m. Again, it depends on the story and the characters.

  12. Audrey Gilliam

    I love Samhain! They rock! I’m a fan of all three writer’s, but my question is what next? Where will the series go next? And why just stop at three books make the mengae stories go on because I hate say this is what our generation likes a menage.

  13. Kanya

    Hello ladies,
    I love Samhain! They publish many of my favorite authors : Lauren Dane, Cat Johnson and Lorelei! Jess and Jayne I haven’t read any of your books, so which one would you recommend and why? I like many types of romance, so it could be pretty much anything.
    Kanya 😉

    1. Jayne Rylon

      Hi Kanya! I enjoy reading the authors you listed too. Samhain is home to so many of my personal favorites. As for my books. Hmmm… if you like menage, definitely check out my Powertools series. They’re about five guys and the women they fall in love with. If romantic suspense is more your thing, Men in Blue would be up your alley and features all different kinds of relationships, menage, bdsm, etc. Otherwise, I do have a cowboy series there co-written with Mari Carr that you might like. It’s a little more mainstream though the first book does involve a m/m/f menage.

      1. Jess Dee

        Hi Kanya
        I tend to write series, so I’ll recommend some of my first books in series. All of them are contemporary erotic romances.

        A Question Of Trust ( A Question Of… series. MFM menage)
        Photo Opportunity (The Tanner Siblings Series. MF romance.)
        Going All In (Three Of A Kind Series. MMF menage)
        See You In My Dreams (Speed series. MF romance.)

        Hope you enjoy the books if you decide to read them.

      2. Kanya

        Thanks for the recommendations! I bought Night is Darkest from Jayne and Photo Opportunity from Jess. They both sounds awesome!
        Kanya 🙂

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  15. Cathy

    I have read quite a few of Lorelei James and Jayne Rylon’s books and they are fantastic! I am a fan of both authors. Now that Jess Dee is on my radar, I have more books on my TBR list. I love menage romances, they are my favourite in the erotic genre. I enjoy the idea of not only the physical connections but the emotional aspects of those relationships. I have always fantasized about being a part of a man sandwich 🙂

      1. Jess Dee

        Cathy, after your mentioning the man sandwich thing…I have to quote the warning from the blurb for A Question Of Trust here:

        “Warning: This book contains spicy sex scenes, uninhibited voyeurism, anal play, m-f-m passion, and a new sandwich recipe.”

  16. Tete

    Love Samhain. Have read almost all of Jayne, Jess and Lorelei’s books. Can’t wait for Oct. 2nd. Have had them on per order since thay became available. I like the ménage books. Looking forward to the new Hot Rod series of Jayne’s, the last Speed brother of Jess’s and rest ofthe sexy cowboys from Rough Riders.

  17. flchen1

    Oh my! That is the best sounding anthology!!! Love all three of you writers, and I have that first collection–cannot wait to add these new duos to the TBR! Woo! HOOO! Or maybe that should be woot, woot!! Double the fun!?

  18. suzyrph

    With Lorelei, Jess and Jayne together, you would get a nekkid, cow rope tied, paddle in a hot tub ; with 2 women and 6 men. I’d call that a “Hot Time Water Sports”. LOL. Actually I am looking forward to your books being released and I do some business with Samhain.

  19. Books4me (@BooksForMe2)

    Yep, I’ve read menages and like any book, if they are written well, the work but I find that many menages have a character that isn’t developed as well as the other two so many “flop”. I have read many books by Samhain and consider them to be a book publisher as well as decadent, ellora’s, all romance and others! I have loved many books by Lorelei James but am not familar with Jess or Jayne (*hang head in shame*).

    VERY creative post…Love it! Now I’m on the look out by books by all 3 authors!

    So my question is, how about if all 3 of you wrote a book TOGETHER…NOT an anthology but one book, all three….can you do it?!

    Happy Hump Day!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  20. Angie M

    I loved Three’s Company & I’m looking forward to Two to Tango. Lorelei James is one of my favorite authors! I always hoped she’d write Jon Whitefeather’s story.

    I have a question for all three authors.
    How hard is it to work with other authors? Is it a nice break from your regular routine?

  21. Kandice

    I’ve love checking Samhain releases and got hooked on Lorelei’s hot cowboys 😉 While I’ve read some menage, it’s not my preference. Definitely looking forward to this new hottie twosome release!

  22. seawitchreviews

    I own Three’s Company, bought it because of Jess Dee and Lorelei and found Jayne because of it. I love all three of these ladies. I love Samhain and have bought a few of their books in print but alot in digital. I also like menage as Jayne and Jess can attest too as I haved emailed them a bit.


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