Help Needed! Site/Domain Name Change!

Hi friends! So I’ve been talking about this for a while. (Or, thinking about it. I think I first mentioned it in May?) I want to finally bite the bullet and make this a hosted site. Hopefully it’s not something I’ll come to regret.

Here are ones I’m thinking: (And yes I realize they’re totally different.)

So I could do





I really like ALBTABLS and TartSweet, personally.

What do you think? Obviously I’ll remember my own site’s URL. (Or I should. If I don’t I’m SOL and that’s my own fault.) But what about you?! (Other than you know, you could subscribe, or bookmark, etc – but still.) I like the idea of making this more collaborative and getting input.

Thanks everyone! <3

Also – just thought of this – some bitch is going to go grab those domains and then I’m going to just stab myself in the eye. Ugh.

I want to get this all done before my SMSG 12 drive too – so really soon. (Might as well just rush it to get it done, right?)

Point is: which one do you like best? (Or do you have a great/fitting suggestion that isn’t yet taken? Obviously TartandSweet and Limecello are both already taken. Grrr.)

0 thoughts on “Help Needed! Site/Domain Name Change!

  1. cayenne

    I like TartSweet- it fits your handle, style & subject. I guess Wonka candy doesn’t have it? nope, apparently not, but there is a cupcake bakery using Of course there is.

    Who the hell took limecello? Cos that’s so effin common, might as well be John Doe.*snort*

  2. Sharon Chalk

    if you keep LimecelloReads or the other one with Limecello,then people who are not online that often will recognize you,otherwise you might lose some followers,just a thought,TartSweet is cute but you would need to notify people via gmail that it has changed so we don’t lose you!!!!!!

  3. Mary M.

    How about LimeCello or SweetTart? Otherwise TartSweet, cause I can’t always get my brain around A Little Bit Tart A Little Bit Sweet (ALBTALBS, not ALBTABLS, surely).

  4. Liz

    I vote for LimecelloReads since it’s also one of your email names (just saying…) but whatever you choose, I’ll follow you there! 🙂

  5. Ellie Heller

    As a regular reader I get TartSweet, but I think to draw in the casual reader you might want to do one with your name, LImecello. Is LImecelloOnBooks available? ‘Cause it’s not just reading, its publishing and author visits too, right?

  6. Audrey Gilliam

    TartSweet is a nice name but LittleTartSweet serves a better purpose because your giving us a little taste of these great books and authors. Little Tart Sweet is a great choice!

  7. shel

    1) (I think .com domains get better rankings, if that stuff matters to you, vs.

    Ditto on including ALBTALBS as your tagline/site name, but not the domain – that’s too confusing.


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