Guest: Mandy M Roth Shares One of her “Looks” ;D

Hi friends! It’s October, and we’ve got Mandy M Roth here playing with us today! She’s a lot of fun and good people. And recently she’s been experimenting with a lot of different make up looks. She’s sharing one with us today. [Maybe we can convince her to come back for more Halloween costume ideas, eh? ;)] Enjoy!

Mandy’s Mad Hatter Inspired Tea Party Hat

What you will need:

  • Pre done bow from craft store (unless you’re a bow expertโ€ฆ because I’m not and I just tie knots I buy my bow already done)
  • Top hat from craft store (found near the doll section in mine)
  • Black ribbon to go around the top hat and to also be used to secure it to your head
  • Whatever you want on your hat. I picked a blue bird, beads and white feathers.
  • Glue gun (low temp one)
  • Flower tape and flower wire.

  1. Put the black ribbon all the way around the circumference of the top hat. Leave yourself some wiggle room to tie and then cut the ribbon. This will be what you secure everything to when you start.
  2. I put my feathers and the beads together and used the flower tape to secure them. I then wired the bow. Wire the bird to the bow as well. Then, I wired all of it to the black ribbon that was cut to fit the hat.
  3. Tie black ribbon around hat and secure with glue gun.
  4. Go around and use the glue gun to secure anything else that looks like it needs some extra hold.
  5. With a small craft knife make an X hole on both sides of the hat. Poke new black ribbon through and tie to secure it. Make sure ribbon is long enough for your head (to be tied under your chin).
  6. Repeat step on other side.
  7. Place on head and tie under chin.
  8. Use bobby pins on the ribbon if you feel it needs to be even more secure.
  9. You are done. Enjoy your tea party.

Author Mandy M Roth believes growing up is overrated and takes every chance she can get to play and have fun. To read more about her and her books visit her website Also be sure to check out her Youtube Channel to see her video skits.

What do you think? Do you have a look you’ve wanted to try? What questions do you have about Mandy with crafting or make up?

*ETA: Ms. Mandy has also very generously offered a giveaway! One lucky commenter will “win Winner’s Choice E-book” – whee!

26 thoughts on “Guest: Mandy M Roth Shares One of her “Looks” ;D

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  2. Jeanne Miro

    Hi Limecell and Mandy!

    I loved the hat and now wish I possessed an ounce of the creative genius that Mandy has! I guess you could say that I’m that “black sheep” in a creative family. It seems somewhere along the way I missed that creative gene needed to create a work of art!

    This flaw didn’t help when my sons were young especially since it was during the time period where mothers were suppose to actually make their children’s costumes for Halloween! Fortunately both my sons had vertile minds and when asked what they were by classmates or while trick-or-treating managed to come with a bizzard enough explanation they were actually believed.

    I never figured out if it was their creative genius or the person asking was just to polite to question what they said!

  3. Mandi L'Nette

    I’ve really been enjoying all of the silly videos and I love all of the different looks. My favorite is Vampire Mandy. Can we get some make-up tutorials for some of these looks?
    Thank you!

  4. Mandi L'Nette

    I love all of the funny videos and the different looks. My favorite is Vampire Mandy. Can we get tutorials on the dress up looks?

  5. Mandy M. Roth

    Thanks everyone! I have a confession, I can’t sew so any looks you ever see me do as for as costumes will be hem tape or hot glued. My mom can sew anything, for some reason that gene did not get passed to me. LOL

  6. Pennie

    Hey Mandy, You were an inspiration this week so I picked up some crafty things to put in my daughter’s care package so she can pull something together to wear for Halloween at college. She has to work that night and wants to dress up while passing out candy to the kids who come in.

  7. Anne Clark

    I have really enjoyed the make up tricks..I always dress for Halloween will have to do the green makeup this year. Lime- loving the new site~!

  8. Jennifer McCambridge

    I know just the person that coud use this. She loves the mad hatter. Shes a red head already just need to curl and frizz. thanks. I am loving all the tips and the fact that you help with ideas. Thank you

  9. Tracie

    Thanks Mandy for being here and sharing your tips with us and thank you for the you tube video’s too


  10. Myranda

    I love that hat! I’m wanting to try something a little more outrageous this Halloween. It’s the only time I feel comfortable going crazy with my hair and/or makeup. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Deanne McKinley

    Hi Mandy,
    I had to stop by cause I want a book, lol. I do love the hat though especially that blue, very pretty. I wish I had half of your creativity so I could come up with a cool costume for my Son. I’ll end up just going to the store and buying a crappy one again. I did make one once for him (a mummy) he unraveled, it wasn’t pretty!

  12. June M.

    Cute hat! You would be very popular in my home state (Kentucky) at Derby time, lol. I will have to check out her YouTube channel for her makeup tips (even though I don’t wear it often because I am disabled and spend most of my time at home).

    Btw Lime, do we need to re-subscribe? I could not find a place to do so ๐Ÿ™

  13. Renee Smith

    i love to do crafts this will be fun … ty for sharing. I seen several make up looks they are always awesome and i have to be honest.. i can’t put on make up:( my daughter has to help.. lol i didn’t get that gene either.. you know the girley one? lol..


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