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Hi friends! We’ve got Sophie Barnes with us today! She’s back again as you see. 😀 Which is totally exciting. I always love when people are willing to come back and play with us at ALBTALBS! (You can check out her first post here if you want to.) Without further ado… Sophie!

The adventure continues

In the wake of Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure, There’s Something about Lady Mary is due for release in e-book format on November 13th, with The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda following closely behind on November 20th.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, it’s about the Earl of Moorland’s three children, Alexandra, Ryan and William Summersby – Alexandra being the youngest and William the oldest. Raised by their military father after their mother’s untimely death, all three of them, including Alexandra, have been trained as soldiers and have carried out work for the Foreign Office.

There’s Something about Lady Mary focuses on Ryan Summersby who, knowing that he lacks the necessary skills for work in the Foreign Office that’s come so naturally to his siblings, has decided to pursue a career in medicine instead. But with his brother away on a secret mission and his sister busy with her new family life, Ryan finds himself pulled back into the spy game when  asked to keep a certain marchioness out of danger. The lady in question is Mary Croyden, and while she might seem simple and demure on the surface, Ryan soon discovers that keeping up with her midnight escapades can be a real challenge, not to mention that he didn’t expect to be charmed by her sharp rejoinders and intellect. As for Mary – with the tumultuous state her life is in, falling in love is the very last thing she needs. But there’s something irresistible about Ryan, and the more time they spend together in each other’s company, the more difficult it becomes for her to ignore just how tempting he can be.

In The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda, William Summersby, heir to the Moorland title, meets his match. With both his siblings settled, he feels that the time has come for him to marry so he can start setting up his own nursery. The only problem is that he has no particular interest in any of the ladies of his acquaintance, determining therefore to choose his bride based on logic. But then the unexpected happens and he finds himself trapped into marriage by a woman he’s never set eyes on before, turning life as he knows it completely upside down. For Lucinda Blackwell, it’s a matter of revenge, and she will do whatever she must to bring her plan to fruition. This involves marrying England’s foremost spy (no matter what his opinion may be on the matter), because if anyone can find the men who brutally murdered her parents six years earlier, then it is surely he.

For those of you out there who prefer print format to e-books, these titles will also be available in paperbacks shortly after the e-book release date.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I’ll be popping in throughout the day to chat with you and to answer any questions you might have. So feel free to leave a comment or two for a chance to win a SIGNED copy of Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure, as well as a few other goodies.

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34 thoughts on “Guest: Sophie Barnes Redux

  1. rissatoo

    OK, the cute titles caught my attention & I liked the blurbs. Now I’m gonna have to get Alexandra’s tale before Mary & Lucinda are released. 🙂

  2. Sophie Barnes

    Thank you so much for welcoming me back, Limecello! I’m thrilled to be here again and super excited to share my upcoming releases with everyone. What a great opportunity!

  3. Jess

    The titles definitely did a great job of snagging my attention lol I’m looking forward to this series (and did I mention I love autographs?! LOL!) 😀


  4. chris bails

    Great post. Love these covers of these books. You are a new author for me. I have been wanting to try out your books.
    Are these series or stand-alones? And how many books total do you have out?

  5. Sophie Barnes

    Thanks for posting, Jess & Danielle!

    Chris: These three books make up the Summersby series. HOW MISS RUTHERFORD GOT HER GROOVE BACK was my debut novel & I also have a novella coming out on December 11th as part on an anthology – you can read more about that here:

    So that makes 5 in total. I’m currently working toward a December 1st deadline for the first book in a new trilogy 😀

  6. Kimberley Coover

    I love the title and the cover. I can’t wait to read this book! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the new release.

  7. Ada H

    As much as I’m getting used to e-books, I’m still a lover of paperbacks. I can’t wait to get my hands on these books!! Absolutely loved “How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back” so these are definitely must-reads for me!

    P.S. – the covers look fantastic!

    1. Sophie Barnes

      Hmm…For Lady Alex I was inspired by The Three Musketeers, The Scarlet Pimpernel & A Comedy Of Errors. Everything else fell into place around that & I really can’t say much more without giving away too much =D I knew that I wanted some strong-willed heroines though.

  8. Lisarenee

    I need to read more of your books Sophie and these next two books sound awesome. Midnight escapades??? Now you’ve got me wondering what this something is about Mary? Where or what is she doing at midnight?

  9. Lisarenee

    I just read the description of The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda and it sounds like a fun read. These two book are coming out so close together. Have you been sitting on the series for a while before getting it published or did the stories just seem to almost write themselves?

    1. Sophie Barnes

      Actually, I already had Miss R, Lady Alex & Lady Mary pretty much sorted by the time I got the offer for Miss R. I wrote Lady Lucinda earlier this year – I’d spent about 2 months trying to figure out how to make the plot work when HC gave me a deadline and I suddenly had to pull myself together – scrapped more than half of what I had and did a quick re-write. No doubt, Lady Lucinda was the hardest book for me to write so far.

  10. Lisa W

    Excited for these books (such lovely covers and fun titles!) When do you find time to write all these books? You seem so busy (keep it up lol) 🙂

    1. Sophie Barnes

      I know, right (trying to keep a good image – lol). Actually, as I mentioned to Lisarenee, most of these books were pretty much sorted about a year ago. But then of course there have been a lot of back and forth edits, some of which have overlapped with other writing like the novella coming out in December and the new novel I’m currently working on which…OMG I so cannot wait to tell you guys about that! Exciting stuff 😀

  11. Jeanne Miro

    Hi Limecello and Sophie!

    What fun to have you both together again today!

    I’m so glad that I have the chance to not only thank Sophie for her wonderful books but to thank her for the timing!

    I loved Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure when I read it back in February but even better There’s Something About Mary and The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda both coming out right before my birthday in November!

    Even better Sohpie’s story in the anthology she wrote along with Karen Erickson, Rena Gregory, Sandra Jones and Vivinne Lorret, Five Golden Rings, is coming out December 11th! I’m sure like many others my husband and I will be on the road driving a long distance to be with my son and his family for the holidays. What’s better than an anthology to read on a long drive? It makes it much easier to ignore your husband yelling at the traffic as well!

    I love Sophie’s books and if any of your followers haven’t had the pleasure of reading Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure than I’ll remind them to BUY IT NOW! You’ll definately want to read it first (and if you have a Kindle you can even start it tonight!).

    Limecello – Thanks for having Sophie over for a visit and I hope you’ll have her back again before the end of the year!

  12. Barbara Elness

    I love the titles of your books Sophie, did you get to pick them? The covers are lovely too, although I prefer ladies to have heads. 😀 The premise of these books sounds great and I’m looking forward to reading them.

    1. Sophie Barnes

      Thanks, Barbara!
      The only title I can say I picked was THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY LUCINDA. My editor and publicist came up with the rest so, kudos to them for being so clever – it certainly makes the books stand out 😉

  13. ki pha

    I so want these books! Although I’ll have to wait a bit longer for the print versions 🙁 I still can’t wait for them to come out! 🙂

    So love the covers and the titles are perfect! Which got me thinking, where in the world did you come up with them, they’re so perfect?

  14. Linda Thum

    Gosh but I really like the sound of the books! Just finished reading Anna Randol’s Sins of a Virgin where the heroine was an ex spy too. What a coincidence to come across another lot of spy books.

  15. Mary Preston

    Sophie Barnes where have you been all my life? This is a must read series for me now that I’ve found you. I want to wear those gowns from the covers to do my grocery shop in.

  16. Sophie Barnes

    Thank you all so very much for all your positive reinforcement which totally makes all the hard work worthwhile. You’re the best & I’m so thrilled to have you join me on this grand adventure 🙂
    In case you’re wondering, the two small items on the left in the picture above are magnets – just thought I’d point that out since I don’t think it’s mentioned.
    Hope you have a lovely day – enjoy your reading – and by all means, keep in touch because I love hearing from you!


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