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Hi friends! As you see we have the fabulous and lovely Jax Cassidy visiting with us today! Enjoy the eye candy she’s providing.

I never set out to write multicultural characters—although I’d always wanted to see more Asians as leads in romance novels because I wanted something to relate to. Almost all of the books I’d read in my youth had Caucasian heroes and heroines so I thought that was the norm. Of course, even knowing that, I was never one to follow the rules. I decided I would write Asian characters into my books anyway. I figured if I wanted to read them, someone out there would too. Even when those stories didn’t sell, I never stopped writing them at the same time as my Caucasian romances—which did sell…

What’s really funny is that up until five years ago, I wasn’t drawn to Asian men at all. My ideal type was mostly blond haired, blue eyed, clean cut men. Those surfer boys and GQ model types. Perhaps I wasn’t exposed to enough Asian males growing up to really find them attractive. However,  when I discovered K-pop and K-dramas, I saw Asian men in a whole different light! I started becoming obsessed with Asian heroes. Who could resist those bad boys—and if they happen to put on a bit of guyliner—I was totally hooked! These celebs know how to represent themselves in public and their polished image, attitude, and fashion sense created a unique celebritydom that sucks you in.

For years I’ve written proposal after proposal of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters but I’ve learned it’s a hard sell in New York. Editors have a specific vision of what stories they want and they focus on what sells for them. Sooner or later I know my international settings will make it onto the shelves so I haven’t given up on that dream. Although I continue to write multicultural characters, the past few years I started to write stories with Korean heroes. I’m also adding historical romances set in the Joseon Dynasty as well as more contemporaries set in Seoul.

This December my holiday release Seoulful Kiss, a sweet romance, is set in—you got it—Seoul. I’m hoping it will give readers a taste of why I love writing about these characters and the wonderful setting. Now that Psy’s hit song “Gangnam Style” has finally infiltrated the US market, I have to admit it gives me hope that my stories will finally grab the editors attention. I’m extremely fortunate and grateful I have an agent that supports my choices.  No pressure. It simply means I have to work harder and prove that all my efforts to bring Asian heroines and heroes to the public will happen.

In the meantime, I’m going to share a little bit of yumminess—er, research with you. Whenever I start a project, I have to have a clear vision of who my characters are. It’s such a terrible chore to look through hundreds of images of hot, gorgeous men for just the right hero. C’mon, tell me the truth, you never thought Asian men could be this drool worthy? Well, they are. So now you can see why it’s not so difficult for me to write them into my romances. Enjoy!

Jax Cassidy followed her dreams to Paris, then Hollywood to pursue a film career but managed to fall in love with penning sexy romances and happy endings–finding Mr. Right was just an added bonus. She writes contemporary and paranormal romances and is Co-Founder of Romance Divas, an award winning writer’s website and discussion forum. Jax is also known as one-half of the retired writing team of Cassidy Kent. Jax Cassidy is represented by Roberta Brown, Brown Literary Agency.


We already know Jax is incredibly generous. She, on the behalf of Romance Diva is contributing to SMSG12. But you get the chance to win today too! Jax is offering one lucky commenter a copy of Siren’s Seduction, or an ebook from her backlist!
So tell us – what do you think of heroes? What appeals to you? What would you think of an Asian hero?

And… I hope Jax will forgive me, but since she mentioned Gangnam Style, I had to share it here. Just in case you haven’t seen it before. 😉

12 thoughts on “Guest: Jax Cassidy

  1. JoAnne

    Heroes to me can be any nationality – I can picture them as long as there are plenty of wonderful descriptions and a great picture on the cover doesn’t help. A hero is someone who does things for others selflessly without thought to their own gain. Loved the post. Thanks for sharing,
    jbcweiss AT sbcglobal DOT net

  2. Vivi Cendana

    honestly i never read any books with Asian heroines .. and it’s hard to find those book in book stores ..
    well i am huge fans of K-Pop and K-Dramas .. i never miss any days with Kpop song& K-Dramas ..
    i would like to read Seoulful Kiss

    and bout the Hottest guys on pics .. I like Henry, Song Seung Hun And Siwon .. they are Hot ..

    Gangnam style-Hooked ^_^

    Thanks for sharing

    Love From Indonesia

  3. Jax

    JoAnne, I agree! The photos are nice but when it comes down to it, how the hero is played out on the page is important to me. When I write settings I want folks to believe they are there with the characters and are able to feel, touch, taste 🙂

  4. Jax

    Vivi, I totally adore K-pop & K-dramas but I also love the Taiwanese and Japanese music and dramas as well! SEOULFUL KISS is just a sweet holiday read that I hope everyone can enjoy. Although I write pretty steamy stuff, sometimes I just feel like it’s nice to write something that will make you happy and tingly inside.

    I will be happy to give away a copy of SEOULFUL KISS as an added prize to this post, however, it won’t be out until December. I guess you can call it a “pre-win”? 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. Darcy Drake (@drcydrke)

    Is it good or bad I can totally name most of the men in those pictures?

    I’m as “white” as white girl can be. My mom is southern, my dad is a Yankee, and like any good American, I can barely speak my own language. *wink* But while she may speak with a giant twang, my mom is a social butterfly on an international level. Thank god for the internet! I’ve been an addict of J-Pop, K-drama, and all things awesome since teenie-bopper years. Miyavi, Wonder Girls, and all the delicious tv shows. And yeah, I’m a giant hipster and roll my eyes at the masses loving Gangnam Style, BUT it does close the gap between the booming entertainment industries. Maybe Fan Bing Bing WILL be a Bond Girl after all!

    There’s a whole generation behind me (even more addicted to the internet) that notice the LACK of diversity in books and films. The powers in charge will wise up eventually.

    I hope it’s sooner rather than later and they hurry up! 😉 I have a whole bunch of ideas for stories that include Middle Eastern heroes and heroines, inspired by my own real life romance with my Syrian-American boi. I mentioned the becoming bilingual hopelessness right? Me learning Arabic is almost comical.

  6. Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin

    Jax-thank you for the beautiful guys! *swoon*
    I’m as shocked as you are that you suddenly gave up your California surfer guys-that’s been your type the whole ten years I’ve known you-until recently…it crept up a little at a time, and now-BAM! It’s all about those exotic, gorgeous men with skin like silk and dark, mysterious eyes…which you know I love!
    I also love that you’re exploring other cultures-so interesting! And may I just say your head shot is HOT!

  7. Jax

    Darcy, besides your awesome name, I knew we were kindred spirits! Let me just say, I’ve watched so much K-dramas and have a whole hard drive of international music that I think I’ve learned those languages. LOL –> I’m sure you’ll master the art of Arabic. When it comes to love, we do whatever it takes to connect.

    I’m still totally impressed you are “in” with the 411 on the K-stars!!!!

    I’ve watched Asian cinema and dramas since I was a kid but I was never interested in the culture one bit. I think with age you start venturing out and I totally love all the research and history. It’s rich and decadent, I could gobble it all up! That’s why I’ve decided to make it a mission to write more ethnic characters because it’s a shame to deprive a readership who will be interested in the same things I love!

    Eden–you know me so well 🙂

    Now that I’ve totally changed my taste in men, it’s like I’m a new person, eh? I wish I’d listened to you sooner..Well, better late than never, I suppose. TeeHee.

  8. Mary Preston

    HOT is HOT is HOT – race has nothing to do with that. I see beautiful men, and women.

    Having said that, I do like the thought of learning more about different cultures.

    So, bring me heroes from the past, present, future & from all over the galaxy, including Earth.

  9. CHerie Clark

    I think the guy in The fast and furious series that first appeared in Tokyo Drift is so truly gorgeous and yummy. I think heros can be hot sure, but some of the best heros are either scarred physically or emotionally and you fall in love with them through their strength of character. Unsure if this makes sense. Enjoy you r Sunday when it comes. Hello from the future. haha

  10. flchen1

    OK, well, part of my response is going to be colored very much because I *am* Asian, so I’ve always wanted more Asian heroes and heroines. But at the same time, I drool as much as anyone over non-Asian ones, too, so I guess the heart is sometimes better at being colorblind than we think? 🙂 It isn’t so much whether s/he is Asian but whether s/he is other important things–smart, compassionate, funny, willing to take a chance on love… Glad to see more of your stories out there, Jax! No need to include me in the draw, as I am completely thrilled to already have Siren’s Seduction on my TBR! Woot!

  11. Jax

    Mary & Cherie–I totally agree! HOT is HOT! And no matter what my characters are, it’s all about how their personality and actions are in the book. I like a chivalrous guy so whether he’s scarred physically or emotionally, he’s going to still have that trait that women will fall in love with!

    Fedora–Thanks for supporting me! I’m totally not stepping away from Caucasian romances, I’m simply adding more flavor in my books and learn about other cultures in the process. I’m still a big fan of non-Asian men so you won’t see me turning them away either. 🙂


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