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Ladies! (And gentlem[a]n? No seriously – are there any dudes who read this blog? I want you to fess up. You might get a cookie. No joke.) Anyway. Today we’ve got awesome author Maggie Robinson visiting with us! Double bonus (which I first somehow typed as “donus” which obviously must mean I have donuts on the brain…) Margaret Rowe is here too! ;D Funny how that works, eh?

We also can tell just how fantabulous Ms. Robinson-Rowe is, because I’m being… well, me+. (I’m on “sick-brain” still and it’s after midnight and I’ve been very sleep deprived.) Haven’t you guys missed me?! Anyway, the point is, I feel comfortable being insane in the introduction.

I’m sure Maggie now regrets this and will never guest again. So I hope you guys make the most of this, okay?!

Lime, thanks so much for having me here to talk about Lord Gray’s List, the first book in the London List Trilogy. And thank you also for doing your annual online charity drive. You’ve proven what one person can do, and provided me with a blog topic as well, LOL.

The London List is my fictional Regency newspaper, a kind of combination National Enquirer/craigslist, but it also serves as a charity for trouser-wearing termagant Evangeline Ramsey. She has so many requests for help that she can’t possibly publish everything or she’d be cutting down swaths of forest for newsprint. So she has a little private business on the side, matching employees and lonely hearts and collectors with the objects of their desire. She’s sort of a fixer, but she ignores her own needs until hero Benton Gray comes along. Here’s what he thinks after they’ve worked side-by-side for a week:

Ben could see Evie’s breath in the air as she stomped in irritation at the curb. She reminded him a little of an unbroken thoroughbred, all lean lines and attitude. But according to her, she’d never be broken to bridle.

Ben wouldn’t even bother trying.

Evie was a shrew. A confirmed spinster. True, she could be soft-hearted with all her cases of people to place and protect. He’d now seen the drawers full of begging letters for which she took no coin. What kind of businesswoman was she? She was more like some demented fairy godmother.

Anyone looking less fairy-like would be hard to find. Although perhaps his mother’s tales of sweet, inoffensive winged creatures dancing at the bottom of the garden were at odds with some of the older legends. Some fairies were spiteful—clever and capricious, quick to trick the unsuspecting innocent into giving up their best chance for happiness. Or even their babies. Ben drew the line at thinking Evie would kidnap a child, but he could see her meting out her own brand of justice from her Fairy Court in solemn pronouncements and punishing seduction.
Right now she wasn’t speaking to him, not even thanking him as he helped her into the hack. Which he shouldn’t have done, as she was still in her trousered disguise. The merchants on the street would think it very odd.

The street lights had been turned on, and Ben saw people locking up and scurrying home to their suppers. The List’s office was dark, the new window glimmering in the gaslight. A raggedy girl selling roasted chestnuts tended the flames on her brazier at the corner, and if Ben weren’t so full he would have asked the driver to stop. The carriage lurched through the thick evening traffic, the familiar sounds and smells of London Ben’s only stimulation. Evie seemed determined to ignore him despite their working so seamlessly together just hours before. How was it that the glow of their mutual accomplishment had dimmed so suddenly? One minute they’d been chuckling over their ale, and the next Evie looked ready to chuck him out in the street.

He’d insulted her independence, he supposed, but really, she was just a lady beneath her clothes, even if she chose not to act like one. She might have a walking stick and be taller than the average man, but it wasn’t as if she fenced and boxed and built up her slender limbs. Anything could happen to her as she walked the chill streets of London. Anything at all.
Yesterday it was the shattered window, when she wasn’t even out in the elements. What if she’d been cut by flying glass, or worse yet, conked on the head with the brick?

Perhaps some sense might have been knocked into her, but Ben doubted it. She was the most stubborn, most vexing creature he’d ever met. His usual tricks to charm women were proving useless, but damn him if he was going to sit across from her like a lump as she shot daggers at him the whole way home. So he took a time-tested, easy route.

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?” she asked, suspicious.

Ben grinned. “I don’t really know. It seemed like the right thing to say.”

Ben is an easy-going guy, and Evie is anything but. Her difficult childhood has honed her independence, and made her aware of injustice. She’s really a crusader, and Ben shows her he can be every bit as dedicated as she can, with especially deep pockets. Ben thinks the way to win Evie’s heart is through generous donations to her causes—but he really won it despite her resistance long ago. Kirkus Review called Lord Gray’s List “a charming, fun Regency romp that combines an innovative, compelling plot with characters that jump off the page and a hot, captivating romance that will tug at heartstrings.”

During the holiday season, a lot of people wonder what kind of difference they can make to those less fortunate. I support two local food banks all year, and wish I could do more. Wow, what if I’d won the recent big lottery? Think of the good I could have done! (Of course, I would have had to buy a ticket, LOL) What charity would you like to give unlimited support? I’ve got a signed trade paperback of Lord Gray’s List for one commenter, and a $25 donation to their cause.

As if I needed any reason to like Maggie more. I, obviously, am fully behind this giveaway. In fact, no need to hang around. The winner is drawn… and it is ME! (And you know what’s sad? I had a moment’s pause and wondered “is that grammatically correct?” And then I thought “damned if I know – that was my worst subject and it’s my blog so I can mess up if I want to. And feel stupid. Which is why I’m drawing so much attention to it.)

… I’m never formatting posts ever again. I also thought about deleting all/most of this in the extremely lengthy times I had to wait while my broken computer chugged along… but I figured I’d leave it so you guys know what I’m like with less of a filter. You see why I schedule so many guest posts? It’s to save you from me. And while I was doing this I saw the next cover is up, so here’s Captain Durant’s Countess – you’re welcome. 😛

And you know – speaking of saving and all, in a real way – what charity would you wish to donate to? Inquiring minds want to know! (Not just for the usual, but hey – SMSG13, 14, and so on will be upon us sooner than we think!)

Oh and, uh, for anyone who might be wondering – no, I’m not the winner. I was joking. It’s going to be one of you.

20 thoughts on “Guest: Maggie Robinson <3

  1. Liz

    I love the sound of Gray’s List! I love scoundrels, but only when they fall in love. 🙂 This year, as we’ve done in the past, my family put together a Christmas dinner for a needy family at our church. Next week, my kids and I are joining some friends at a nursing home to sing Christmas songs. I think it’s important that people realize that they don’t always have to give things or money to touch people’s lives during the holidays (or any other time), but the gift of our time and attention can be worth a great deal, too. If I could give to any charity, I would pick the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy Relief. As a NJ resident, I know of people who are living in their gutted homes because they have no place else to go. I’m looking forward to what sounds like a wonderful book. Many great wishes to you in your future success, Maggie, and to you and your family during the holidays!

  2. Mary Preston

    I’m having a hard time getting past the covers. Those poor men with, obviously, no buttons on their shirts.

    I would say the RED CROSS also and I’ll add in DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS (Médecins Sans Frontières). They are incredible.

    1. Maggie Robinson

      Mary, the shirt button thing is so historicaly incorrect, but who cares, LOL. All that manscape. Speaking of incorrect, Big Ben wasn’t built at the time of the book, but again, I’m just looking at the naked chest and those inexpressibles. 🙂

  3. Linda Thum

    I love the sound of Evie! My fav heroine’s are always the strong, independent ones whom the hero has to fight real hard to melt!
    My fav charities are those which aid abandoned animals. The RSPCA or we have a org. here called PAWS. (I’m an international reader)

  4. JoAnne

    We tend to support various charities throughout the year. The one’s that hit closest to home are the ones that mean a lot to us since family members have suffered the diseases, i.e. Alzheimer’s Assn, American Cancer, American Diabetes, American Heart. We also give to several religious charities that share our view as well as to local food banks, homeless shelters etc. We also give gifts to various charities that have a tree at the library, the mall or our bank to help support those locally in need.
    Thanks for the excerpt and the for the other information. Sounds like a great read and I love series. Do you ever notice how many end after 3 books?


    Hello, Maggie. Wishing you te best, all ways & always! ~ Lord Gray’s List, hmmm…that is enough to catch one’s attention. Sounds like a must read. I would love to get my hands on him, oops, I meant the book!! Have a terrific day! Happy writing!

  6. Diane Sallans

    Hello again Maggie.

    My current top cause is also Hurricane Sandy Relief. I missed a lot of initial news reports cause I was without power for 10 days and felt really put-upon. Then I emerged from my hibernation and saw what had happened to so many. We’re over a month out and things are still horrible for many people. Many don’t even have a decent place to sleep or a target date of when things will get back to normal. While without power I found that unknown of when the power would be back the most mentally stressful. Just having a plan or a target could make so much difference in the stress level of these people. My little predicament of having trouble getting someone to take care of my trees that came down pales in comparison to what so many others are going thru.

    Evie would certainly be helpful in whipping some help together and getting aid to those who really need it. This certainly sounds like another fun series.

  7. Cathy P

    Hi Maggie! I love your books and Lord Gray’s List and Captain Durant’s Countess looks like more winners. We support St. Jude’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer on February 24th of this year, and we are praying for remission. We are praying that St. Jude’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society have come a long way in helping cancer patients.

  8. mathlady68

    Wow! Only one charity? I have always thought that if I won a crazy amount of money that I would open a hospital dedicated to children’s wellness. I would love to fund research into childhood illnesses and treatments.

  9. Barbara Elness

    Loved the post and I’m looking forward to reading this latest book, Lord Gray’s List. I have several charities that I support with contributions, but the one I’d choose for this giveaway would be the Red Cross – they do so much during the worst of times and I try to give them as much support as I can.

  10. donna ann

    congrats on the release & upcoming book — lovely covers on both & they sound quite good. My heart tends to go to children & animals. At this time of year I’m a big fan & supporter of Toys for Tots (one of my fave commercials is the old one where the little boy asks a Marine on guard duty if he knows Santa & the marine has the boy slip his letter to Santa into his hand). Our office has acted as a collection point for a number of years enjoy contributing to the pile of toys that gathers in our lobby for a couple of weeks.


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