Winners Like Never Before. Winners like NEVER Again.

I have been incredibly remiss in announcing winners. I apologize. I really am sorry. I never planned for it to happen, and never wanted it to. In August I spend most of my time at the hospital, and then I tried to catch up, then people kept dying – or being diagnosed with cancer. And then I was sick. So sick, for so long. I think I have mono. That’s not good.

So, with my sincere apologies, here are all the winners. I’m just going to list them all. You’ll have to forgive me.

I do want to let you know that I emailed everyone through February winner wise. I have said previously this is NOT ALBTALBS policy. But (shh – and don’t tell anyone!) I’m a soft touch. So I wanted to give people a chance. More details were of course provided to the winners.

This is a one off though – in the future, I do not plan to email winners. Even if I’m a month or two (or three+) late in announcing winners. I just can’t handle it. Obviously, as you can all see. Soooo this is also proof that you should enter contest with a legitimate email address. 😀

And some authors did of course take the initiative and announce their own winners/get the information from me to contact them. (I didn’t list those – makes it easier.)

Winners: Melanie, Shay, Kimberley, Timitra, Susan, Mary, Kim, Sheila, JoAnne, Larri, Tia, Patricia, Jessica, Nicola, VanillaOrchids, Annwitch, Jeanne Miro, Kelly, Marcie, Kimberly, Tess, Kathleen, Cherie, Janie, Mary, Sonya, Melody, elaing8, Maureen, Sarah, Carol, mathlady68, carreifort29, pc, Jane, gamistress66, lsureader, Lynda, Sierra, Mary,  and Cris.

For now. That’s everyone through January. >.> From August. That hadn’t already been doled out their prize/chosen.

Come back ~tomorrow for February winners. Which… I guess I’ll email too. Maybe.

You know what’s sad? I had help with this. I had an AWESOME supah sekrit killah minion help with and winners and it was glorious. Even so I just spent the last three hours checking things and emailing winners and I think my eyes are about to bleed and I have to be at work in like six hours.

So. How are all of you?

What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day? (I, of course, was green. ;))

8 thoughts on “Winners Like Never Before. Winners like NEVER Again.

  1. Mary Preston

    You sound like you need a cup of tea & a lie down.

    Thank you. It is appreciated.

    I made green scones for St Patrick’s Day. I had to close my eyes to eat them though. Totally not normal.

  2. JoAnne

    So sorry to hear of your ill health and the family illnesses and problems too. Thanks – got my email and responded. Hope your back to your old self soon. Sending hugs!

  3. gamistress66

    thanks & hopefully things will settle down & only good news will be coming your way for a while. take care

    oh, & i of course i was green for st pat’s day too 😀

  4. Melanie

    You’re a good egg, Lime. Don’t mess around with it if you’ve got mono – it’s kept you down too long, time to beat the crap out of it, eh?

    I wore my Ireland shirt (which is mostly blue) and my boys in their bright green shirts kept pinching me. My 13 year old got braces last week, and even had green bands put on in honor of Ireland! (My kids have Irish passports. The better to go visit my mother-in-law in Dublin with. St. Patrick’s Day is nothing to fool with in our house.)


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