Special Reader Guest: Liza Brown

You guys! I’m so excited that this is Liza’s first guest post! (As in post post – not review.) Isn’t that awesome?! She’s a well established member of the romance community, but I know we definitely don’t all “know” each other. So this is a little bit more about her. I also can’t believe it’s already the third Saturday of the month. Eek! But yay for another special feature on a romance reader! I hope you all give Liza a lovely and warm welcome! <3

I have to first say thank you Lime for inviting me to be a guest on her blog today. Other than doing a guest review for another blog once, this is my first time being a guest where I talk about me. Lime told me to talk about anything I wanted to talk about, so since I know we are all readers, I thought I’d talk about my love of reading.

I was very lucky to grow up in a house where books were loved. My aunts and uncles started giving me books as soon as I was born, and my parents and grandparents always encouraged my love of reading from a very young age. My mom joked when I was little that she taught me how to read before I started kindergarten so she didn’t have to read Green Eggs and Ham to me anymore. I was the kid who read the back of the cereal box every single morning at breakfast. Even once I could read books on my own, my favorite part of the day was when my dad would lie on the floor between the twin beds in my room and read a chapter or two before bed each night. He read Little Women, all of the Little House books, and many other classics to my sister, brother and me that way.

Trips to Walmart usually equaled me coming home with at least one new book. The librarian in my elementary school knew my favorite authors and would put them on hold for me so I could reread my favorite books over and over again. When I was about 10, I started sneaking behind to sofa to read my mom’s Harlequin and Silhouette romances. I say I was sneaking, but since my mom was usually in the room, not much sneaking going on. I still read what would be categorized as “Young Adult” novels while exploring the pretty tame Harlequin and Silhouette romances until I was about 13. At that point I was introduced to historical romances. I’m pretty sure I read every single book Jude Deveraux wrote while I was in high school. While romances have always been my first love, Stephen King was also a big part of my high school reading. In fact other than books for school, Jude Deveraux and Stephen King were my go-to authors for a while.

While I was in college, I took a big break from reading for the most part. I don’t know if it was because I was too busy with school or partying or both. I just know for about 4 years, I don’t remember really reading much of anything not related to school. I worked full time and took classes each summer, so didn’t get to read much then either. I remember reading some Harlequin and Silhouette books because they were really fast reads that I could read during lunch breaks. I moved home for a couple of years after college, and there really is not much to do in my hometown…okay, make that nothing to do, so reading once again became a huge part of my life. I still liked to read mysteries and thrillers, but my true love was and still is romances. At this point I mostly read contemporary romances, with the occasional historical romance. Once I moved away from home, I had easy access to a bookstore and with the suggestion of some very helpful bookstore employees branched out into pretty much every genre of romance.  My bookshelves are full to overflowing with books by some of my favorite authors. I’m pretty sure I own every book ever published by Roxanne St. Claire, Nalini Singh, J.R. Ward, Jill Shalvis, Carly Phillips, J.D. Robb, Tessa Dare, Victoria Dahl, Nora Roberts, and many other favorite authors. I was one of those people who said I’d never switch from print to digital…then I bought my first kindle. I now have my original keyboard kindle, a paperwhite, and a Fire HD. I read almost everything on my kindle, and generally on read print books when I get them from the library. I still buy favorite authors in both print and digital. 😀

I am never without a book, either physical or digital or both. It’s kind of funny that many of my closest friends aren’t readers. However, I was lucky enough to meet so many reader friends on-line thanks first to blogs, and then both Facebook and Twitter. I’m luckier still since I get to see those reader friends in person at least once a year at the RAGT in Cincinnati in June. My reader friends totally get me and my need to read, since they all feel the same way about books.  I am currently counting down the days until I can spend time with all my reader friends. We always have the best time talking about favorite books, authors, and especially sexy heroes from books. (Pssst A Week to be Wicked – one of my favorite books of 2012 is only 99¢ on kindle right now!!!)

So how about you? Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting Liza before? If not – let’s talk about her post! Have you been to any conferences? Met people? How did you get started reading romances? Which authors are your favorites? Come on – we all love to dish about romance!

6 thoughts on “Special Reader Guest: Liza Brown

  1. Mary Preston

    While I would LOVE to attend a conference or two, I can honestly see myself being put on a life time ban. I’m positive that all the hugs & stalking & inappropriate questions would NOT be appreciated.

    Hi Liza!!! (Waving from a safe distance.)

  2. Limecello Post author

    Hi Liza!!

    YAY! I’m so glad your “debut” guest post was at ALBTALBS. 😀 Thanks for giving us that honor!

    Will you be going to any conferences other than RAGT this year? I just heard Erin McCarthy is doing a little weekend thing at the end of June? 😀 It starts on my birthday. I’m thinking about it. I’d love to go to RWA too… if nothing else just to hang out at the bar!

    As for books and reading. Heh I had a similar experience. I actually remember as a kid my mom telling me “no, I’m not reading Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves to you anymore this week. My voice is gone.” I somehow learned how to read during the summer between kindergarten and first grade. (Reading wasn’t required back in my day in kindegarten ;)) And it just never stopped from there.

    And also? *angelface* I would LOVE for you to write guest reviews any time you like!

  3. Kindle Gal

    I just wanted to quick pop in and say hi to Liza! She and I have very similar tastes in contemporaries, which is one of the MANY reasons why we get along on Twitter so well. 🙂

    (Also, hi to you, too, Lime!)

  4. flchen1

    Hi, Liza! Pleased to “meet” you! I don’t recall that our paths have crossed before, but then again, my memory is pretty dreadful 😉

    I haven’t yet attended any conferences, but that’s on my list of things to do one of these years! I have met a couple authors in person briefly–it was fun, and I definitely look forward to meeting many more! I got started reading as a kid, and picked up YA romances as I hit the tween/junior high age. I think I read my first “grown up” romance as a sophomore in high school–my geometry classmate lent me one. And I love all kinds of authors–I’m not sure I could narrow it down much 😉

  5. Liza

    Lime, I’m totally going to RWA to hang out in the bar. Do have ticket to RITAs as well. 🙂 I’m going to RAGT in June too. Where is Erin’s con going to be? Would be fun to get together again.

    Love “meeting” so many of you here! If I haven’t been banned for stalking authors I don’t think anyone would be. 😉

  6. Mary G

    Hi Liza and Lime
    Yes I’ve met you both. What a fun experience. I met Liza in the line buying books at Lori’s. We both mentioned liking Jill Shalvis and we both realized that we both visited her blog daily. “You’re Liza B? I’m Mary G!” Meeting fellow readers & commenters was as fun as meeting the authors. Same thing happened with Lime. “You’re Lime? I love your blog!” Lol. I’ve been to RT as well. Very fun, running on adrenaline. You’re busy but don’t want to miss anything. The best part too, like Liza said, being with fellow book lovers who get you. See you again one day.


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