Special Guest: Birthday Girl Carolyn Jewel

Hi friends! Today I convinced fabulous author Carolyn Jewel to visit with us on her birthday! I absolutely adore birthdays, so enjoy celebrating them whenever I can, and however I can! She even wrote a post for us!

Today is my birthday. Yay me!Β  There was a long stretch during which I did not want anyone to know when my birthday was. I went to great lengths to avoid telling anyone when my birthday was. I hated the fuss. I did not want the attention. I think my head was not screwed on right. A few years ago I started thinking more deeply about my mother, an extraordinary woman, but also not very happy and why with five grown children, all of whom are college graduates and living happy successful lives, she was unable to accept her role in our life success. I’ll skip over the pop-pyschology and simply say that it occurred to me that I had internalized many of her most frustrating traits.

One of my responses to that was to try to change my outlook where I could, and one of them involves birthdays.

Birthdays are fun. Office-worker sorts love an interruption for cake and maybe even ice cream. If you have family who love you, they, too, like to celebrate with you. There’s cake!!! There’s even maybe presents, and even if there aren’t, there are good wishes, and that is fun. It makes people smile. I realized I enjoy wishing other people a happy birthday. So why, why??!?! would I actively avoid birthday wishes from others?

So, if the subject comes up and someone wants to know about birthdays, I don’t mumble or refuse to answer. I deal with it. I let my friends celebrate with and for me. And among friends and family, let me tell you, there is often cake involved. This is a decided bonus.

Today is my birthday, and I will be smiling from time to time because the alternative to birthdays is …. dim.

I like chocolate cake, but I admit to a decided fondness for a really good yellow cake. With chocolate frosting. What’s your favorite kind of cake?

I’ll send three commenters a copy of my current paranormal release, My Darkest Passion. (Digital, you can tell me what file version you prefer.) There’s no birthday in it, but now I’m thinking there should be one in the next book.

Have you ever read Carolyn Jewel before? Do you prefer historical romances or paranormal romances? Also? REMEMBER TO WISH CAROLYN THE HAPPIEST AND BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! (Yes, allcaps.)

21 thoughts on “Special Guest: Birthday Girl Carolyn Jewel

  1. Timitra

    Happy Birthday Carolyn!!! I hope you have a great day!!! My fav type of cake is chocolate!

    I have not had the pleasure of reading any of Carolyn’s work as yet hopefully that will change in the very near future. I love both but Paranormal edges out Historical romance by a little.

    If I win I’d like a Kindle copy My Darkest Passion!

  2. Aliquis

    Hi Carolyn!

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. My favorite cake is ice cream cake, but I like it with real cake, like how Coldstone makes it. Only I wish they’d use real whipped cream frosting instead of the waxy type they have.

    1. Carolyn Jewel

      Yes! ice-Cream cake. Plus, in our household we blenderize the leftovers, pour that into paper cups and refreeze. We call it crake. I don’t know why. But it tastes great!

  3. Limecello Post author

    Happy happy birthday, Carolyn! I ADORE cake. I really like vanilla cake, actually. And have this love/hate/scared thing with red velvet. Recently I made a passable tres leches cake – but I think I can do better.

    I hope you’re having an amazing, and lovely day! <3

    1. Carolyn Jewel

      Lime! My son LOVES red-velvet cake and often makes. I’m allergic to red dye so I can’t have it. I once convinced him to make green velvet cake. Tasted great, but the color. Just… not really.

      1. Limecello Post author

        Heh – I can imagine. Have you ever made a blue velvet cake?! I always told my sister I’d make her one – because she said there are NO naturally occurring blue foods in the world. (Blueberries apparently are a) purple to her and b) the insides are green so they don’t count.)

        What about red velvet but without the dye? Or… just using cocoa and beets instead to color it? Would that be ok with your food allergies?

        I adore specialty cupcakes too, but $$$ :\

  4. e_bookpushers

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I think my favorite would be spice cake with cream cheese frosting or really any cake with cream cheese frosting *grin*. Very glad you decided to embrace your birthday. (Not entering because I already have My Darkest Passion) :).

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  6. Donna Worthington

    Happy Birthday, hope it’s over the top. You are one of my favorite authors, I don’t think you could write bad if you tried. Plus, you are always so good to your readers, thanks for that. I read both but I have a special place for ADULT para, seems the teens have taken over the PNR. Love My Immortals

  7. Barbara E.

    Happy Birthday Carolyn! My favorite kind of cake is gooey chocolate, but for my birthday I always have pumpkin pie instead (it’s the day after Halloween). πŸ˜€ I don’t prefer historical or paranormal romances, I love them both equally and usually I’m reading two books at a time, one paranormal and one historical.

  8. ki pha

    Happy birthday Carolyn! I love the simple plain white cake but with whipped cream frosting instead of the butter cream- too sweet. Lemon cake is great too. πŸ™‚
    And yes read Carolyn’s One Starlit Night and it was fabulous~ I’ll say I mostly read Historicals but Paranormals were good too.

  9. Maureen

    Happy Birthday Carolyn! I hope your day is a special one with lots of cake. My favorite cake is cheesecake but I like most any type of cake. I have read Carolyn’s stories, they are wonderful.

  10. Sebella Blue

    I am one of the rare breed of carrot cake lovers, but I have to modestly admit that I do make the BEST carrot cake in the known universe. I am also a huge, rabid fan of the My Immortal series and I swear the last one I read is my favorite (until I start the next one) so as of right now Iskander rules the roost. Happy Birthday!!

  11. flchen1

    Wishing you a super duper belated birthday, Carolyn! Hoping you’re feeling celebrated and feted and marvelous πŸ˜‰ I also shamefacedly confess that while I have some of your books on my TBR, I haven’t picked on up yet–I must fix that soon!!


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