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Hello my lovelies! Another fabulous author visiting with us on a Tuesday for special birthday month posts! As in … just superloading it. Because dude – the world has lost its shit. Or at least, my world. However, the wonderful Cynthia Eden is here! And she was fabulous and wrote an original post for us! Whee!

Romance Novels

I can confess—quite easily—that I am addicted to romance novels. I’ve been addicted to them for most of my life.  Maybe it’s the happy endings. The fairytale promise of love everlasting.  That promise sure gets me each time!

But the romances that I read (and write) aren’t sweet, light tales. The heroes and heroines have to fight for their happy endings. Hey, if something is worth having, you have to fight for it, right?  I enjoy watching characters overcome their obstacles in the pages of books. The heroes and heroines become stronger through their struggles, and I just find myself rooting more and more for them.

I will gladly read romance novels about vampires. About werewolves. About Greek gods or fallen angels. I can read about the boy next door or the rich CEO who is about to crumble for love.  Paranormal, contemporary, historical—I’ll take them all, please.  I’m a firm believer in variety being the spice of life, and when it comes to my romance novels, I’m all about reading different sub-genres.  BUT…there is one thing that my books must have (and this just circles back to my addiction)—the promised happy ending.

Let’s be honest. All too often, real life sucks. There is sadness, there is death, there is heart break. When I open the pages of a romance novel, I want to know that things will end differently for the characters there. I want to know that happiness wins, love wins—and my romance novels never let me down on that promise.

In my latest release, Avenging Angel, I certainly put plenty of obstacles in the paths of my hero and heroine. My heroine, Marna,  is a fallen angel who has recently lost her wings. She’s now in the mortal realm, helpless and desperate.  But she isn’t alone.  Because the hero of the story, a fierce shifter named Tanner, is by her side. Through the darkness and the danger, he is there, every step of the way.  He is willing to fight for her. Heck, the guy is even willing to die for her,  in order to prove to Marna that he can be the man she needs.

Ah, true love. It can be a wild and desperate (but beautiful!) thing.

But what about you?  Are you addicted to romance novels?  Is there a particular sub-genre that you prefer to read? Or, like me, do you enjoy a variety?  One random commenter will be picked to win a $15 gift card.

Thanks so much for checking out the post. Have a wonderful week!


Cynthia Eden

So – answer Cynthia’s question(s) – and feel free to ask her one yourself! There’s a gift card up for grabs!

41 thoughts on “Guest Author & A Giveaway: Cynthia Eden

  1. Cris

    Love Cynthia’s books! The DEADLY series? Bestest romantic suspense ever. Oh Luke :).

    I’m definitely a romance addict–it’s about all I read (save the occasional science paper when absolutely required). I favour RS first & foremost, but I also read thrillers, contemporary romances to balance out the serial killers/depraved villains, and dabble in historicals. Paranormal is the one subgenre I haven’t gotten into. And YA/NA… if I want post-college drama, I’ll look in the mirror, thanks :P.

  2. Jane

    Congrats on the upcoming release, Cynthia. Just read the excerpt on your site and I can’t wait to read “Mine to Take.” I enjoy a variety. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a murder mystery/romantic suspense and sometimes I want to pick a historical.

  3. JoAnne

    I love romances. I prefer romantic suspense, chick lit, contemporaries and historical – both Regency and those with cowboys.
    You’re a new to me author. I will have to look for your books. Sound like fun.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. June M.

    I love romances! I read everything from historicals to futuristic sci-fi, suspense, mainstream and erotic romances, m/f, m/m, menages, BDSM, and so much more. It all just really depends on my mood on the moment what I read at that time 🙂
    Btw, I am a fan of your books 🙂

  5. LSUReader

    Romance is the top genre I read. My favorite sub-genre is historical, but variety is good and I enjoy PNR/UF, contemporary and romantic suspense books, too. I also read mystery/thrillers and some non-fiction.

    So, a question for Cynthia who enjoys variety in her reading: what are the top three books waiting on your TBR stack?

    1. Cynthia Eden

      Right now, I’ve got these little lovelies at the top of my TBR list: Being Me (Lisa Renee Jones), Leopard’s Prey (Christine Feehan), and Entwined With You (Sylvia Day). I bought them all on my Kindle, but I’m not letting myself read them until I finish my latest WIP. Then–they will be my rewards!

  6. mathlady68

    I am addicted to romance novels. If you had told me a mere 5 years ago that I would be addicted to them, I would have laughed in your face. I was all about sci-fi and mystery before I accidently stumbled upon my first romance. I don’t have a preference. I read a little bit of everything. I have found that I really hate horror mixed with romance, yuck. When it’s sex, sex and more sex and there is no real storyline, yuck. Oh, and I don’t like true history books. I just plain fall asleep!

  7. Chelsea B.

    Oh, I am all KINDS of addicted to romance novels! I can read a horror novel and still find a romance in it. I’m always looking– and rooting– for the romance! 😉

    1. Cynthia Eden

      LOL, Chelsea, I do that, too! I tell my husband–there is romance in everything. Every time he takes me to see an action flick–there’s romance there. Romance rules!

    1. Cynthia Eden

      Oh, wow, I don’t know if I can’t pick just one favorite author! I’ve got so many! But…okay, if I *had* to pick, then I would go with Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick. Since she writes in all of the sub-genres that I love, she is always my go-to read!

  8. Rebe

    I definitely need a variety! And I’ve been dying to read Marna’s book! After what happened to her, I want to see her get her HEA.

  9. Christina G

    Romance. Its all good. I like a variety. Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Military men, Athletes, and Sci-fi (Cheryl Brooks yummy Cat’s).

  10. Linda

    Definitely a romance novel addict. I tend to read mainly historical romance & fantasy/sci-fi romance, Also some YA, Steampunk & PNR.

  11. sharonchalk

    I finished Avenging Angel the night it showed up on my Kindle,before the kindle was invented the day your books hit the bookstore they called me and I went up and got it and it was fast food for dinner and I stayed up all night,even though I knew I had to go to work,I just didn’t sleep lol. You have been my favorite author since the first time I ever read one of your books.It had 2 stories,one by you and one by Shelly Laurentson.That is when I fell in love with paranormal books and still today it is my favorite.I have a list of my favorite 10 authors and it changes all the time except you have been number 1 for 5 years straight.I tell anybody looking for a paranormal book to check you out,I love your angels but my favorites were the paranormal cops in New Orleans with Niol and you write the best demons and shapeshifters and vampire books,not only are they hot and steamy but the story sucks me in and I can’t put it down.The only book of yours I have that I have not read yet is the one you wrote last year for either silhoutte or harlequin,I can’t remember,but I need to check out the reviews to make sure they have some steam, because it just wouldn’t be a Cynthia Eden with no steam!!! ps I even started reading Rebecca Zanetti and Shelly Laurentson because you recommended it,thats how much I love your writingl!!!!!!!

    1. Cynthia Eden

      Sharon, you have just made my whole month!!! Thank you! Thank you!! I am so very happy that you enjoy my stories. And you totally had me laughing at the steam line–we need that steam, right? Thank you!!!!! I love, LOVE writing paranormals–I’m actually in the plotting stage for a new series right now. The first book will be called BLOOD IN MOONLIGHT, and it will have vamps and shapeshifters, and steam!

  12. sharonchalk

    ps Cynthia,I forgot my question,none of your paperbacks in the series that have Midnight Sins and gosh I feel so bad I can’t think of the series name,but one or two of the had Dr.Drake I believe and some of them were cops but the chief who was sleeping with the medical examiner was also paranormal,and Niol was in a few of them,they all took place in New Orleans and I should have gotten the list before I wrote this comment but I forgot,but Im sure you know what series I mean,my question is they date from like 2008 to 2011 but none of them are availible in paperback,do you know why and by chance do you know anywhere that would have them,I have most of them on my kindle but I really want the paperbacks to display in my living room bookshelf,if you don’t know anywhere or why you don’t need to answer,but if you know of anywhere I would be more grateful than words can begin to express thanks

  13. Felicia Smith

    Congrads Cynthia on your latest release!

    I’m just ‘slightly’ obsessed with romance novels. 🙂 My favorite genre is Paranormal. I have read a few contemps, but for the most part, my piles, and piles, and PILES of books (not thinking about my tbr books/ebooks list) consists mainly of PNR titles.

  14. Cloud

    Congrats on the release! I really, really need to start that series ><

    …I have to admit, I am very addicted to romance novels. And reading in general. The only books I don't read are westerns (and the majority of sci-fi). However, I'm usually caught with a romance book these days. I love all kinds of romance novels, though lately I've been reading mainly only paranormal and highlander ones. However, I'm bad at finishing my books. I tend to only finish reading the books that are series I really enjoy (because I end up re-reading the series when a new book comes out :P). So, I have a ton of books that I still need to read that are…starting to pile up on my bookshelf.

  15. CrystalGB

    Hi Cynthia. I am an avid romance reader. I like to read several of the romance subgenres. My tbr pile is huge. 🙂

  16. Diane Sallans

    My requirement for the large majority of my reading is a romance with an HEA – I’ll read a variety of sub-genre – historical, contemporary, paranormal – I love to read an engrossing story.

  17. Mary Preston

    There’s nothing quite like a romance novel to make your day complete. I love historical romances best, but will read all. I don’t always need a HEA.


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