James Fox Book Launch!

My friends! Big to-do’s at ALBTALBS today! Big ticket item up for grabs too, which is only fitting for a book launch. James Fox has visited with us before, which he mentions below. He’s awesome. And he’s here to guest and tell us about his book. Dust Pan Girl.



My name is James Fox. You might remember me from one of Lime’s “Men Who Love Romance” Series.

I have a brand new book out on Kindle, and I’d like to tell you about it. It’s called Dust Pan Girl and its a Suspenseful Thriller. I know that it is a little out of the ALBTALBS wheelhouse, but Lime likes me. (I just sent Her a box of cherries from my family’s farm in Oregon.)

[He did. It + they were really awesome. Apparently I can be bribed with fresh produce. … And cupcakes. >.> For those of you taking notes.]

This is a book that looks at young love’s most horrific conclusion. Janet and Cort were High School sweethearts. Janet got pregnant and had a little girl. She named her Comet since she saw a shooting star the night she was born. 8 years later Janet runs a small bakery. She is constantly being harassed by Cort for drug money. One night she says no to him and he pulls out a knife. Instead of stabbing Janet he looks down to see his knife in Comet. He runs off as Janet rushes Comet to the ER. She’s OK! She saved herself by carrying her most prized possession in her coat. An old metal Dust Pan.

A reporter happens to be in the ER at the time and takes a picture. The story quickly becomes big time news, and it brings to town a masterful con man. He goes on exacerbating the situation for his own profit.

This is a story about manipulation, threats, exploitation, and the incredible bond between a mother and daughter.

A young girl is stabbed in the dark by her own father. Her mother races her to the hospital only to find out she is okay. She saved herself by carrying her most prized possession. An old metal dustpan that she loves to play with in her coat. The story brings to the small town of Hood River Oregon a con man of unquestionable skill, who will exploit the situation for money.

So for my giveaway I just want one thing from you guys. Comments to this post. That’s it. No purchase necessary. No need for posting of reviews on Amazon. (But that’d be neat too.)

Lime will choose the winner herself on Monday, and send me your mailing address. You’ll need to check back on the comments page to see if you won. I will then snail mail you a $50 Visa gift card.

Thanks everyone and feel free to post as many times as you’d like. Posts can be about anything regarding my book.

So do you read suspense or thrillers? What questions do you have for James? He’s giving me carte blanche for picking the winner, so I have to let you know, I like comments with substance! I included the official book blurb for you as well, just to get things going. 🙂

33 thoughts on “James Fox Book Launch!

  1. bn100

    Like both genres. Why’s the dust pan the character’s prized possession and does she always carry it around with her?

  2. rissatoo

    I used to read both, but there’s so much dark in my life lately, I’m sticking to lighter fare. Romance, in most of its incarnations is fitting the bill. Maybe when things are on a more even keel I’ll be back…

  3. Evelyn

    I haven’t read any suspense or thrillers but your book sounds interesting. What is so special about the dust pan? Why did her mother put her in a dangerous situation?

  4. Dee

    Oh, I love thrillers and suspense novels. (I admit, I’m an Alex Cross fan from way back and Lincoln Rhyme made my day!) I’m curious too, why she loves her dust pan so much. But I have twin girls and I can’t begin to explain why they love the cardboard boxes they play with all the time.) Will the girl’s father be returning later in the book? What does the con man hope to gain? You have my attention, Mr. Fox. I’ll be looking for this one!


  5. James Fox

    It’s her non-toy.
    I came up with the idea while my daughter was helping me sweep up the kitchen. She held the Dust Pan and called herself Dust Pan Girl. The rest of the day she only played with that, even though she has a room full of toys

    It took me back to when I was a kid and I played with a cardboard box all day. I also use it to poke a little fun at superhero iconography.

    The crux of the plot is that Comet (Which is my daughters nickname) actually becomes the hero she imagined.

    1. James Fox

      Rissatoo I understand there are times when I want lighter fare. Which is why I’ll read romances.

      Evelyn Comet’s Mom Janet doesn’t intentionally put her daughter in danger. She never knows when or where her ex will show up looking for money.

      1. James Fox

        Dee the father plays a huge role in the book. The con man becomes interested when he sees the opportunity the news coverage affords. He tricks Janet the Mom into believing he is a reality TV producer and talent agent. When in fact all he is doing is exacerbating the situation to make money. He does this by selling interviews with Janet and Comet. Presells bogus merchandising rights, and so on.

        He is only interested in a quick buck, and is one of many characters that has no regard for Comet and Janet’s safety.

  6. Carla

    I tend to avoid horror, but I really enjoy mysteries, thrillers, and books with suspense. I tend to avoid anything that deals with the really dark, harsh side of life. I’m quite intrigued about the dust pan. Why does she have? What’s the circumstances she came to first be exposed to a dust pan? The question just keep coming.

    1. James Fox

      There are some real oh my gosh moments in this book, but there isn’t any gory bloodbaths. Actually there’s not really any harsh language. One of the lasting mysteries in the book is who is the greatest threat to Comet.

  7. June M.

    I do like suspense/thrillers at times and I share them with my father, who also enjoys them. I read some romances as a teen, but then got into suspense and mystery/thrillers. I actually only started reading romances again about 4 years ago. I do still love suspense/thrillers though too.
    I am very eager to find out why Comet likes the old metal dustpan so much, and to find out about the different characters of the story, Comet and her mom, the con man, etc. I can undersand boxes, all children seem to love them and they can be anything you can imagine. I guess a dustpan could be too though 🙂

  8. flchen1

    Great to “meet” you, James–I will have to go back and read your previous visit here 🙂

    As for suspense and thrillers, I do read them, but admittedly rarely mainly because I get spooked far too easily and I like sleeping at night (without all the lights in the house on ;)) I guess the bottom line is that I love a good story, and sometimes that’s a suspense story 😀

    It sounds like (from your prior visit) that you read romance as well as other genres, but this definitely isn’t romance. Would you consider writing a romance? Or even a romantic suspense?

    And has your wife read this? 🙂

  9. Susan Romito

    I do read and love romantic suspense – sure I would like it just as well without the romance (well, maybe!). Congrats on your book. Is this your first published book?

  10. mathlady68

    Oh my goodness, just your description has me all tied in knots! Saved by a dustpan? I don’t know if I could make it through the story. If it was adults messing with each other maybe but there is a child involved so I don’t know. What made you think of having her become the Dust Pan Girl? I find it an intriguing choice. Author’s always have the most interesting minds!

  11. James Fox

    Great Questions Everybody!

    OK so this is my first book that I’ve self published.

    I have a military Christmas romance WIP titled SUGAR COOKIES.

    I also have a romantic comedy WIP titled A NIGHT FOR ROMANCE, in that one four husbands on the losing end of a superbowl bet have to read their wives favorite romance books in one night. They blow it off, and the wives find out about it. They all wish for them to get caught up in their books, and that wish is granted by Cupid’s cousin Stu.

    I’m a little busy harvesting cherries, but I’ll be right back to work writing this fall.

    DUST PAN GIRL is my first and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

  12. James Fox


    It comes from when my daughter helped me clean up the kitchen. I was sweeping and she was using the dust pan. The rest of the day she played around calling herself DUST PAN GIRL.

    I used that as my basis for this story, and yes it is scary in parts.
    The question I try to answer in this book is what if an 8 year old was a real life superhero?
    I don’t mean magical powers or anything silly like that.
    Can you the readers see an 8 year old as a HERO?

    Don’t worry there’s a lot more in the story than just that one question.
    I actually based the plot timing on soap operas.

  13. Mary Preston

    DUST PAN GIRL is going to be a ripper of a read I’d say. James, I see that it’s Book one, how many books have you planned out for the series?

    I enjoy both thrillers and suspense.

    Thrillers creep into every fibre of my being. There is menace & evil to contend with.

    It’s the quiet creep of menace that holds me spellbound when I read suspense.

    I love cherries too.

    Sending you a virtual cupcake.

  14. James Fox

    Thanks for the virtual cupcake Mary Preston!

    This is book one of a trilogy.
    This first book is called Puppets. It’s about manipulation.
    The second book will be called Statues. It’s about indifference.
    The third book will be called The Dragon of Greed. You can probably guess what that’ll be about.

    I can also ship cherries in the continental US, but not overseas.
    You can email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
    Unfortunately small boxes thru the mail cost extra due to shipping.

    Remember you can get DUST PAN GIRL on Amazon now for $.99



    1. James Fox

      Hi Shelley S
      We have sweet cherries out here in Oregon. They usually grow sour cherries a lot further east than here.

      Thanks for saying the dust pan was a smart move, it seems to attract a lot of interest whenever anyone hears about it.

      The photo on my cover is actually a handmade Shaker dust pan that I think looks cool.

      1. James Fox

        Flchen1 Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner. Yes my wife has read it. She loved the resolution the climax provides.

        I launched my book on June 25th. The responses I’ve gotten have been positive. I asked my closest friends and family to not leave Amazon reviews. I think too many authors do that, and I want my reviews to be genuine.

        So far it’s been downloaded over 600 times. Which to me means it has some appeal.

        1. flchen1

          That’s fantastic, James! Congrats on the positive feedback so far–that’s hard to wait for 🙂 And YAY on your wife loving this too! You did mention that she doesn’t tend to read romance, but will she make an exception for your stories? (The ones you have in progress ;))

  16. LSUReader

    I’ve been enjoying suspense thrillers for years! I just finished Tami Hoag’s The 9th Girl. One of my very favorite reads this year is Suspect, by Robert Crais. Other favorite authors are Michael Connelly, Lisa Gardner, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, Harlen Coben and David Baldacci. Who are some of your favorites in the genre?

    I like the description of your book, James, especially the title character. The dust pan is such a unique add. (Of course, I would expect exceptional creativity from someone who sends Lime a box of cherries.) I was going to ask questions about your current projects, but other readers beat me to it! I love the sound of A Night for Romance.

    So, how about if I ask what you’re reading right now, and what are the top three books on your TBR list? Thanks for visiting with us.

    1. James Fox

      I just finished Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones. I’m starting Trust In Me by Dee Tenorio. Those are both for reviews on Tartsweet. (I got busy with harvest and they are a little late, apologies again to Lime.)

      My TBR list includes Redneck Romeo by Lorelei James, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick, Hunger Games Catching Fire, Into Your Arms by Abigail Strom.

      A Night For Romance should be out early next year, so I’ll have to keep sending Lime fresh produce. I was already planning on sending her some Forelle Pears later this fall.

    1. James Fox

      Patoct I love a good romance too.

      The Title is for a character named Comet Estevez. She fixates on an old metal dust pan while helping her mother clean her bakery. She starts going around calling herself Dust Pan Girl.

      The crux of the plot is what happens if she becomes the hero she imagines herself to be.

  17. John L. Evans

    Hello James. Interesting comments about your new book. Hope you have a lot of success with it. This may be the wrong procedure but I understand that you also review books on Kindle. I am hoping that you might find time to review my latest mystery/suspense novel: TO CATCH A KILLER. It went live on Kindle in November of this year. Hope to hear from you…John.


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