Happy [Belated] Birthday Holly!!! <3

I’m posting this from my phone at the hotel on 3G so forgive me. If there are issues I hope to fix them later! Xoxo

This month at Book Binge we’re hosting our second annual Digital-First Read-a-Thon. The idea is to read as many digital-first published books as possible throughout the month. To help people discover new digital reads, we share excerpts and offer giveaways. It’s a pretty fun time. Usually.

This month? I’m having a really hard time getting into the spirit of things. Why? Because I’m in the mother of all reading slumps. So far I’ve managed to read 3 books. Yes, 3. Normally by the middle of the month I’d have read triple that many.

I have no idea why I’m struggling to read. I want to read, but nothing sounds good. Historical? Meh. I burned out on those ages ago. Paranormal? Maybe..but what haven’t I already read? I’m kind of picky about paranormal when I’m not in a slump. Now that I am? Forget about it. I’m almost always in the mood for a good contemporary romance, but lately even those aren’t doing it for me.

For a few weeks I was really into NA (New Adult). I plowed through about 10 books and loved every single one of them. Even the ones I didn’t love, I still couldn’t get enough of (which I know makes no sense, but there it is). Sadly, I seem to have burned out on those, too. I’ve started four or five in the last week and nothing worked.

I’m a huge fan of re-reading. I re-read old favorites more than I read new books. Even that isn’t working for me this time. I’ve skimmed a couple of my old favorites, but I’m bored within minutes.

So what am I supposed to do now? I’m not really a t.v. watcher and I’ve tried other genres. I just can’t seem to get out of this funk.

What are your slump-busters? Do you have a go-to book or author? Or do you have some other method of getting yourself out of a funk?


And guess what?!? Holly is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card!!

So answer her question and give her ALL the (belated) birthday wishes! <3 

23 thoughts on “Happy [Belated] Birthday Holly!!! <3

  1. June M.

    Happy belated birthday Holly! Usually when I am in a reading slump, I try either a favorite author, or something that is totally different than my usual genres to read. If neither of these work (or anything you have already tried), I will take a break from reading and try something else for a week or so. Maybe a hobby that I have been wanting to try or something.

  2. Sharlene Wegner

    Happy belated birthday! Not sure if you are into women’s fiction, but I would highly recommend anything by Jill Mansell & would reread any of her books. Other favorite rereads would be Marissa de los Santos’ Love Walked In and Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani. And anything at all by Kristan Higgins.

  3. Tina B

    Happy Belated Birthday, Holly! I hope you had a good one. 🙂
    As far as reading slumps go for me, I will go through a few books sometimes until I find one that sucks me in. One of my favorite authors is Cynthia Eden and she does these PNR novellas that always keep me entertained. Their are short and sexy. She is one of my go-to authors when in a funk. I also just put the Kindle down for a few days and maybe play games or just catch up on FB/Twitter/the blogging world. Sorry to hear about your slump. Hopefully it will change soon for you. I will have to check out the Book Binge. Good luck!

  4. Diane Sallans

    Happy Birthday Holly! And here’s to many more!
    I have tons of books around, but sometimes still can have trouble sometimes selecting what I want to read (like having a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear!)
    To help get out of my slump I often go for a smaller book, like a lite romance, often an early book by a favorite author, and then I get to that lovely HEA quicker & may be back into a good reading mood.

  5. ki pha

    Happy b-lated birthday Holly! Well for me I’m at a slump at the moment and are looking into reading some new to me books/authors I’ve found. And yes, I love re-reading and re-skimming through books. That tends to get me going again and reading those new books my favorite authors have out.

  6. mathlady68

    Happy birthday! Bummer that you are having a reading slump on your birthday. I usually don’t reread whole books while I’m in a slump. I usually reread favorite scenes. I also try completely new authors. Try some of the free books from Amazon. And I will go to my favorite blog sites or talk to my reading friends and look for books they loved! Book slumps are just horrible!

  7. Mary Preston

    Happy Birthday Holly!!

    Re-reading old favorites works for me. I read books recommended by my daughter. Just one great book breaks the slump. I don’t worry about the slump. I know it will pass.

  8. H Raven Rose

    Happy Birthday~* #celebrate I am a re-reader also. I have diverse author loves, from Scott Westerfeld (his ‘Uglies,’ ‘Pretties,’ ‘Specials’ YA series, to sci-fi like the ‘Tripods’ or ‘Ender’s Game’ series and others. Sometimes I’ll go to something more literary, like Vonnegut or a classic author such as Jane Austen. I do find I get burned out on genres, and switch for variety. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy reading~*

  9. LSUReader

    Happy birthday, Holly. I’m participating in DFRAT again and hope things perk up for you soon.

    When I’m in a reading slump, I like to vary my book choices. Instead of romance, I’ll move to mysteries, thrillers or non-fiction for a while. Good luck!

  10. Aliquis

    Happy birthday Holly! Hi Lime!

    I hope your birthday was great, Holly! May your gift be a year of no reading slumps.
    My slump busters are historical romances by Christina Dodd or Eloisa James. Certain favorites by Lisa Kleypas or, Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie are all books I’ve read numerous times.

    What are yours?

  11. Christina G

    Happy belated Birthday, Holly! Hope you were spoiled and did at least one of your favorite things!!
    When I am in a reading slump I go for something funny. Julia Quinn if I’m in the mood for historical, Shannon Stacey is a good choice for contemporary and if I’m thinking paranormal then Larissa Ione’s Demonica series, Wraithe cracks me up!!

  12. Jane

    Happy Belated Birthday, Holly. My go to slump busters include old favorites from Lisa Marie Rice, Julie Garwood and Barbara Freethy.

  13. JenM

    Happy birthday! Both my niece and I are celebrating Bdays this week and we are together on vacation at the beach. No reading slump forme, I usually avoid them by mixing up what I read and tring not to read too many of one genre in a row. However, if I’m in a slump, I usually read non-fiction. That always seems to fix it.

  14. Limecello Post author

    Happy happy belated birthday, Holly!! I hope you had a lovely vacation! 🙂
    [Sorry to hear the water park didn’t go so well today :X]

    May you have a wonderful year full of winning reads. 😀
    … And well behaved, helpful children. 😛

  15. flchen1

    Oh no, Holly! Not the dreaded slump!

    I think that’s never any fun, and I agree with a lot of other commenters about what to try to rediscover your joy in reading… I do tend to try to re-read favorites, or I’ll try anthologies, since often the shorter stories are easier to sink into in a shorter time… Or I might see if I have something that I have on the TBR that’s from an author I’ve either already loved or have had highly recommended to me and try that. (I did that recently with several of Julie James’s FBI/US Attorneys, and WOW!) Or I might pull something random-ish off the TBR and see if that clicks… (sometimes that backfires, and I find myself really panning something because I’m not really in the mood for it ;))

    Or you might try a different format? Audiobooks seem to really work well for some people, and you can enjoy them while walking, running, or cleaning house 🙂

    I do hope you’ll stumble across the book that’ll break your slump and that you’ll soon be back at your usual pace of book devouring, Holly! And a very happy belated birthday, and many, MANY happy reads to you this year!

  16. Evelyn

    Happy Belated Birthday Holly! My go to authors are Laura Kaye, Bella Andre, Kristen Proby and Tessa Bailey. I can reread their books over and over again especially when I am in a slump.

  17. Kim

    Lauren Dane is my go to for a great reread. She never lets me down. I love these kinds of question. It’s a great way to learn about authors you haven’t read before!

  18. Chelsea B.

    Sometimes when I’m in a funk I don’t read for awhile. Then I miss it so much I’m like, “How did I wind up in a reading slump????”
    Happy (very) belated birthday! 😉


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