Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Lovedust and Trailblazers by Davee Jones

Hi friends! Today we have excerpts in triplicate from Davee Jones! (Who also writes as Allee Mae). I’ll separate them out and we’ll see how this goes. Whee!

Young Marine, Josiah Samuels, was sent home from the Korean Conflict and honored with a Purple Heart for the shrapnel wounds across his chest. Although he proudly served his country, he lived on a daily basis haunted by the sights and sounds of warfare.

As a cattle rancher, he raised stock for local rodeos and lived a simple life of solitude. But, the loneliness and the void the war created in his chest began to overwhelm him.

Then, because of a “cow emergency”, he met Minnie Mitchell, a spitfire neighboring rancher who finished veterinary school in a time when few women were even admitted to University veterinarian programs. She faced her own obstacles in running her family’s cattle operation and finding a job as a vet in stereotypical 1950’s Oklahoma.

Minnie passionately rattled Josiah’s world in ways he previously only dreamed. Now, together, these Trailblazers must find a way to keep Minnie close to the family ranch…and Josiah’s loving arms.

“’Course, there’s no way Will Rogers knew about Korea, he died way before it started. But, that’s how I feel about it. They want to call it a darn conflict and make it sound better. I wasthere and when those bullets zinged by my ears, I knew something was up. After I got blasted with shrapnel shot, I knew for sure.” He regretted his decision to bring up the war, especially after he promised himself before the drive he would leave the matter alone.

Their plates and cups empty, they sat oblivious to the waning crowd of the café. The waitresses and cooks had already begun the nightly cleanup for closing. “I don’t know if you ever told me you got shot, Josiah.” Minnie’s eyes welled with tears at the blatant emotional toll the war had on Josiah. “I did notice the scars…but just barely.”

As if embarrassed by his sudden display of emotion, Josiah rubbed his eyes and smiled, changing the subject. “Now, the other sayin’ I like is, ‘Lettin’ the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than getting’ it back in.’ I’ve never tried it, but imagine it’d be a real doozy of a show. Of course, I know he wasn’t talkin’ literally.”

“I bet you could sell tickets to that.” Minnie grinned appreciatively. “Will Rogers had quite a way with words, I’ll agree with you there, Josiah.”

Josiah then noticed the cleaning efforts of the café staff. “I guess we better skedaddle. Looks like these folks are ready to go home. Are you finished with your coffee?”

Minnie nodded affirmatively. “Yes, this has been wonderful and topped the day off perfectly. Thank you.” She slid out of her seat at the booth as she spoke, continuously facing Josiah’s direction.

Josiah impulsively grabbed her hand as they exited the café. “I appreciate visiting with you, Miss Minnie. Made their pie even better.”

Minnie squeezed his hand tightly in response. “It was so good, I might just have to come back here tomorrow, seein’s how you were such good company that I forgot all about bringing my pa back something.”

“Oh, no, I bet they would still box something’ up, should I go back in?” Josiah stopped walking, interrupting both their strides, a look of mild concern spread across his features.

“Nah, it’s quite alright. Pa will be snoring until the morning. He wasn’t really expecting me to bring anything back to him tonight.”

“If he is sleepin’, then, he might not notice what time we get back to the house, right?” A mischievous glow replaced all traces of concern from Josiah’s face. He opened the driver’s side door and stepped back to allow Minnie to enter from his side.

“Takin’ the direct approach this time for me sittin’ next to you, huh?” Minnie almost teased him.

“I shore am, now hop on in there.” Josiah lightly tapped her fanny playfully as she hauled herself up into the cab of the truck.

After she situated herself in the seat, she directed her smoky gaze toward him settling in behind the steering wheel. “Is that a way of tellin’ me you want to bend me over your lap and spank me, Cattle-Man?”

“Just like Desi gets after Lucy, it looks like it could be fun.” Josiah referenced the popular sitcom I Love Lucy, his voice full of amusement.

“We might just have to try that sometime.” She continued her smoldering stare in his direction. “Every girl needs a good spanking once in a while.”

Josiah’s eyes widened as if numerous naughty possibilities flooded his imagination. “If Newt is sound asleep, would you like to take a little detour on the back roads? I know several places tucked off the road we could get a nice view of the night sky.”

“We can stop, but I don’t know how much I’ll be paying attention to the sky. Watching your mouth working over your fork made me a little jealous for your lips.”

“It never ceases to amaze me just how much of a straight-shooter you are.” The appreciation in Josiah’s words dripped heavily in his tone. He turned the truck on and shifted it into gear with an undeniable sense of urgency.

As soon as they hit the city limits and the darkness overtook the back country road, Minnie made a bold move. She slipped off her shirt and threw it onto the dashboard. “I’m not wasting any time here Cattle-Man.”

Josiah pressed the accelerator a bit harder, tempering the need to drive with caution on those gravel roads against his growing desire.

“I’m going to try something, Josiah. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I do. You’ve never given me reason not to.”

Minnie stretched across the seat, lying on her side, placing her head in his lap. She rubbed his stiffening cock through the tight denim of his jeans. She pressed her face against the erection behind the fabric and blew hot air straight in through the fibers.

“Oh, my goodness, Minnie, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting a second helping of dessert, now just relax.” Minnie unfastened his belt buckle slowly, attempting to get to his button and zipper. Alternating the actions of her fingers with her mouth, she teased Josiah’s arousal through his tight white underwear.

“Minnie, I’m gonna have to pull over, I can’t drive while you are in my lap.” He drove another mile and found a secluded pull off.

By the time he parked and shoved the engine into park, Minnie had made her way to the sensitive skin of the tip of his rock hard penis. “Oh, Cattle-Man, you really need to wear looser pants. I can’t get to what I want.” She licked the exposed tip with her tongue, still sweetly tasting of pie, yet now mingled with his tangy essence.

Josiah greedily grabbed for her breasts through the lace of her bra. Kneading and groping with the finesse of a teenager. He lost all sense of maturity as he squeezed her small, pert nipples.

“That’s it, Josiah, lose yourself with me, we need this.” Minnie pleaded with him.

Davee said that “Lovedust and Trailblazers is an erotic romance based in the 1950’s.” So what’d you think? If you liked it you can buy a copy here. 😀

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