Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: The Skin Stalker by Davee Jones

Told you! Here’s post two of three from Davee Jones! 😀 And of frakking course the formatting isn’t playing nice, so I’ve developed an eye-twitch and am giving up. It doesn’t detract from the rest of the post though! So here’s what Davee sent!

The Skin Stalker is a paranormal thriller with romance story undertone. No explicit sexual situations, but, does include some mild violence.

Joelle unknowingly unlocked a portal to a demon- The Skin Stalker- who wants to vanquish her humanity and create a new demon hybrid with her using her former lover, Colin. Although she tried to forget him, Colin continued to break her heart from a distance, making her vulnerable. The Skin Stalker began brutally murdering Colin’s “girlfriends”, setting him up as the prime suspect-but does Joelle really care if Colin rotted away in jail?
Using a softball equipment bag and public dumping grounds, The Skin Stalker morbidly disposed of his victims, celebrating the notoriety, and his ability to stump the police. A unique blue “tattoo” behind Joelle’s ear carries the key to her connection to the paranormal realm. Can an average woman actually conquer a demon?
Set around the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Denver, Colorado, Blue Ink takes you inside the mind of a demon and the woman who must stop him.

Maria ascended a few more feet before she needed another drink of her bottle. She stopped for a moment, and gripped the rope to steady herself. Sascha watched from her belay position on the ground. “Hey, are you okay, babe?” Sascha felt horrible and seemed to be getting worse with every passing minute.

Maria could not see Sascha and did not make the connection that she was not the only one who was ill, so, she attempted to feign wellness and excitement to finish the climb. “Super, baby, never better, watch and learn, it will be you next.”

Not wanting to spoil the good time for Maria, Sascha did not reveal how sick she was really becoming. Sascha maintained confidence she could safely belay for Maria and would not allow her to fall. Sascha took the opportunity to take another drink to quench her parched mouth while Maria took her water break. They both hesitated for another minute or so before Maria began climbing again.

Slowly, Maria inched up the face, her movements deliberate. Sascha blinked in an attempt to focus on her partner. The poison worked gradually, shutting the energy down in each of them. Maria decided she needed to bail from the climb, as she simply could not finish. It had taken forty-five minutes to get where she was when she should have been at the top. “I’ve got a bummer here, I need to stop.” Maria attempted to yell down to Sascha. However, her mouth was so dry; her words came out in a hoarse whisper. What should have been an easy hold became a “bummer”, a difficult hold that was rubbing her hands raw.

Maria finally looked down to Sascha. Even from her distance up the face of the rock, she observed Sascha looked peculiar as well. “Are you okay?” Maria choked out. Sascha looked up, her stance wobbling at the movement to look skyward. Maria felt fear in her gut as the rope loosened from Sascha’s instability. “Hey!” Maria forced out.

Maria’s exertion, combined with her fear, increased her heart rate, dizzying her equilibrium. Sascha watched Maria feebly holding onto the rope as she worked to tighten her grip, “I’ve….got…you, babe.” Sascha answered Maria’s fearful address. Sascha felt unstable on her feet, and suddenly the world turned black. Dots danced in the place of the rock and she spun sideways in an attempt to hold the rope.

Maria watched Sascha collapse as she screamed in horror, her hands, red and raw from gripping too tightly, began to bleed. The slippery blood, combined with her increasing dizziness, interfered with her ability to hold onto the crevice and she peeled away from the face. She screamed for the brief time she fell to the ground. She thumped loudly when she landed only a few feet from Sascha.

They lay unconscious on the ground, their bodies still twitching from the effects of the poison. With each spasm, The Skin Stalker felt a surge of energy. With inhuman speed, he gathered up their water bottles, the partial gallon of spiked sports beverage, and their bodies. He left the climbing equipment on the ground and left their car in the parking lot. This time, The Skin Stalker had an SUV parked closely to the scene.

The Skin Stalker had softball equipment bags in the back of the cargo area. Before they succumbed to rigor mortis, he folded each of them, one at a time, into a separate equipment bag. He folded their arms across their small, yet muscular chests. Sascha’s head lolled forward, a stream of saliva escaping through partially open lips. He punched a small blue dot, with a fountain pen, into the skin behind each of their right ears. “Colin’s tattoo…” The Skin Stalker growled. Right before he zipped the bags shut, he tied plastic bags over each of their heads to ensure suffocation. Maria’s body jerked a few times in response to the lack of oxygen, a rare panic-like reaction her body emitted.

The Skin Stalker left the area undetected. He drove back toward Denver, deciding to leave one bag in a remote location in Castle Rock. He had previously located a rarely used softball field on the western edge of the Denver suburb. He unloaded Maria’s equipment bag-entombed body into the visitor’s team dugout. He was in and out of the park in less than three minutes.

He needed a special location for Sascha. He wanted her body found more quickly than Maria’s. He had a few choices and his decision depended upon the solitude of the field. During the weekday, the softball fields should be primarily empty, but it was the Mr. Moms and stay at home moms frequenting nearby parks that had him concerned for disclosure.

The Skin Stalker took a bypass around Denver toward the western edges of the city. He found a baseball field just outside of Evergreen. The sign read “Buchanan Field.” Very few people inhabited this park during the week. He moved quickly to unload Sascha’s body into the home dugout.

He briefly unzipped the bag and took in the bluish hue of her skin. He smiled at his work and decided to remove the plastic bag from her face. He wanted to baffle the crime scene investigators at least for a few minutes. He swiftly cut away the bag and allowed her head to drop at an unnatural angle against her chest. He put the plastic bag in his trench coat pocket and zipped the equipment bag back up.

He whistled as he walked away undetected from the dugout, got into the SUV, and drove away. He looked down to his gnarly fingers as he drove and smirked as he turned one hand palm up. His skin was smooth, like a snake’s belly. He had no fingerprints.

He rolled the window down slightly and threw the plastic bag out the window littering the beautiful landscape. The Skin Stalker knew the bag would never be traced back to him; probably not back to Sascha either. Throwing it out was just one more way to degrade the society he hated so much. “You are all corrupt and trash, just like that bag.” He sneered at the air.

He wanted to be close to Colin when he saw the news reporting the grisly discovery of Sascha and her partner, Maria. He believed the look of confusion on his face would be priceless, especially when he learned he was only a plaything for little Sascha.

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    Yes I love Teasers! This one was great, along with the others 🙂 of course. What I would like to see in the future??? Hmmm I don’t know, you’re doing a really good job at everything so I have know idea. And yes I do know that book covers also have a buy link whenever available, I think that’s what you’re saying. I always attach a buy link to a book cover whenever I’m showcasing a book on my blog.


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