Social Media for Social Good (SMSG) on Make a Difference Day

My friends, today is Make a Difference Day. It’s the last Saturday of October each year. You might remember my SMSG charity drives. I planned on starting it today. (I still hope to have the post go live at some point today.) But we all know how the best of intentions go. Beyond that, this year is a little different … in that I was certain I knew what charity I wanted to support. I had everything planned out … and some of the information I had was lost, but more, the people I interacted with were terrible.

The focus of SMSG13 is Human Trafficking. This is a terrible global problem. I myself have seen girls we believe are victims of human trafficking at work. The FBI has been involved, and it’s complicated. Tragic. Worse? Oftentimes the individuals who are victims of human trafficking themselves pick up criminal charges and records … and worse they stick. (That’s yet another issue.)

In a way this is some crowd sourcing. At this point I’m leaning heavily towards Love 146. Other organizations I had looked into were UN-GIFT (The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking. But I tried to contact them numerous times, called both the DC and NY office, and had a horrible experience. The NY girl was nicer, but useless – initially rude but better, but the DC girl (who I called first) almost gave me an aneurysm. So, you know. I had also considered the International Justice Mission. (I also researched at least 6 other charities, but you know, let’s stay focused.)

The difficult part is finding a charity that does international work, is as non-offensive as possible, has excellent ratings, and transparency. And of course, is an actual registered non-profit.

Which takes us to our next question. I was thinking of partnering with Crowdrise – I heard of them through a fundraiser DJ Tiesto did for (RED). Otherwise… through paypal? The latter requires you to trust me – that I’ll donate all fund for SMSG. (Which of course, I would do. And post the final lump sum donation.) I’m trying to get rates – although I think the trust is a bigger issue.

In short – would any of you be interested in or willing to pledge? I hope to get the “main page” up later today. Anyone who makes a pledge before that happens gets his/her named listed on that post.


  • Will you (or anyone you know) be willing to make a donation pledge?
  • Do you have a particular international charity that targets Human Trafficking in mind that you feel very strongly about/more than Loe 146?
  • How should we do the donations? Crowdrise or paypal?

ETA: At the moments, I have 3 pledges.
Shiloh Walker will donate $50, and if we hit 100 comments on the charity drive post, another $50, for a total of $100.
SpazP will donate $50
has pledged

And … of course I’m donating. I’m thinking a dollar per comment definitely on the first day, maybe the first week depending. I want to donate $600. And I realize things are tough. I made less than $7K last year, so I know it’s not easy to donate. Seriously, any amount is awesome. $5 instead of a cup of coffee or a meal out? Totally appreciated. <3

*ETA: I decided to close comments to end confusion on which post should be used to count comments. Also, I decided to go with a Crowdrise because I plan on asking anyone to donate, and friends of friends etc wouldn’t be as likely to donate to some random paypal account I’m thinking. I’ll figure out something for paypal if Crowdrise doesn’t accept it.

9 thoughts on “Social Media for Social Good (SMSG) on Make a Difference Day

  1. denise

    I’m not in a position to donate as this time, but I think it’s a worthy cause to support. Best Wishes!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Thanks Denise! When the post goes live it’ll be a comment drive, so if you’d be willing to comment – and maybe pass on the word that’d be amazing.

  2. sharonchalk

    I would donate because I know a family this happened too and it was horrendous,but I go with paypal because I have no idea what crowdrise is,and as I only check my computer every other day or so could you make it so the donations drive can last more than just 24 hours because some people like me don’t have time to get on the computer every day,Im sure you know better than me how difficult that can be!!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Sharon – crowdrise is something like paypal … or just a third party, but they facilitate fundraisers for 501c3s … as in if you want to raise money for a cause they’ll do that, but have handling fees. (Just like paypal).
      And thank you! I know you’ll see when the “real” post goes live. <3

      It is horrible isn’t it? 🙁 If you’d like to share any information or have anything to add I’d be more than happy to have you guest.

  3. rissatoo

    I’ll pledge to donate, Limecello. Don’t know how much (depends on the bills), but I will. I don’t have a preference in method, nor which charity, but I trust you to do right by us. 🙂
    And, of course I’ll comment/share when the time comes!

    1. Limecello Post author

      xoxo rissatoo! Thank you! <3 And I totally understand wanting to wait – especially with how crazy things are with the government and economy. >:(

      Oh also, is there a profile/page or anything you want me to link your name to? Or no? [And thank you again!!]

  4. Tina B

    I would like to donate, but cannot pledge an exact amount at this time.
    I think this is a fabulous cause! I use PayPal, so I like that one better, but will go with whichever you choose.
    I will also help spread the word!

  5. Limecello Post author

    Hi friends! Closing comments because the official post is now live:

    Also I’m working with Crowdrise** to create a fundraising page, just to keep everything above board, and hoping it’ll inspire more people to comment – friends, relatives, etc, who would – I imagine – being more comfortable giving to the charity instead of some “Limecello’s paypal page.”


    **barring any unforeseen issues.

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