Special Guest Author & A Giveaway: Shannon McKenna!!!

You guys! I cannot believe it’s already December! I can’t think about it. It’s also 2:23 AM and I kinda feel like I want to die but I have to get this done because it’s Shannon McKenna!!! Meltdown  and Out of Control are like two of my most favorite romances ever. If you’ve never read them, you must. Must. But anyway, I got Shannon to visit with us today, and she’s our special author of the month, and can you believe it – the last one of 2013!! Eep! But way to end on a high note, right? 😉 I had the chance to meet Shannon a few years ago and she is delightful.

Ms. McKenna opted for an “Author Interview” so … here we go! (I hope you enjoy – one of them made me cackle snort. :X)

Standing in the ShadowsHi, Lime! Thanks so much for inviting me to be on your delightful blog! I’m so pleased to be here! And hello to all of you reading!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done for research? what’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned while doing research? In general, or for this book?‬
Well, gee. I have been playing around with this mind control trope for several books now, because it fascinates me, and it’s a metaphor for the way I fear we are already being controlled, in subtle and not so subtle ways, by the media, by our addiction to our devices and our social media, etc. I have been unnerved by the ways we are expanding our mental function with devices, and I doubt it will stop there. My fantasies about neuroscience allowing people ever deeper into each other’s heads, challenging the very basic premise of what it is to be a human being, are becoming more possible every day. A couple months ago, I found this article.

I was so horrified! We as humans are just not ready to go where this research will inevitably take us (if it hasn’t already gone there, long ago!) No matter how many innocent applications this research might have, I am sure that greedy, opportunistic people are rubbing their hands together and thinking “ka-ching.” I call myself a “lazy conspiracy theorist,” which is to say, plenty paranoid, but I don’t really have the time to do the research to be a proper conspiracy theorist, having book deadlines and small children. So mostly, I’m left with just the sense of creeping menace, but no hard facts to back it up. So what do I do? I make up crazy stories about my worst nightmares, and then create heroes and heroines to defeat them utterly and rescue us all. Works for me.

Out of ControlHostile alien invasion, or zombie apocalypse? Which one do you think is more likely to happen? Which one is scarier?
Alien invasion, no contest! I do not stay awake nights worrying about either one, because I believe we are doing an admirable job of destroying our world and ourselves without any help at all from zombies or aliens, but I think that it is almost a certainty that there are other beings out there. The only reason I don’t say “an absolute certainty” is because I have not seen them with my own eyes. But the universe is so huge. It makes no sense, that we would be the only ones—but they must be so different from us, their agenda so unfathomable and unknowable. And they would probably also have the same personality ranges, from saintly good to twisted evil that we have here on Earth—why wouldn’t they? I believe there is always roughly the same percentages of people in any given place who are either doing their best to be kind and decent, or else just looking out for number one. With a handful on the far ends of the spectrum, a few noble righteous heroes, a sprinkling of hideous monsters. Can you tell I love sci fi? Heh.

A twisted fairy offers you perfect health. You’ll never be sick or get a migraine again. The catch is you’ll break a bone every three years until your 70th birthday. Nothing crippling, but still a break. (Anything from a femur to your pinky toe.) Do you take the offer?
Hell, no! I’ll take my chances with colds and flu and whatever else happens! And what about after I’m seventy? I hope to live to be a hundred! That’s a long time that I wouldn’t be covered! A whole generation! (I had a great aunt that lived to be 104. My great grandmother died at the age of ninety-four after having eighteen children. Who knows if I inherited their tough Ukrainian sinews or not? Only time will tell.

All About MenWhat five dead authors would you invite to a dinner party if you could?
Charlotte Bronte, Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Parker, Louisa May Alcott and Sappho. Big hen party. Wow, what a mix.

Do you have any writing rituals or superstitions? Either for before you begin a book, while you’re writing it, or around the time the book is released?
Not a lot of them, but I am very nervous about talking about a book to anyone before I have at least finished a first draft, as if the energy of another person’s attention could derail that delicate point of contact between my subconscious mind and the blank page. It’s so important to be able to write bad, stupid horrible shit without being judged for it—the minute someone looks at the writing, they start to have opinions that need to be fended off. It’s a mysterious thing.

Assume reincarnation. You have the power to bring Hitler back as any animal/creature you want for his next ten lives. What do you pick? (Or would you switch it up? And if so, what?)
Wow, that’s tough! Ten lives? That would hardly be enough to work out the karma that guy took onto himself! But it’s a complicated question, because he was totally insane. My first thought is that he should definitely be reborn into lives in which he has to experience just what he dished out, but that is problematic, since it requires envisioning more concentrated cruelty. My mind boggles at the task. Maybe I’d just take him back to animal form. Let him be an ox, pulling a heavy plow for a hundred lives or so, and then a sheep chewing on the grass a few hundred more. Just let him take a big, loooonnnggg time out, and chill the hell out before he tries again with human form.

Tasting FearWhat is one question you always wish as an author people would ask but nobody ever does?
I don’t believe in having expectations, insofar as it is humanly possible. (This is my ideal, zen-calm self! I realized, as soon as I wrote that, that I have all kinds of expectations; about toilet seats being put down, and undies getting into the laundry, and homework getting done on time, and violins getting practiced, and people obeying traffic signals, but hey. I try) Longing for validation from people is just setting myself up for suffering and pissiness, and dissatisfaction in general. I’m just happy that people read my books. They don’t need to have any curiosity about me or my process at all, as long as they enjoy the end result!

If you were a serial killer, who would be your target? And what would be your modus operandi? [What would be your “calling card,” and what memento from each victim would you take?] (Is your target = old men, young men, school children, college aged women, etc.)
Um. Blinking, stupidly. I just can’t go there! I tried to watch Dexter, because I think that actor is brillaint, but I just couldn’t bond with a guy that would do that. And I do plenty of blood and guts in my stories, too! This is a tough one, because I have really internalized the concept that curses come home to roost tenfold, so you better watch out what you put out there into the universe. I’m such a wuss! I don’t want to take any chances!

Another issue is, if I create a character, I have to be able to love him or her, probably because s/he is just another facet of myself. I can’t imagine an instance in which I could love a serial killer. My imagination just won’t stretch that far! It thwacks right back in my face, like a rubber band! (ouch!)

Baddest Bad BoysTell us two truths and a lie. (The catch is you’ll have to tell us what the truth is eventually in the comments. :D)
Let’s see . . . My favorite kid’s book is Anne of Green Gables. I love sexy high-heeled shoes. And I grew up in a in a hippie enclave, in a fragrant cloud of smoke.

Who/what is your favorite cartoon character of all time? Why?
Letterman, from The Electric Company! Who’s faster than a rolling O, more powerful than silent E, and able to leap capital T in a single bound? God, I loved that show when I was little. It taught me to read early, which influenced my destiny!

You have to listen to only one genre of music for the rest of your life. What do you pick?
Classic sixties and seventies rock. I just love the stuff. Gimme that old time rock and roll—that kinda music just soothes the soul!

You have the opportunity to be part of any TV show for one episode. (One that is on or off the air.) Which one do you pick, and what is your role?
I want to be in Prison Break . . . I want to be rescued by dreamboat Michael, mmmmm, and then break him out of prison with my intrepid brilliance, and go live with him on a desert island forever. Hell with Sarah. She was such a sad sack, always moping around. Kick her to the curb. Recast it, with me, me, me! Ahem. (cough)

What’s the most unique/strange silly skill your possess?
I can make a seriously awesome pancake man with chocolate chip eyes for my kids. Or a pancake teddy bear, too, when put to it. I have even been known to make pancake aliens, to return to the alien theme. I guess I have an affinity for aliens.

One Wrong MoveWhat’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you at school? What about at a conference?
I haven’t been to enough conferences to have embarrassments to recount, sadly, but how about the time I was caught reading a very erotic spoof of the Lord Of The Rings that I’d picked up from home, on my playground during recess, in the second grade. I believe the playground monitor caught me reading a very spicy interlude between Dildo Baggins and the seductive Queen of the Elves. They called my parents. Very bad scene. It was pretty embarrassing for my mother, but I think I weathered it all right. And just look how I turned out in the end! (cackling)

Which fairy tale would you most like to be in? least? Why? Which character would you want to be?
I’m really fascinated these days by the tale of the Frog Prince. I recently read this essay about zen meditation that talked about the trope of “finding the golden ball,” which requires the collaboration of some unattractive or scary or icky creature from the watery depths, like the frog, or the scary witch, or whatever; it depends on the culture, and the version of the tale. The essay asserts that around the age of eight or so, we lose that “golden ball” which represents the wonder and innocence of our childhood, and then we spend the rest of our adulthood trying to recuperate the mature version of that marvel and wonder. But in order to do so, we must make peace with the deep, scary, wild, unattractive aspects of ourselves which come from the barren wilderness or the cold watery depths. We have to kiss the frog, so to speak. So I’m just here to state, to everyone concerned, that I’m fully ready to kiss any and all frogs who come along. I want that golden ball. I really, really want it. It’s why I’m a writer. It’s why I love this crazy stuff so much. Not only do I want my own golden ball—I want my stories to help everyone else find their golden balls, too. Golden balls for everyone!

Thanks for the wacky and wonderful questions, Lime! I wish everyone many wonderful books and magical golden balls charged with wonder and mystery (Christmas balls, too!) for the holiday season to come!

Thanks so much for being such a good sport, Shannon! Now, I want to know – have any of you read Shannon McKenna’s books before? Do you like romantic suspense? And books with a lot of heat? (Sexytimes of omg yes.)

Fatal StrikeLara Kirk lives in a shadowy world where reality and fantasy are one. Her captors have poisoned her body with concoctions that enhance psychic abilities – and they seem to be working. To escape, Lara has formed a deep attachment with a man whose virile, sensual presence in her mind is her only comfort. She’s not even sure if he’s real – until the six-foot-five-inch powerhouse bursts in to rescue her…Once freed, Lara has no choice but to trust Miles with her life as they run from enemies too twisted to imagine. But they’re also fighting a dangerous attraction that could kill – or save – them both. Either way, it’s going to be a hell of a ride…

And pssst One Wrong Move is on sale right now for just $1.99! Amazon tells me that’s 75% off! Come on – I saw you ogling that cover. Admit it. 😛

You know the drill – ask Shannon any question you like. Be it about her books, writing, or you know, try to top one of the crazy ones I asked her. 😉 I like being entertained. And someone will win a copy of Fatal Strike! Yay! And so you know what you might be getting…

22 thoughts on “Special Guest Author & A Giveaway: Shannon McKenna!!!

    1. Shannon McKenna

      It was interesting! But I could never invite friends home from school. There was always, well, you know, something green slowly drying in the oven or something. I think all and all, I was fortunate! I got to skinny dip a lot . . .

  1. martha lawson

    I really don’t have a question for Shannon. I just want to say I love, love her books. They are all awesome. Thanks for the chance to win one.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  2. sharonchalk

    Well Shannon,Lime forgot to ask you which was the lie,part of me thinks the hippie commune and part the high heels and though part of me says the hippie commune is the lie,but Im gonna go with that you love to wear sexy high heels,because I to would love to wear sexy high heels,but I know I would fall and hurt myself and Im very much a good ole rock and roller and though I wans’t a hippie,I sure hung around with a lot of them lol and if your mom let you read a sexy Lord of the Rings in 2nd grade,she was probably a pretty mellow mom lol,I too am a sci if geek big time,sometime I would love to see you write a book where some aliens who share some of our chromosomes and we some of theirs and they are much more powerful than us but curious as to why we have such similarities and of course one of the aliens falls in love with one of us humans and what they go through to be together as of course its verbotem but they get their happy ever after in one book!!!! I have to stop there or else Ill be writing the book here in the comments and Im full of ideas but Im not a good writer my brain gets ahead of my fingers too much,but I like everyone else would love to win your new book because there is nothing better than a great romance with some sci fi or paranormal thrown in !!!!!!!

    1. Shannon McKenna

      Damn, Sharon, it really sounds like you should write your alien book! My brain gets ahead of my fingers too. your fingers just have to keep plodding along! The lie is the high heels, sorry to say. I am SUCH A WEENIE about high heels. I’m a crunchy birkenstock granola hippie mama all the way. Sorry to disillusion you! hah! And my mom did NOT know I was reading the erotic LOTR spoof! Though she was, in fact, quite mellow. And I’m so pleased you’re looking forward to my book! I love a little sci fi or paranormal thrown into a story, too. I just go for that. Hugs to you! And start writing! God, if I can do it, so can you!

      1. sharonchalk

        Shannon,I wrote it wrong,my vote was that you were lying about wearing high heals lol,so you see thats why I have trouble writing,I have it so clear in my mind,but when it come to paper,it doesn’t do it write,and I guessed the hippie commune by your age lol,cause I was right at the end of that generation and as you know the 70’s was a big UFO time in our history,I mean Star Trek and Dr. Who and my imagination took off,see what I need to a “ghost”writer,it would not have to be corpeal as long as it could type,lol, but what I hate is when Im reading someone else’s book and I start to add my own story into it and suddenly realize that the last few pages were not what the author wrote,but what I imagined,thats my litmus test as to whether a book is good or not,if I can stay with the book and not make up my own story in their story,then their story is good.Just so you know,so far I have not done that with your books,I read them as they are and don’t add my own in so thats a good compliment,but hey if you ever hit a writers block so bad you start to bang your head into the wall,just contact me and I can give you some great ideas and then you can expand on it and make it a book worth reading and it would still be 100% your book because you would have to do all the hard work ,the writing,I could just be that little voice that says wouldn’t it be so cool if…… I mean I am a total paranormal steamy book reading freak,but I have to admit that there is very little sci-fi steamy good books out there (the ones with 8 tentacles don’t count lol) maybe someday Ill become psychic and can beam these ideas to you and you will think you thought them and you will write them and I will be in Nirvana reading them LOL Keep up the good work

    1. Shannon McKenna

      We just did the most awesome “presepe” that is nativity scene, yesterday, though my kids and husband did most of the work. This huge mountainous scene with a well (real running water! with a pump!) a flickering fire in the cave with the Holy Family, trees and waterfalls and a lake (the kids stole my hand mirror) So yeah! I guess the answer to that is hell yes, we do. Bigtime. (wiping sweat from my brow)

  3. Phuong

    My only question for Shannon would be if there are any more books in the McCloud series or if there are any plans for a new series? I have read all of Shannon’s book except her newest one. Thanks for giveaway 🙂

    [email protected]

    1. Shannon McKenna

      Hi, Phuong! My WIP, Sam and Sveti’s story, will be the last in the McCloud saga! I can promise I’ll write series again, because I love the momentum, and I love having a hook into the next book from the last. But I don’t have anything specific planned yet. So glad you like my books!

    1. Shannon McKenna

      Hi, Kim H! Glad you like the steam! I would say characters come first, although a plot can certainly suggest characters. Gosh, that’s kinda hard . . . I blunder my way through it so blindly.

    1. Shannon McKenna

      Hi, Donna. The hardest part? Hah! Whatever part I’m working on at the time!
      Seriously, though. I guess the beginning is harder for me. Every choice I make seems so momentous. Whereas at the end, things are more defined, you know the characters, the thing is bubbling and alive. But you’re destroyed, you have ten weeks of laundry piled up, dinner is burning and your kids have that glazed look they get when they watch hours and hours of TV . . . so gee. Hard call. Thanks for the interest!

    1. Shannon McKenna

      Hee hee. I am particularly fond of the OWM torso. Man, that is one hot torso. I wasn’t sure about the FTM guy’s chest, though–it looks like it’s been waxed, and I just don’t think Miles is the chest-waxing type, you know what I mean? But whatever. I’d still palpate those pecs, given the opportunity. Sorry, too much information.


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