To Be Honest …

I know I’ve dropped the ball. And I owe all of you, and the various guests apologies.

I’m sorry.

Unfortunately, this might be one of those “offends people” apologies, because … I don’t know how much I’ll change.

I just need a break, and you’d think the holidays would be it, but not with the people I’m around.

I will continue to post, and I will try to be timely. But I just want it put out there that … you shouldn’t hold your breath or set your schedule by me.

But January 2014 does mark the third year for A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet, so that’s exciting, yes?

Look for lots of prizes etc this month.

Much love,


20 thoughts on “To Be Honest …

  1. Dev

    Blogging is supposed to be fun – if it’s not, definitely take a break!! Nobody’s going anywhere and we’ll be here when you are 🙂


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