Just a quick note to say … well I know I’m behind – but also – what you don’t know, is since ~January or so some jackwagon(s) have been trying to hack into my blog and it is annoying as fuck and also apparently screwing things up so …

Yeah. Beyond that, there is just a lot going on in “Lime’s world.”

After RT I’m pretending I’ll have more time. And maybe believing that will make it happen?

I also need to know if posts are finally going to FB again. So … does anyone get here from my FB page?

And what book recommendations do you have for me?

5 thoughts on “Testing

  1. ki pha

    You have a FB page!??? Well, of course you do! It’s the personal one correct?
    But anywho~ whoever that is that is trying to jack your place is going to Die!!! How can they live with themselves knowing they’re attacking you! okay, rant over~

    RT!!! Gosh, it’s so expensive!! Next Year, for sure I’ll go. Have to start saving for that whole week now!

    Book recommends…..Oh, I am reading “Lucky Numbers” by Kelly Gendron which came out this week. It’s a short but I like it! Got me smiling and wiggling in my seat like a fool.

  2. Audrey

    Facebook? ?? I finish letting go by Maya Banks and i must say i was surprised by the boredom i had for the 1st thru 13th chapter. It was disappointing but as always I’m a loyal read and want to see what her next book “Giving In” how its going to play out. The preview intrigued me. I also finished the The first book from the Slayer Chronclies by Heather Brewer called First Kill. Its teen paranomarl but she is a wonderful writer and i jump at a chance to read her new books. But I just start The Most Wanted Series first book Wanted by J. Kenner and I have high hopes for it.


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