Emergency Temporary Hiatus

… Potentially.


Hello darlings.

So … you’ll obviously have noticed I … have not been on the ball. At all this year. (And before, but really this year.)

A lot has changed, but … well recently, it has been A LOT a lot.

Like … verge of breakdown a lot.

Added to internet problems, some dickbag constantly trying to hack this site, and just OH MY GOD real life … [I mean, I thought I was over the internet things. You can imagine I practically had an aneurysm this time around – and it’s still not fixed. And you can tell my level of “oh shit” based on the fact that I’m fixating on the most minor issue because I just cannot handle the other ones.]

I wanted to let you know, I might be on hiatus. I’m still going to try to post as I should. Especially since it’s APAHM and I’ve been planning this for over a fucking year. (No shit I started planning the Heritage Month celebrations in December of 2012. At least. So fuck me.)

But … I just wanted to let you know. I’ve kinda been alluding to this in the past, but this is like… critical mass.

So there’s that. I do want to say – thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for sticking with me. Especially my blabby posts – I do plan on replying to each and every comment. (And I love the comments. I heart you all so much. I keep this site for you.)




[Oh – and of course I’ll be gone next week. Who knows about internet there.  BUT! Let’s say >.> that perhaps I get to have lunch with Nalini Singh and/or Laura Florand. … What questions would you like them to answer?] There. I need to offer something for you to keep me around, right? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Emergency Temporary Hiatus

  1. flchen1

    Hugs, Limecello! You’re a rock star, seriously! And I’m SO envious of your travels and fun next week–please come back at some point and tell us all about it! Pretty please! 😉

  2. Shannon

    Congratulations on knowing what you need and taking control of your life. We’ll all be here.
    Nalini Singh! Swoon. You are so lucky. She’s one of my go to authors where I just know I’ll get a great read. Tell her thank you for all the hours of escape she’s given us.

  3. Sharlene Wegner

    Have fun at the conference. Tell Laura that Sharlene said hi. I am a fan! Good luck with the website & other issues!

  4. ki pha

    Awww~ It’s very understandable. We all need time to cool and shake it off. Will be here when you come back. And of course, have fun next week!!! Gosh I’m so excited for you folks! Tell all the authors you meet hi for us!

  5. Audrey

    Stay positive Lime! The hiatus is well deserved, so have a good time. Don’t worry. We will be here when you get back. I have no questions at this time but will they be at the New Orleans or the one in Colorado?


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