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Hello! My friends – I confess – I >.> actually didn’t get a chance to read this post until formatting it. Elvira Ashton found me on twitter when I put out a call to Hispanic Romance Authors. And … I’m bending the rules (in apparently many ways) – but I figured … hey. You know? Variety is the spice of life?

Without further ado… Ms. Ashton!

Heroes and Heroines from Spain

When I think about which one is gonna be the next hero or heroine in my story, I ́m pretty sure about what kind of man or woman I would inspire in. Here in Spain we have some of them to take as an example.

A man I always have on my mind as a possible hero is Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, better known as “El Cid”. He was a brave man born in eleven century and, as a King ́s knight, he had a plenty life full of action, adventures, and love, of course. I like to think he was in love with his wife, Jimena, for ages, and that their love survived across the adversities of their lives, even when he was sent to “el destierro” (banishment), where he had to live far away of Jimena for too many years. At the end they finally joined and today both of them are buried in Burgos Cathedral, together.

So “El Cid” is one of my favorite Spanish heroes and Jimena is a wonderful heroine, but I invite you to learn about some others and to write about them, and also I would be very happy to know about your own heroes and heroines!

Lots of kisses from Murcia, Spain.

Elvira Ashton.

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