Smithsonian American Indian Heritage Month!

My gosh, friends, it’s November! How did that happen?! When?! [Shut up – I know, but you know what I mean :P]

… Probably I shouldn’t be online >.> I’ve been causing trouble everywhere. But! I wanted to let you know what on earth this “SAIHM” you’d be seeing this month meant. I know some people might mistake it for “SAHM” which … sooo not the same thing. (SAHM = Stay At Home Mome. SAIHM = Smithsonian American Indian Heritage Month.) Hey – I don’t pick the names. The Smithsonian (I’d imagine) does. If not … is it wrong I don’t care too much because it is just what it is?

Also, you know, government … stuff.

ANYWAY. If you’d like to know more about this lovely Heritage Month this is the official government American Indian Heritage Month page. Which … is titled Native American Heritage Month.

And this is what it says on the Smithsonian page …

So yeah. Anyway! I just wanted to let you know what was up! >.> Especially since so many people still don’t know what “ALBTALBS” means… Or the name of this site… :X

I think you can imagine there aren’t that many Native American/American Indian romance writers or readers out there … so I’ve got a few people lined up, but if you are one, or know of anyone, I’d love to have them guest here! Please and thank you! 😀

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