Feedback and The Future!

Hi friends!

So, I had some questions about what to do with ALBTALBS in the future … as always if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Now … I’m planning on celebrating Heritage Months again in 2015, and doing this for real. 2015 WILL be better! *fistpump*

Along with that, in 2014 I tried to keep it very focused (for when I was around). But … that meant something ALBTALBS does regularly had to be cut out – Birthday Posts! So … since you’re the ones that are regulars and reading this … how would you feel about birthday posts concurrent with Heritage Months? (Of course the birthday person most likely won’t be the race/ethnicity/speciality of the Heritage Month … but I figure I already did that in ’14?) What do you think? Yes reach out to the birthday people?

Secondly – Teaser Tuesday posts. Do you like them? I know I’ll continue them … but should I leave them at two a month? Or post exclusive excerpts every Tuesday? Then also – do you notice or care who provides them? (The author or the publisher?)

Let me know please!!! I’ve been going crazy with this and asked around and then I was like well hello – I should ask the people who actually read ALBTALBS since they’re the ones who will be affected and should have a say! (Or you know, even dictate things! :P)

6 thoughts on “Feedback and The Future!

    1. Limecello Post author

      xoxoxox Melanie! I’m not sure what’ll be easier, to be honest. :X
      Also uggggh I don’t want to offend anyone – but I figure if they aren’t the ones reading posts at ALBTALBS who cares, right?

      Which is why I’m asking here – but all of you are just so [too] nice! 😀

  1. sharonchalk

    I enjoy when you post because you make little jokes and sometimes let us know if somethings up and you can’t post for a while,so for me Ill still be reading even if your publisher or you posting,just make sure you do at least an occasional post so we know you are around lol

  2. ki pha

    Yup, do what best works for you. I know this year has been tough on you so whatever works we’ll still here. But maybe do do more teaser posts?? And I don’t mind if they’re given by the author or publishers. And as for birthday posts, I don’t mind them being concurrent with heritage month or that they aren’t of that heritage in that specific month.


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