Special Guest: Birthday Girl Kimberley N!

Hello beautiful people! So you know I adore birthdays, so I always love having people come and celebrate their special day with us! Today we have Kimberley who is a member of the romance community. She’s a first time guest at ALBTALBS too! So extra fun and cause for celebration!

So without further ado, let’s welcome Kimberley!!

I love birthdays! Even my own, though I’m starting to avoid thinking about the number it represents.

As a December baby, my birthday has always gotten lost in the shuffle of holidays, school breaks, mid-term exams, fiscal year-ends, and all the other calendar distractions that occur in December. Even more unfortunately, my birthday is one of three – count ‘em, three – immediate family birthdays that land in a 15-day window in December (my sister was apparently my sixth birthday present; for the record, I wanted a train set). It’s hard to have my sad little birthday stand out in all the insanity, so what to do?

I make birthday resolutions.

This is primarily because I find that New Year’s resolutions evoke so much angst: the self-imposed quit/start/find/lose hell inevitably leads to months of guilt that I just don’t want. So long ago, I resolved not to make New Year’s resolutions.

But I need goals for the year. Who doesn’t? And since I don’t want stress on my birthday, my resolutions go like this:

  1. READ MOAR BOOKS. Never mind that Goodreads tells me that as of today, I’ve read 682 romance books this year. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT.


  1. a) Find a really, really good maple fudge recipe. b) Make the fudge. c) Eat the fudge. Repeat B and C as frequently as possible.


  1. Introduce the new nephews – cutest and cleverest 5-month-olds ever! – to The Lorax. Or at least to Pat The Bunny.


  1. Get the bloody bathroom fan fixed so the steam stops setting off the smoke detector, FFS.


  1. Find books from new-to-me authors. The ones I already love just can’t write fast enough, or so they claim.


  1. Eat all the cookies. Except the ones with raisins. You can have those ones, cos BLERF.


  1. Learn to design and diagram crochet cables.


  1. Go to Spain (timing flexible on this one).


  1. Stop hogging the butter tarts. It’s nice manners to share, apparently.


  1. Learn that lists should end before #10. Who wants all that pressure?


Thank you to Limecello for making my birthday stand out this year!

Happy birthday, Kimberley!!! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to play with us. Fantastic list. I might have to steal some of those. 😀 I hope you had a lovely and wonderful day! Everyone – remember to wish Kimberley the best birthday ever!

5 thoughts on “Special Guest: Birthday Girl Kimberley N!

  1. Limecello Post author

    Happy birthday Kimberley! … >.> I still am determined to convince you to do something at ALBTALBS considering all you’ve read!!!

    As for the raisins – yes. One of my professors said [oatmeal] raisin cookies are a child’s first brush with disappointment in life. XD

  2. sharonchalk

    Happy birthday Kimberly and hey if you need some new romance authors to read,let us know I can give you a nice long list as I read over 2000 books this year.Of course I had surgery and spent 3 months in bed so me and my kindle become very close friends,in fact I bought another kindle so while one was charging I could be reading on the other then switch lol so let us know if you need names of good romance authors and specially if you like paranormal,shifter,smexy ones,those I can tell you over 50 authors who are a step above and so I never have to worry about finding a new book,they are always waiting for me!!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Holy crap, Sharon!! I thought Kimberley read a lot when she told me she had already read [over 600?] books this year. But …. 2,000?!?!? Geez o peet.

      ONE of you has GOT to start doing something bookish wise for me here at ALBTABLS! XD

      1. sharonchalk

        well I will still have time on my hands (and books) because Im still bedbound and I have the follow up surgery this spring so I would be glad to assist you if I can,however I have to be honest and tell you that a computer know-it-all I am NOT.Heck I read arcs for 4 authors and I still haven’t figured out how to transfer them to my kindle because when I read instructions they don’t always make sense like how to transfer the books but when someone explains it,I get it right away,heck I tried to learn how to copy and paste and read instructions on 3 different ways to do it and it never worked,so I called a friend and asked her and in less than 2 minutes I knew how to copy and paste lol.Now I just have to find someone to explain transfering all the books I have on mobi to my kindle,heck half of them I won in a contest and finally just brought them so I could read them but sooner or later I will find someone who can explain it on the phone and then everything will be hunky dory!!!! But seriously if you need help with simple stuff,let me know!!


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