Birthday Guest: Cathy Yardley

*Waves madly* As you can see I’m just … out of it – and confusing myself as to what/how to title these posts. Also I was just … down for the count the last few days. Anyway – the important thing is that Cathy Yardley is visiting with us today because it’s her BIRTHDAY!!! I asked her if she would be willing to write a post at ALBTALBS and she kindly agreed and that is wonderful!

So without further ado … Cathy!

The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

CraveI turn 42 today.

I thought about listing 42 things that I’ve learned, or that I’m grateful for, or just stuff you don’t know about me. But that’s a long list, and admittedly, a good number of years to cover and distill down to just 42 things.

I will say this, though…

I’m more myself now. I know what that is and what it means. I know what I stand for, and I’m a lot braver when it comes to standing up for it.

I’ve discovered what it means to be a mother. And a writer. And more than slightly insane, probably in part thanks to both being a mother and a writer.

I’ve discovered that I’ve been a consummate liar, to myself especially.

I’ve put more energy into things that happened in a way I didn’t want and things I want to happen in a specific way than I have in dealing with what’s right here, right now.

I’ve discovered I’m okay with that. I mean, it’s not great, but I’ll probably still do it. And forgive myself for it, and try to do better.

I’ve embraced being a full blown, utter geek, introvert, genre fan. I love sci fi and romance and fantasy. I am a card carrying fandom citizen and I obsess over fictional people.

I miss Romantic Comedy and will do anything I can to bring that cycle back.

L.A. WomanI think that anyone who says that friendships online aren’t real have never truly had an online friendship. (Or experienced what passes for “real” in-person friendship in, say, Los Angeles.)

I’m finally coming to terms with my crippling phobia of – wait for it – inflated latex balloons. I still judge it as the stupidest phobia ever, though.

I mourn not being able to drink coffee and have copious amounts of chocolate. I also crave sleep the way I used to crave excitement.

And at this age, I’ve discovered my ass probably shouldn’t be over my head for any reason whatsoever. (Looking at you, trampoline.)

I no longer give a damn about a lot of things I used to think were important. That is an enormous blessing. As a result, though, I’ve disengaged a lot of verbal filters. That’s a bit of a curse. (A funny curse, but still.)

Ever year I’ve been alive, I have more to write about – and more to read. And that makes me incredibly happy.

So for my birthday, I’d like to offer you a gift. Answer in the comments one thing you know about yourself at this age, and I’ll give one random commenter copies of Can’t Buy Me Love and Don’t Let Me Go, from a wonderful, super-sexy New Adult series by Rin Daniels. And if you can answer why I’ve chosen the title of this blog post, I’ll send you a copy of my last novel, Temping is Hell. Happy new year, and allons-y! 😀

So remember to wish Cathy a very happy birthday, and to answer her question – what’s one thing you know about yourself at this age? – because I’m really curious too!!!

13 thoughts on “Birthday Guest: Cathy Yardley

  1. Robbi Elaine Minden

    Happy birthday, Cathy! The one thing I have learned about myself at this age (I am 61)is that overall I have had a good life but I can still dream and have the ability to make those dreams come true, despite or because of the circumstances .

  2. Audrey

    Happy Birthday!Your using titles because the star your favorite actor Patrick Demspy in them. And the one thing I know about yourself at this age is that I keep getting bolder, sexier, and awesome with time.

  3. mathlady68

    Happy Birthday! I was very sick the year I was 40. By 41 I was on the mend but then I broke my ankle. I learned to really appreciate the little things and that I really, really love quiet time. It turns out that both are nourishment to the soul.

    1. Cathy Yardley

      I’m sorry that you had to go through all that, but I admire that you took such a great lesson out of crappy circumstances. Quiet time is crucial — I didn’t know how much I needed it until I had my son, and lost quite a bit of it! Thanks for this!

  4. Shannon

    Happy Birthday! I’m such a fan of your’s Cathy.Thanks Limecello for bringing her to us!
    I’ve learned that life is short, get out there and do the things you love and be with people that make your heart soar. That could be anything from flying off to Fiji with Patrick Dempsey to sitting on your couch in your pjs binge watching your favorite old series. If it makes you feel good, do it!


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