Guest Author & A Giveaway: Patricia Sargeant aka Regina Hart Part I

Hi friends! Today we have Patricia Sargeant who also writes as Regina Hart visiting with us! And it’s the first Tuesday of the month, so we’re keeping on with the Guest Author & A Giveaway tradition! I wrote “Part I” at the top because I expect to be updating this with some more information in the near future, so please bear with me. (My mistake for not having all information.) I hope you enjoy the ALBTALBS style interview in the interim! 🙂

Wishing LakeWhat was the first concert you ever went to? Who did you go with? And – if they were (or are) still around – would you go again? 😀
My husband and I saw Patti LaBelle in concert and I would definitely go again. She was fabulous!

You get to take any animal you want home from the National Zoo. Which one do you pick?
I would free all of them!

An eccentric billionaire offers you a billion dollars. the only catch is that you have to own a professional [American] sports team. Do you take the money? If yes, what sport do you choose, what city will be its home base, and what will you name it? (If you take the money you create a new team.)
In honor of my Brooklyn Monarchs sports romance series, I would take the money, choose basketball, establish the team in Brooklyn, New York and name it the Brooklyn Monarchs. 🙂

You’re only allowed to read one book for the next year. Which book do you choose and why?
I would choose The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson. A couple of friends have highly recommended it – and it’s more than 600 pages long. I think I’d need the year to complete it.

Mystic ParkWhat would your superhero name be? And your super power? Now… what if you were an anti hero? What would your “anti super hero power” be?
OK. This question stumped me. I’m sorry. LOL!

Who are you choosing for your zombie apocalypse team? [Real, then fictional?]
My zombie apocalypse team, … OK … real would be Andrew Lincoln. He plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. I’m hoping he’s picked up a thing or two. Fictional would be Alice from Resident Evil. She has awesome fighting powers.

If you could switch places with someone for 72 hours, whose life would you want to live?
I would want to live my own life but better. So hopefully, when the 72 hours are up, I’ll have a better idea of what I’m doing. LOL!

What five dead authors would you invite to a dinner party if you could?
L.A. Banks, Francis Ray, Gwynne Forster, Maya Angelou and Monica Jackson.

What is one question you always wish as an author people would ask but nobody ever does?
When do you sleep?

Heated RivalryWhat is your favorite Crayola crayon color? And what types of crayons were the best? (Scented, glitter, glow in the dark, etc.)
One of my favorite colors is burnt sienna; I’m pretty conservative so I’ll stick to the regular box of 64.

What’s your downfall?
I need sleep.

What would you put in your ideal candy bar?
I’d put caffeine in the bar and take calories out.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you at school? Now what about at a conference?
The most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me anywhere and at anytime is forgetting people’s names. I hate when that happens and it happens more often than it should.

As a child which character/book(s) would you most want to be [or be in] a Laura Ingalls Wilder book, Madeline L’Engle, Lloyd Alexander, L.M. Montgomery? Or another book(s)?
I really enjoyed the Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators series.

So what questions do you have for Patricia/Regina? And remember to stay tuned because fingers crossed I’ll be adding to the post soon! Xoxo

4 thoughts on “Guest Author & A Giveaway: Patricia Sargeant aka Regina Hart Part I

  1. dholcomb1

    I saw Patti LaBelle, too!!! (well, she wasn’t my first concert) A free concert in the park on the 4th of July–hot as blazes, too.

    Which flower is you favorite, if any?



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