SBHM: Comedy Edition

Hi Ladies! I guess I’m back and doing shit! Kinda! I might also be ~high from not enough oxygen because I’m stuffed up so much I can’t breathe. This constant headache is my only companion. *cue tiniest violin ever* I’m actually feeling okay, or I’m too delirious to know better. Either way, WHEE! There were no posts or people, and I really wanted to share these hilarious BuzzFeed videos. You can probably expect more in the upcoming Heritage Months. Enjoy! (Oh and what I also like is you can turn on closed captioning for these videos too. Well, at least the first two. The last one is new to me! 😀

Trust me to bring it all down from the highbrow and thoughtful posts we’ve been having lately.

But you know what? Thoughtful humor is a good thing too.

LOL I have to say I’m with Quinta and Choni on the song. “So good” … what? :X I … may? have heard the song before? But yeah – I can’t name or place it. The only thing remotely recognizable is “so good”! and … that’s not (at least to me) definitive. Sorry guys! XD

Anyone have other faux pas or humorous contributions to our lighthearted post? 🙂

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