Don’t Faint! I’m Announcing Winners!

Hello Ladies! (No seriously, is there any dude who reads ALBTALBS? If yes, speak please, so I can figure out a proper/most awesome form of address.) This is a winner’s post! No lie. I’m starting with 2015… so … sorry if I missed things. If I did, feel free to let me know. I’m just not up to checking. Going back into 2014 for various reasons will make me want to kill myself. >.> … Probably. But it’s not a theory I’m willing to test. Especially since today has been … off. And to be honest I’m kinda impressed with myself that I’ve even been posting at least every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday so far this year. Let’s all keep our expectations for me low, shall we? (No really, please do that.)

So whatever. Whine whine whine, amirite? I also still need to write An Explanations to Heritage Posts … probably. >.> Right? Cuz everyone’s all WE NEED DIVERSITY AND DIVERSE BOOKS IN ROMANCE! And then … >.>

Oh also? People who are loyal readesrs – which I only know by comments, sometimes get bonus things. Like Diane faithfully brightens by day with comments … and she got two signed books from Kate Pearce because it. Just because. See? I do try to spread love and happiness… sometimes behind the scenes, and sometimes not so behind the scenes cuz I want you to talk to me! … And to the guests. Otherwise what if nobody ever comes back every again to play with us at ALBTALBS ever?!?!?!?


So … Winners. If a post has already had winners etc, e.g. Deelylah Mullin’s post, I’m just not going to list it. … Starting now, of course. :X

These are the January Giveaway Posts/Winners:

For Cathy Yardley’s post her winner is Shannon

Jessica Scott’s winner is sharonchalk

With Alexandra Christian her winner is ki pha

Susanna Fraser’s winner XD by default is bn100

The wonderful Leslie Kelly has two winners, and they are eawells and Shelly S

ALBTALBS friend Lorelie Brown is always generous and offers a giveaway, and this time her winner is mathlady68

Fiona Lowe’s winner is Diane Sallans

Elizabeth Andrews was here and her winner is Michelle

In February… there was just one – my flash giveaway of Katharine Ashe’s I Married the Duke and the winner of a kindle copy of this fabulous story is Ada!

If you won something, please email me – there’s a handy dandy contact form if you don’t have my email. To help expedite things, please make the subject “WINNER: [Author name]” For example, Shannon’s email subject to me would be “WINNER: Cathy Yardley.” This will ideally ensure I won’t miss your email.

Everyone has until … 11:59 PM EST on March 7th to email me to claim her prize.

Ready, set … GO!

[Aren’t we all surprised I actually did this? It’s been too long. My apologies.]

9 thoughts on “Don’t Faint! I’m Announcing Winners!

  1. Shannon

    Thank you sooooooo much Limecello and Cathy! I’m really excited! Xoxox
    Congratulations to the other winners and thank you Lime for bringing us all of these great interviews.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Barbara – next time! There will always be more giveaways at ALBTALBS 🙂 … or >.> if you find something that’s “still open” and interests you from 2014, let me know, and I’ll see if I can get you that prize. 😀

      The offer stands for all.

  2. ki pha

    Awww Lime~ things will start to get better, hopefully. I know i haven’t been around but I haven’t been around on my blog either so I guess it’s excusable.

    1. Limecello Post author

      xoxo Ki – I hope things are good with you! … Also >.> one day I’ll convince you to convert to the dark side… come review for meeeeee! *angelface*

      1. ki pha

        😉 LOL Which dark side are you referring too? As for the review, I’d love too but at this moment I’m currently not doing much reviewing. And I can be picky…. But Just hit me up if you have any books you want to review and I’ll see what I can do. But just so you know, May, June, and July is a no no since I’ll be out of the country.

        1. Limecello Post author

          Ki, TAKE ME WITH YOUUUU!!!! LOL
          Also >.> I’m going to email you probably cuz I’m not joking about this review thing. 😀

          And of course the dark side is me 😛


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